Monday, August 30, 2010

Humanity Vintage Cuff: Come Together Vintage Humanity Bracelet

The Vintage Humanity Bracelet: Come Together Cuff at !

Everyone seems to want Humanity Bracelets from us. We can understand why as we love the Humanity Vintage leather cuffs as well as all the other styles of Humanity Bracelets now available. When we received our first shipment at Viktor Viktoria and this Vintage Cuff Humanity Bracelet quickly sold out. Everyone seems to love the soft weathered vintage leather that was used to create this Humanity Cuff and we think you will too - now that you are able to actually order one!

Humanity Bracelets continue to be big sellers Viktor Viktoria. Humanity Bracelets are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Humanity Bracelets feature metallic messages such as "Plant Peace," "Speak Kindness," and "Accept Love.

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We recently attended the MAGIC trade show in Las Vegas and loved all the new styles of Humanity Bracelets. Loved them so much we ordered every new style that the Humanity Company is offering this year!

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The Humanity Vintage Cuff are available in the colors as Pictured:

Top Hand: top to bottom: Ebony, Baby Pink, Dark Brown

Lower Hand: top to bottom: Red, Orange, Blue, Natural

Humanity Bracelets are worn by many stars and will make a great addition to your jewelry collection.

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The Humanity Vintage Cuff is Genuine leather with silver foiled stamped verbiages. Humanity Vintage Leather Bracelets are available in 7 great colors and feature a magnetic closure for easy fit. 7.5" Long Leather Bracelet with Foil Statements.
  • An interesting thing to note is that Humanity donates 20% of their profits to help raise awareness on various issues around our globe
So if you would like a Humanity Bracelet, now is your chance to order one of the Vintage Cuffs. You will love these Humanity Bracelets as much as we do and we know that once you get one, you will want several to add to your bracelet collection. Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall and are your sources for all Humanity Bracelets - they sell quickly so check them out today.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sexy Dresses At Viktor Viktoria, Sexy Dresses For Trey Songz Concert

All of a sudden Sexy Dresses are flying out the door of Viktor VIktoria at Mayfair Mall and online at Now, we always sell lots of sexy dresses but the increase in sexy dresses the last two weeks made us wonder where is everyone going and why are they all looking for super sexy dresses? Well, of course our in the know sales associates, Larita and Alex informed us that Trey Songz is coming! Yes, Trey Songz is coming to Milwaukee on August 21st, 2010! He is performing at the Milwaukee Theatre. Of course, this explains why everyone is looking for a sexy dress and Viktor Viktoria and are known for our sexy dresses. You can get your sexy outfit from Viktor Viktoria or! One idea for a sexy outfit you could get would be the Halter Plunge Front Mini Dress. The Halter Plunge Front Mini Dress is available at Viktor Viktoria and

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Trey Songz is a singer/songwriter from from Petersburg, Virginia. He is most commonly known for his album Ready. His upcoming album is called Passion, Pain & Pleasure. It comes out on September 14th 2010! Many people are very, very exited for this CD, and I am one of these people!

Viktor Viktoria and are your one stop shop for sexy dresses! We have sexy halter dresses, sexy lace dresses, sexy sequin dresses, sexy long dresses and sexy almost not there dresses! You must get a sexy dress for Trey Songz's concert! You will look amazing and feel amazing too! Trey Songz is absolutely one of my favorite singers right now. Wonder which sexy dress I will wear to the concert?