Friday, June 1, 2007

Nippies are perfect under Sexy Tops and Viktor Viktoria has them!

Nippies are perfect under all your sexy Viktor Viktoria Tops!

I wore a pair of hot pink heart Nippies last week to La Cage under a Viktor Viktoria Sexy Drape Top and everyone wanted to know where I got them!

I was happy to tell them that my Nippies were from Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall and also available at Viktor Viktoria's online store:!


Nippies at Viktor Viktoria come in a pack of two. The packs include: Hearts, Stars, Butterflies, Circles, etc. They are in a variety of colors including hot pink, lime green, yellow, gold and silver. There are also Nippies that feature hearts, cherries and lips.

nippies at viktor viktoria

Brides also love Nippies. At Viktor Viktoria and we sell many Nippies to Brides. Just think what will happen on your wedding night when your new husband sees your Nippies! Fun, Fun, Fun!

nippies at viktor viktoria

Nippies feature a self adhesive. They are sexy and fun!
 Shop on line at: and buy at least one pack of Nippies. You won't regret it. I had a blast when I wore them out last weekend and so will you!