Saturday, December 31, 2011

Booty Shorts: Keep the Bits in Check With Studded Booty Shorts!

Sometimes the lady bits need a little bit of extra protection, especially when wearing short skirts or dresses.  So to protect the bits, come and check out the Studded Booty Shorts at Viktor Viktoria and
Studded Booty Shorts,

The Studded Booty Shorts have a super cute rhinestone “belt” detailing along the band as well as studded detail all along the front of the short.  Great for wearing under short skirts or even under jeans for comfort the Studded Booty Shorts are a deal that can’t be beat.  I personally prefer booty shorts over other undies so I love how comfortable and snug the Studded Booty Shorts are.

If you’re wearing a short skirt and don’t want to flash the world grab the Studded Booty Shorts.  The Studded Booty Shorts and other booty shorts are all available at Viktor Viktoria and, come in and check em out today!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Tie Dye Sexy Dress: Chill Out in Your Tie Dyed Sexy Dress

Sometimes you just want to turn heads and stand out, whether it’s out on the town or in the bedroom.  The new Tie Dye Sexy Dress at Viktor Viktoria and is sure to get the reaction you seek.

Tie Dye Sexy Dress
The Tie Dye Sexy Dress is a tie dyed dress of green and blue (super neon green and blue), with revealing fishnet cutouts on the front and sides.  This Tie Dye Sexy Dress is great for a night spend indoors, but for the daring Viktor Viktoria Vixens it can be worn as a dress or tunic top while out tearing it up.  The Tie Dye Sexy Dress is a super tight, super short dress so if you are wearing it on it’s own perhaps pair it with a Crystal Bra or some booty shorts.

The Tie Dye Sexy Dress is perfect for the girl who doesn’t want to wear just another black sexy dress.  Check out the Tie Dye Sexy Dress today at Viktor Viktoria and

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sexy Dress: Green Shredded Side Dress is Like a SUPER SEXY Tinkerbell Dress

When it’s cold out, sometimes you want to find heat however you can.  Well, Viktor Viktoria and knows how to turn on the heat with the Green Shredded Side Dress.

sexy dress viktor viktoria
The Green Shredded Side Dress is an incredibly (bordering on illegal) revealing dress with shredded sides from the breast down. Made of stretchy material the Green Shredded Side Dress is still super snug and short, so it’s best left for the bedroom.  Although if you are a daring Viktor Viktoria Vixen you could wear the Green Shredded Side Dress over a Rhinestone Bra or tank for a night out as either a tunic top or dress.

The Green Shredded Side Dress is perfect for heating up those cold nights without causing your heating bill to skyrocket! Nab the Green Shredded Side Dress at Viktor Viktoria and today before we’re all sold out!

Rhinestone Strap Sexy Dress Will Top Your "I Need this List!"

There are tons of items at my work that I’ve said I’m in love with but very few I would add to a “I NEED this list”. The brand new Rhinestone Strap Sexy Dress at Viktor Viktoria and is at the top of my “I NEED this list”!
sexy dress

The Rhinestone Strap Sexy Dress is a gorgeous satin-y dress, it’s super short and super tight so it’s perfect for a night out on the town (or in my case New Years Eve).  My favorite part of the Rhinestone Strap Sexy Dress is the rhinestone trim on the straps and the drape bodice.  The Rhinestone Strap Sexy Dress is ruched so it hugs your every curve and is sure to guarantee second glances.

This Rhinestone Strap Sexy Dress is perfect for a nice day, NYE, or anything coming up that you want to up the ante for.  Grab the Rhinestone Strap Sexy Dress at Viktor Viktoria and today (before I snag them all!! Bwahaha).

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sexy Pink Cutout Dress is So Revealing it's Almost Illegal!

Sometimes I like to buy a little special sexy thing to put in my lingerie drawer for a special time.  I just bought the Sexy Pink Cutout Dress from Viktor Viktoria and to add to this drawer.
Sexy Pink Cutout Dress

The Sexy Pink Cutout Dress is a super revealing dress with cut-outs along the front, back and sides leaving just enough fabric to make the dress still legal!  The Sexy Pink Cutout Dress is a stretchy material yet it’s still super snug, super short and super sexy.  Although I personally wouldn’t do it, theSexy Pink Cutout Dress could be worn out as a tunic top or a really revealing dress for a night out.

The Sexy Pink Cutout Dress hot pink color is sure to catch that special someone’s eye; that is if the super revealing cut-outs haven’t already.  Check out the Sexy Pink Cutout Dress at Viktor Viktoria and

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fishnet Bra Fishnet Skirt: Play Rough in the Fishnet 2-Piece Set

We carry a ton of great lingerie items and sexy outfits at Viktor Viktoria and We just got in a great new 2-Piece Set, the Fishnet 2-Piece Set.
fishnet set

The Fishnet 2-Piece Set is a 2-Piece set with a bikini and miniskirt made of fishnet.  The Fishnet 2-Piece Set has stud details along the bikini top and pink satin trim along the bikini and gathered skirt.  Perfect for a sexy (not necessarily quiet night in) the Fishnet 2-Piece Set is a great deal.

The Fishnet 2-Piece Set is perfect for turning the temperature up on the cold nights. Snag the Fishnet 2-Piece Set now at Viktor Viktoria and

Monday, December 26, 2011

Garter Belt: Avoid Pantyhose with the Lace Garter Belt

Thigh Highs are super sexy and super fun to wear, but if you’re like me sometimes they don’t stay up as well as you’d like.  If that’s the case, check out the Lace Garter Belt at Viktor Viktoria and
lace garter belt

The Lace Garter Belt is made of black lace and is perfect for holding up all those sexy fishnets you love to wear.  Wear the Lace Garter Belt under dresses when you don’t want to wear full hose but need to have some coverage on your leg.  Or pair the Lace Garter Belt with a sexy lingerie top for a sexy night in.

The best part about the Lace Garter Belt is that it’s both sexy and practical (especially if you’re like me and hate pantyhose!)  Grab the Lace Garter Belt at Viktor Viktoria and and throw out all your pantyhose!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sexy Net Center Dress Combines Class and Sass!

Sometimes you want something that has a mix of classy and rebel in it! For the girl that wants to combine the best of both worlds check out the Sexy Net Center Dress at Viktor Viktoria and
Sexy Net Center Dress,

TheSexy Net Center Dress has a banded bottom and drapey top of satiny material then the center of the dress is fishnet from about the bra line down to the hipbone.  The Sexy Net Center Dress combines both class and rebel and is sure to snag attention from anyone who sees it.  I love how the Sexy Net Center Dress would look like your typical LBD under a trench and is anything but when you shed the coat!

The Sexy Net Center Dress is great for a night out on the town, or a night in the bedroom.  Snag it today at Viktor Viktoria and

Sexy Dress: Bring Out Your Wild Side in the Animal Print Sexy Dress

Sometimes you just have to release the inner beast with some intense animal print clothing.  Check out the Animal Print Sexy Dress at Viktor Viktoria and now.

sexy leopard dress viktor viktoria
The Animal Print Sexy Dress is a red and black tiger striped dress with lace detailing and a deep v-neck.  The super short Sexy Dress is also super snug and on the sheer side so if you want to wear it out make sure you have the proper underthings on!  The Animal Print Sexy Dress would look great over a lacey tank and jeans as a tunic top as well.

The Animal Print Sexy Dress can’t help but bring out the animal instincts in you and those around you.  Check the Sexy Dresses out today at

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Good Works Bracelet: Check Out the New Humanity Justice Wrap!

I love the look of a great leather bracelet, that’s why I love the look and style of the Humanity Justice Wrap.  This Humanity Justice Wrap is available now at Viktor Viktoria and
good works bracelet

The Humanity Justice Wrap is a leather wrap bracelet with a snap closure (much easier than some of the other Humanity bracelets available).  It comes in multiple colors, and has studs throughout the band for added cool factor.  The Humanity Justice Wrap has messages along the band like “Come Together”, “Speak Kindness” and “Accept Love”.

Twenty percent of all the proceeds from purchases of Humanity Justice Wraps go towards charity.  Get the Humanity Justice Wrap now at Viktor Viktoria and  These Humanity Justice Wraps also make great gifts for someone who is a kind soul. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Furry Boot Covers Stand Out From the Crowd in the White and Silver Sequin Boot Covers

Everyday I’m at the store it seems that a certain item draws people into the store and makes them wander around a bit more to check out the great items.  Nine times out of ten what draws people into Viktor Viktoria and are the White and Silver Sequin Boot Covers.
fluffy boot covers

These White and Silver Sequin Boot Covers are incredibly eye catching; they are white fur with a band of silver sequin.  I had a dancer in the store who told me today that a lot of the girls are wearing the Fur Boot Covers but she hadn’t seen any like the White and Silver Sequin Boot Covers yet so she might have to get them to standout.  These White and Silver Sequin Boot Covers will certainly make you stand out! 

Wear the White and Silver Sequin Boot Covers with jeans or fishnets and booty shorts, they’re sure to add style to any outfit. Get in quick to grab the White and Silver Sequin Boot Covers now before they’re all gone at

New Years Eve Fashion: Skrillex Show

Are you hitting up the Skrillex concert at The Rave this New Years Eve? With the help of Viktor Viktoria and we’ll get you the perfect outfit.
green tutu viktor viktoria

Easily stand out from the crowd in neon colors (you’ll match the lights!)  Grab a pair of Neon Green Legwarmers to make sure you stand out. These Neon Green Legwarmers will look great with a pair of neon shoes!  You could wear you Neon Green Legwarmers with some booty shorts to really make them stand out.
rainbow fur boot covers viktor viktoria

If regular legwarmers are too tame for you why not check out the Rainbow Fur Boot Covers.  These Rainbow Fur Boot Covers look amazing paired with some fishnets and booty shorts or a petticoat.  Despite being called boot covers these Rainbow Fur Boot Covers look great over a regular pair of high heels as well.  They are also great worn over skinny jeans if fishnets aren’t your thing.

How about grabbing a Rainbow Tutu to match your Rainbow Fur Boot Covers?  The Rainbow Tutuis one of those awesome tutus that sticks straight out and is super bright colored!  Wear some great booty shorts under your Rainbow Tutu to make sure you have no wardrobe malfunctions!

Grab the Rainbow TutuRainbow Fur Boot Covers and the Neon Green Legwarmers at Viktor Viktoria and today.  Last year we sold out of a bunch of these items before the big Skrillex show so get them right away!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rainbow Tutu: Be Bright and Fun in the Rainbow Petticoat

Whether you’re a member of a dance team, have a dance recital coming up, a stripper or just want to standout you should check out the selection of items at Viktor Viktoria and  We just got in these great Rainbow Petticoats.
rainbow tutu

The Rainbow Petticoats are layered tutus of rainbow colored tulle.  The Rainbow Petticoat is super bright, and super fun, I love that the tulle sticks straight out and doesn’t just lay flat.   The Rainbow Petticoat is great for wearing over leggings or booty shorts, and looks good with the Rainbow Fur Boot Covers!

Whether you need several of the Rainbow Petticoats for a dance team or just want one to make a statement; you need to get over to Viktor Viktoria and before these Rainbow Petticoats are all gone!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rhinestone Bangle: Be Prouder Than a Peacock in this Rhinestone Bangle

Do you love eye catching jewelry pieces? Do you have to standout in a crowd for items you own? Take a look at this great new Rhinestone Bangle at Viktor Viktoria and
rhinestone bangle

The Rhinestone Bangle has a large, dark pear shaped crystal as the centerpiece and multiple colored gemstones throughout.  Easy to slip on and perfect to wear with a little black dress or jeans and a tee the Rhinestone Banglee is a great addition to anyone’s jewelry collection. I love that this Rhinestone Bangle’s colors resemble a peacock feather (I have an obsession with Peacocks!).

The Rhinestone Bangle makes a great gift for that special woman in your life, especially if she loves to stand out and dares to be different.  Get the Rhinestone Bangle at

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Brown Rhinestone Bangle is the Must Have Neutral Piece!

I’m one of those girls who has tons of bright colors and funky fashion in their wardrobe, but I also have some great neutral pieces.  The same goes for my jewelry collection and every girl should have the great Brown Rhinestone Bangle from in their jewelry box.
topaz rhinestone bangle

The Brown Rhinestone Bangle is a great addition to any girl’s wardrobe.  While bright and funky jewelry looks great with that lime green tank, you should have some simple pieces when you just want to wear with that brown sweater and that’s where the Brown Rhinestone Bangle comes into play. This Brown Rhinestone Bangle is a silver bangle with multiple shades of brown rhinestones covering it.

For the girl who has jewelry in every color of the rainbow, the Brown Rhinestone Bangle is a must have for “neutral days”.  Nab the Brown Rhinestone Bangle at

Monday, December 19, 2011

Rhinestone Bangle: Twinkle in the Lights With the Purple Rhinestone Bangle

My friend Vanessa’s favorite color is purple, everything in her life is purple basically, and I’m surprised she hasn’t painted her dogs purple.  So when we got this Purple Rhinestone Bangle at I knew I had to get it for Nessor.

purple rhinestone bangle
The Purple Rhinestone Bangle is a simple bangle that’s then taken and covered in tons and tons of purple rhinestones.  The Purple Rhinestone Bangle is great for wearing with a LBD or just a tee and jeans combo.  Just remember with its bright color and ability to twinkle people won’t be able to take their eyes off your wrist when you’re wearing the Purple Rhinestone Bangle.

The Purple Rhinestone Bangle is great for that girl in your life who like Nessor loves purple, or a girl who loves bright and funky jewelry pieces.  Get your hands on the Purple Rhinestone Bangle at

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shoot to the Top of the Naughty List with the Sequin Bra and Short Set!

If you’re not on the naughty list yet, I’ve got the item that will shoot you to the top.  The Sequin Bra and Short Set from Viktor Viktoria and is sure to get you on the naughty list instantly.
Sequin Bra and Short Set

This sexy Sequin Bra and Short Set features a lace and sequin bra and sequin booty shorts.  With garter attachments the Sequin Bra and Short Set is perfect for pairing with some thigh highs for an even sexier look. Keep in mind that the Sequin Bra and Short Set will fit up to a B-cup and probably cannot fit a larger backside.

If you want to be the top of the Naughty list this year check out the Sequin Bra and Short Set.  Available now at Viktor Viktoria and the Sequin Bra and Short Set set can’t be beat!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rainbow Tutu, Rainbow Legwarmers Perfect for Colorful Fun

Rainbow Tutu Style Petticoat and Rainbow Legwarmers are a must for Colorful Fun!!
Rainbow tutu has just arrived at  This is the perfect rainbow Tutu which looks great with our rainbow legwarmers.  Wear this rainbow tutu as a skirt, as a costume or in the bedroom and have a great night.  Add the rainbow legwarmers to increase your rainbow statement.
rainbow tutu

Our Rainbow tutu and rainbow legwarmers are both one size fits all.  The rainbow tutu fits up to a 28" waist.   Be sure to shop online at and check out our entire collection of tutus and fur legwarmers.  You will love our great selection.

Are you with a theater group, dance team, a sorority, powder puff football team, etc?  Need a large quantity of this item?  Call us at 414 479 9860 and ask for Ann.  We can help you!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Humanity Rainbow Bracelet: Be a Good Samaritan and Fashionable in Humanity Rainbow Wrap Bracelets

I love an eye catching accessory, and so I love checking out the items at Viktor Viktoria and  Check out these great new Humanity Rainbow Wrap Bracelets!

good works rainbow bracelet
The Humanity Rainbow Wrap Bracelets come in a variety of colors (like red, purple, blue, teal, etc).  They’re super bright and have crystals along the band and the  Humanity Rainbow Wrap Bracelets are made of genuine leather so they’re durable and fun!  I personally love the message of the Humanity Rainbow Wrap Bracelets (each one features messages like Unity, Peace, Sow Love etc) around the band.

Humanity also donates part of the cost to charity, so buying a  Humanity Rainbow Wrap Bracelet helps others along with helping you look good! Check out the  Humanity Rainbow Wrap Bracelets at Viktor Viktoria and

Black Lace Leggings: These Lace Leggings are HOT!

black lace leggings
I love, love, love the lace trend that’s so big right now. I wish I had a million dollars so I could fill my closet with lace, luckily Viktor Viktoria and get me great deals on my lace items, like these Lace Leggings.
white lace leggings

The Lace Leggings are sheer and available in three colors Black, Grey and White and look great with ANYTHING.  I love the look of the Lace Leggings worn over a pair of metallic leggings, or even under a great mini skirt.  The Lace Leggings go great with a nice pair of high heels or boots.

grey lace leggings
Rock you Lace Leggings while running errands, out on the town or date night.  Check out the Lace Leggings at Viktor Viktoria and

Monday, December 12, 2011

Rhinestone Slave Bracelet: Be a Sparkling Star in this Rhinestone Slave Bracelet

If you’re a Viktor Viktoria Vixen who dares to be different, you’ll love some of our Rhinestone Jewelry Pieces.  You’ll love the Rhinestone Slave Bracelet at as well.
rhinestone slave bracelet

The Rhinestone Slave Bracelet encases the fingers and covers the top of the hand.  This bracelet has tons of Austrian Crystals, and will catch anyone’s eye.  Wear your Rhinestone Slave Bracelet with a fancy dress or just a cool black tee.

The Rhinestone Slave Bracelet is perfect for someone who wants to stand out and start trends!  Grab the Rhinestone Slave Bracelet now at

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mini Tutu: Add Volume to Your Skirt with this Sexy Stripe Petticoat

Sometimes when you want a skirt to really “poof” out you need a little assistance.  Check out the Stripe Petticoat at Viktor Viktoria and

stripe petticoat
The Stripe Petticoat is great for wearing under skirts that you want to puff out a bit more.  The Stripe Petticoat is also great on its own over some sexy leggings or nothing for a sexy surprise.  For some reason, the Stripe Petticoat reminds me of Beetlejuice maybe it’s the black stripes, with the tulle overlay, either way it’s funky!

Wear the Stripe Petticoat under a skirt for some added volume, or on it’s own for a night in the bedroom.  Snag the Stripe Petticoat at Viktor Viktoria and

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Inspiration Humanity Bracelets: Give them Inspiration this Holiday Season with Humanity Unisex Buckle Bracelet!

We all have a person or friend in our life who can use a little inspiration.  Why not get this person the Humanity Unisex Buckle Bracelet available at Viktor Viktoria and
good works bracelet

These Humanity Unisex Buckle Bracelet are perfect for someone who could use kind words.  Made of genuine leather with a buckle closure the Humanity Unisex Buckle Bracelets feature a phrase like : “Plant Peace”, “Believe”, “Make a Difference” or “Lead the Way” on the band.  Available in multiple colors you’re sure to find a color/phrase combination on one of the Humanity Unisex Buckle Bracelets that’s perfect for that special someone.

While you’re giving someone the gift of inspiration you can also feel good knowing that part of the proceeds from the Humanity Unisex Buckle Bracelets go to charity.  Check out the Humanity Unisex Buckle Bracelets as well as the rest of the Good Works/Humanity Bracelets at Viktor Viktoria and

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rhinestone Necklace: Twinkle Like the Lights in this Y Style Rhinestone Necklace

Are you a girl who loves to have all the hottest accessories? Check out the Rhinestone Jewelry at Viktor Viktoria and  One of my personal favorites is the Y Style Rhinestone Necklace.
rhinestone necklace

The Y Style Rhinestone Necklace. is both simple yet sexy.  Made out of the finest crystals, the Y Style Rhinestone Necklace.has a length of 16” with a single strand 6” drop that will look a-mazing with all of your sexy tops.  Wear Y Style Rhinestone Necklace. to a holiday party or to a fun night out.

Whether for yourself or as a gift for someone else, the Y Style Rhinestone Necklace is perfect for the holidays.  Check out the Y Style Rhinestone Necklace as well as the rest of the Rhinestone Jewelry we have at Viktor Viktoria and

Friday, December 2, 2011

Sexy Sequin Dress: Heat Up the Night in the Ruffle Ring Sequin Dress

Heat Up the colder nights with something sexy! Take a look at the Just To Flirt Sexy Dress at Viktor Viktoria and
Just To Flirt Sexy Dress

The Just To Flirt Sexy Dress is sleek black material with silver trim and sequin accents. The Ruffle Ring Sequin Dress is incredibly sexy with its cutout sides and back, super short skirt and deep V-Neck with 4 O-ring accents.  You could easily wear this Just To Flirt Sexy Dress over a pair of skinny jeans for a sexy tunic top look for a less daring Viktor Viktoria Vixens.

The Ruffle Ring Sequin Dress is great as a top, sexy dress or even a swimsuit cover up.  Check out the Just To Flirt Sexy Dress as well as the other sexy dresses at Viktor Viktoria and

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lace Leggings: Show Some Leg in these Lace Leggings!

This holiday season is all about the lace, lace tops, lace pantyhose and so why not get some Lace Leggings from Viktor Viktoria and
Lace Leggings

These Lace Leggings are perfect for the girl who loves the lace trend and is looking for new ways to wear it/or isn’t ready to let go of their summer styles.  In black, these Lace Leggings look great with a great pair of heels or boots (another super hot trend for winter).  You could even wear these Lace Leggings under some ripped up jeans so just the lace peeks through.

These Lace Leggings would also look great under a nice dress for a holiday party.  Check out the Lace Leggings and the rest of our lace items at Viktor Viktoria and

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sequin Bras: Shine Brighter than the Lights this Holiday in the Sequin Bra

Whether you’re looking for something to make their jaws drop in the bedroom or on the dance floor check out the selection at Viktor Viktoria and  This Sequin Bra is great for dance teams, fashionistas, and Viktor Viktoria Vixens alike.

The Sequin Bra comes in a wide assortment of colors, so you’re sure to find a color that matches your needs.  These Sequin Bras look great under Viktor Viktoria sexy tops and dresses or even under a blazer.  If you like to look of the lace top trend try pairing your Sequin Bra underneath for a sexy look.

Whether you need the Sequin Bra for a night in or out, or a dance recital you’ll be pleased with the selections at Viktor Viktoria.  Check out theSequin Bras as well as the other bra tops available at Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall or online at

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Silver Metallic Leggings: Wear your Silver Metallic Leggings to a "Winter Wonderland"

I know with the Holiday season comes the Holiday parties with themes like “Winter Wonderland”.  These Silver Metallic Leggings from Viktor Viktoria and are perfect for these holiday parties.
silver metallic leggings

You could rock your Silver Metallic Leggings with a really pretty and delicate white top or sweater to match the theme of “Winter Wonderland”.  Perhaps the holiday party is on the more formal side; wear your Silver Metallic Leggings under a more formal dress for a little peek of silver.   If you’re not afraid to make a splash with a more unique look, why not use the Silver Metallic Leggings to create an “Ice Queen” look (my favorite from The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe).

Whether using them as a base for a holiday party or even for a night on the town, these Silver Metallic Leggings will look great.  If you’re not looking for Silver Metallic Leggings then be sure to visit Viktor Viktoria or to see all of our leggings options!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Sexy Lace Dress: Jump on the Lace Top Trend with the Lace Sexy Dress!!

A huge look for fall this year is lace tops.  Check out the Lace Sexy Dress at
lace dress viktor viktoria

The Lace Sexy Dress would be perfect for the lace top over a tank top trend going on right now.  If you’re not into the trends, the Lace Sexy Dress would be the perfect sexy dress to start a trend in the bedroom.  Whether you choose to wear the Lace Sexy Dress around friends or friends *wink* you’re sure to be complimented on how good it looks.

Available in black, the Lace Sexy Dress would look perfect on its own or over a brightly colored tank top for a night out.  Check out the Lace Sexy Dress as well as the rest of the sexy clothing available at

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Red Sexy Dress: Get Festive with the Red Foil Sexy Dress

I know that around this time of year a lot of clubs and bars throw “Sexy Holiday Parties”.  And all these events require something hot to wear! Check out the Red Foil Sexy Dress at Viktor Viktoria and
Red Foil Sexy Dress

The Red Foil Sexy Dress is red and perfect for sexy festive get togethers.  With a one shoulder look and a tight banded bottom the Red Foil Sexy Dress is sure to turn heads.  Just be warned, the Red Foil Sexy Dress is sheer, short and tight so you may want to wear it as a tunic top over some skinny jeans.
Red Foil Sexy Dress

Check out the Red Foil Sexy Dress now to see if it’s something you’ll want in your closet.  If not have no fear, Viktor Viktoria and have plenty of other items to choose from. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fishnet Leggings: Start Layering Now with Fishnet Side Leggings!!

With Winter on its way it’s time to start layering! So you can easily transition from warm sun to hell freezing over grab a set of Fishnet Side Leggings from Viktor Viktoria and
fishnet leggings

These calf length Fishnet Side Leggings look great under your summer skirts and dresses and help carry your clothing through another season.  The Fishnet Side Leggings have larger more pothole size patterns from the thigh down on the outer sides.  In four great colors you can easily match these Fishnet Side Leggings to anything in your closet.

Pair your Fishnet Side Leggings with a longer tunic sweater and boots for a super cute winter look.  Also great about these Fishnet Side Leggings is that they don’t have to be stuck in just one season! Take good care of them and you can wear them year round.  Take a look at these and all the other leggings available at Viktor Viktoria and

Rhinestone Hoops: Catch the Light with these Triple Circle Rhinestone Earrings

You’ll probably have a lot of Holiday Parties to go to (or throw) this year.  And that means you’ll need the perfect accessories! Check out the Triple Circle Rhinestone Earrings at Viktor Viktoria and

Triple Circle Rhinestone Earrings have three descending size circles with the largest being a 1 ¾ inch diameter on a post.  The Triple Circle Rhinestone Earrings are made with the finest of Aurora Borealis Austrian Crystals.   Sure to catch the light and other eyes these Triple Circle Rhinestone Earrings are great for a night out or a holiday party.

Whether giving this as a gift to yourself, or to others these Triple Circle Rhinestone Earrings will make others jaws drop.  Check out the Triple Circle Rhinestone Earrings as well as the rest of the Rhinestone Jewelry at Viktor Viktoria and

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Brazilian Jeans: Your Bum Will Thank You for these Brazilian Jeans!

Viktor Viktoria and are your one stop shop for Colorful Brazilian Skinny Jeans.  These Colorful Brazilian Skinny Jeans are huge this year.
Brazilian Skinny Jeans

You can find these Colorful Brazilian Skinny Jeans available at all kinds of stores right now, however none of these stores will feature the great price and selection Viktor Viktoria has!  These Colorful Brazilian Skinny Jeans are in all the hottest colors of the season like Red, Teal and Dark Blue as well as many more!  These Colorful Brazilian Skinny Jeans look great and make your butt look fabulous!
Brazilian Skinny Jeans

Paired with another of the season’s hottest trends; the blazer, you will be sure to turn heads in these Colorful Brazilian Skinny Jeans! Check out all the great colors of the Brazilian Skinny Jeans today!  Stop into Viktor Viktoria or visit and you can gloat when you tell your friends you got your Colorful Brazilian Skinny Jeans for a fraction of what they paid!

Tulle Coats: Colorful Single Breast Coats Now in At Viktor Viktoria!

I’ve had the same old, tired winter coat for years, it’s not that warm and living in Wisconsin where the temperature drops below freezing at a moment’s notice it doesn’t work out well.  So I’m so glad that Viktor Viktoria and have gotten in these great Tulle Single Breast Coats. 
tulle coats viktor viktoria

The Tulle Single Breast Coat is wool and a peacoat style coat.  If you’re looking for a great coat with a variety of colors, the Tulle Single Breast Coat is perfect for you; it comes in Red, Eggplant, Black and Teal.  Featuring a longer length as well as decorative pleats, buttons and pockets; any fashionista will look great in it this winter.  Whether looking for a warmer coat, or a more stylish coat the Tulle Single Breast Coat is perfect for you.
tulle coats viktor viktoria

Grab the Tulle Single Breast Coat at Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall or  While you’re there be sure to check out the rest of the great selection of Tulle Coats available. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

BB Dakota Vest!

Besides being known as a music legend David Bowie is also known for having his beautiful wife Iman.  Check out the great BB Dakota Janika Vest Iman’s wearing in the picture below; then hurry into Viktor Viktoria or and grab yourself a BB Dakota Janika Vest just like hers!

Featured in Glamour Magazine’s article The Cool New Way to Wear Your Jeans, this BB Dakota Janika Vest is turning heads in the fashion industry!  Perfect for the colder weather the BB Dakota Janika Vest features the stylish element of faux fur and a hidden clasp to keep your vest closed.  Available in multiple colors the BB Dakota Janika Vest will look great over a dress, or rock the style like Iman and go for a simple sweater and jeans combo!
BB Dakota Janika Vest

Even though you probably don’t want to wear your BB Dakota Janika Vest outside right now in this rainy Wisconsin weather, you can easily slip a jacket over the vest and rock the look at your destination!  Just be sure to grab the BB Dakota Janika Vest now, with features in magazines and celebs wearing it the vest is sure to fly off Viktor Viktoria and’s shelves!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sequin Dress: With this Sequin Sexy Sequin Dress You'll Catch Light Like a Disco Ball!

If you’re looking for a really unique Halloween costume, then check out this great Sequin Sexy dress from Viktor Viktoria and and go as a “disco ball”.

Sequin Sexy dress
Made of super shiny silver sequins this Sequin Sexy dress is sure to catch the light (just like a disco ball), you could pair it with the brand new Sequin Boot Covers as well.  Maybe on top of your Sequin Sexy dress add a sequin headband and dance the night away (or just spin around a lot).  If you think my costume idea is stupid (HOW DARE YOU?!?! J )Then just wear your Sequin Sexy dress on a night out on the town, or a night in, in the bedroom.
Sequin Sexy dress

The Sequin Sexy dress is super tight, and super short; paired with some skinny jeans it would make a great tunic top.   The Sequin Sexy dress is just one of many Sexy Dresses available at Viktor Viktoria and, come on by and check the selection out. 

Sequin Boot Covers: Catch the Light with Sequin Legwarmers!!

Legwarmers are going to be hot this winter season, so check out a great selection of legwarmers available at Viktor Viktoria and, including these great new Sequin Legwarmers.
Black Sequin Legwarmers

Perfect for over boots, and grabbing attention these Sequin Legwarmers are a must have for your fall wardrobe.  Available in both Silver and Black these Sequin Legwarmers are sure to catch someone’s eye and drop some jaws.  The Sequin Legwarmers can be worn over leggings, or on their own with a skirt.

Add some sexy appeal to your Sequin Legwarmers by pairing them with some sexy fishnets!! Grab these Sequin Legwarmers now at Viktor Viktoria and  While you’re there check out the rest of our great selection! 

Rainbow Legwarmers: Look 80's this Halloween with Rainbow Legwarmers!

Whether you want something cute to wear on the weekends, or something for a unique 80’s style Halloween Costume; or if you’re an Exotic Dancer or just love Rainbows check out these great new Rainbow Legwarmers at Viktor Viktoria and
Rainbow Legwarmers

These Rainbow Legwarmers are horizontally striped and multicolored (with what you could consider a black base) and rainbow colors.  You could easily pair the Rainbow Legwarmers with a pair of sexy colored heels and a mini skirt, or maybe if you’re on a team and all want to match wear them as your costume.  For a great Halloween Costume look you could easily pair your Rainbow Legwarmers with a colorful tutu and fishnet tops.

We do also have legwarmers with “white bases” as well, but these Rainbow Legwarmers are a little different and unique for you.  Grab these Rainbow Legwarmers from Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair or, also check out the selection of tutus and other 80’s style pieces. 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Cutout Dress is Purr-Fect for a Sexy Catwoman Costume

If you’re looking to be a super sexy Catwoman this year check out this brand new Cutout Sexy Dress at Viktor Viktoria and

Paired over some sexy black leggings or black booty shorts and bra this Cutout Sexy Dress would make the purr-fect Catwoman costume.  All you’ll need to add to the Cutout Sexy Dress is some “claws” and cat ears, and of course don’t forget the sexy thigh high boots!  Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable wearing this Cutout Sexy Dress as a costume on Halloween, so why not just stick it in the lingerie drawer for a hot night ahead.

Whether worn as a costume, or as a new addition to the lingerie drawer the Cutout Sexy Dress is great for a hot Halloween or a hot night in!  While you’re checking out the great new Cutout Sexy Dress, make sure to check out the rest of the sexy dresses available now at  

Fur Boot Covers: Be a Rave Girl with these Furry Legwarmers!

Are you looking for some new Furry Boot Covers? Perfect for a “Rave Girl” Halloween costume, or if you just want something that will set you apart from the crowd.  Check out the new Furry Boot Covers at Viktor Viktoria and

green furry boot covers
These Furry Boot Covers come in multiple colors; Black, Pink, Neon Green and Multi Colored.  These are the perfect Furry Boot Covers for Halloween Costumes, Paint Parties or raves.  You could pair these Furry Boot Covers with some sexy fishnets and garters for a uniquely sexy look. 

black Furry Boot Covers
Whether you’re looking for something to wear to your next concert outing, a Halloween Costume or just something to set you apart these Furry Boot Covers are perfect for you!! Check out the rest of the selection of Boot Covers and Legwarmers available as well by visiting Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall or!!  Be warned with Halloween coming up these Furry Boot Covers are flying out the door!