Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lurex X-Long Legwarmers are Luxurious!

I don’t know why, but I absolutely love the look of certain legwarmers.  One such pair of legwarmers is this great Lurex Legwarmers available at Viktor Viktoria and now. 

These Lurex Legwarmers are a great shimmery black and silver color with cable knit-like bandings along the top and bottom of the legwarmers.  They come up over the knees and are incredibly sexy over high heels.  The Lurex X-Long Legwarmers have a line of silver buttons along the bottom of the legwarmer (near where it would touch your feet). These Lurex Legwarmers are great for winter as they’ll keep you warm, they would also look super sexy over a pair of fishnet stockings. 
Lurex Legwarmers

Pair your Lurex Legwarmers over some fishnets and with a sexy mini and heels for a sexy night on the town (or even in the bedroom *wink wink).  With their shiny finish they’re perfect for a nice night out, and great at keeping warm in the cold.  Make sure to get to Viktor Viktoria or to get these Lurex Legwarmers soon (especially before winter hits to keep warm). 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Black Tutu, Ruffle Petticoats perfect for you Black Swan Costume

Halloween is coming and if you are thinking Black Swan, you should be thinking about Viktor Viktoria's petticoats and tutus. Here at Viktor Viktoria and have a great selection of petticoats for whatever you need, including the great Micro Tutu.

Micro Tutu

This Micro Tutu is made of black tulle and features super cute lime green leopard print bows on the hips. The Micro Tutu is perfect for the club, under a skirt for extra oomph or in the bedroom for a good night. You can pair your Micro Tutu with a sexy corset top and booty shorts to look great, even adding some sexy legwarmers will make this petticoat look awesome.

The Micro Tutu is super sexy and also great for someone who wants to do a “sexy Black Swan” type Halloween costume. Be sure to grab the Micro Tutu and check out the rest available for purchase at Viktor Viktoria and

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sexy Crochet Thigh Highs: Show Off Your Sexy Legs in Crochet Thigh Highs!

Are you looking for a perfect pair of fishnets for underneath your Halloween costume this year? Then look no further than Viktor Viktoria or and check out the great Crochet Thigh Highs.
crochet thigh highs

These Crochet Thigh Highs are super sexy and a perfect match for a short skirted Halloween costume. The Crochet Thigh Highs feature a wider net pattern for an even sexier fishnet look.  Pair the Crochet Thigh Highs with a pair of sexy boots or some high heels for a look that is sure to turn heads on Halloween.

You can check out the Crochet Thigh Highs and all other sorts of thighs and fishnets available now at Viktor Viktoria and   We also have a great selection of petticoats and dresses to make your Halloween perfect!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Humanity Elements Vintage Bracelets, Good Works Bracelets, Available Now!

Good Works Elements Vintage Bracelets are now available at Viktor Viktoria and!  These Good Works bracelets are great for anyone who could use a little inspiration every once and awhile.
good works elements bracelet

These Good Works Elements Vintage Bracelets come in 10 great colors and each one features an inspirational message on the band.  The Humanity’s Elements Vintage Bracelets feature a vintage looking band with crystals and messages such as “Unity”, “Love”, “Peace” and “Come Together” in metallic lettering.  The Good Works Elements Vintage Braceletsall come with a magnetic clasp and look great with any outfit.

You can grab your Good Works Elements Vintage Bracelets now at Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall or  If you don’t like these Good Works Elements Vintage Bracelets but like the Humanity Bracelets check out the rest of the selection available at Viktor Viktoria now. 

Star Leg Warmers are Both Cute and Cozy!

Are you looking for a super cute addition to your wardrobe for the change from summer to fall? Then look no further than Viktor Viktoria and where you can pick up a great pair of Star Leg Warmers.
Star Leg Warmers

These Star Leg Warmers are both cute and functional at keeping you warm and looking fine in the cooler months.  Made of black material the Star Leg Warmers have Pink stars up and down the sides and look sexy over a pair of heels.  Whether you’re a fashionista, stay at home mom or dancer you’ll love these Star Leg Warmers.

Grab a pair of Star Leg Warmers now before the real cold hits Wisconsin and you’re wearing snow pants as a fashion statement.  Stop into Viktor Viktoria or to grab a pair of Star Leg Warmers and check out the rest of the clothing available now.

Are you with a theater group, dance team, a sorority, powder puff football team, etc?  Need a large quantity of this item?  Call us at 414 479 9860 and ask for Ann.  We can help you

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sequin Skirt: Shimmy Away in this Sequin Skirt!

So in just a few days it’s going to be your favorite blogster’s birthday! J And of course what goes better with a girl’s birthday than a new “Birthday Outfit”?  Well with the help of Viktor Viktoria and I’m gonna make heads turn with my birthday outfit (or at least my Birthday Sequin Skirt!).

Sequin Skirt
Everytime I’m in the store I find myself checking out this great Sequin Skirt, made of black material and sequins it’s gonna look great hugging all my curves at my birthday party.  There’s nothing better on a day when you’re getting older than feeling sexy so I’m looking forward to putting on my Sequin Skirt for that special day! I’m going to be pairing the skirt with a really great grey top and a wide belt to really make it stand out.  Add some sexy heels and I’ll be sure to steal the show in my Sequin Skirt!

This Sequin Skirt is made to be short and tight (the only way to have it at least for a day when I’ll be feeling older!) and is great for a night out on the town with friends.  Though I don’t want it to be all gone by the next time I get to the store make sure to get your Sequin Skirt quickly before they’re all gone (and don’t blame me if you miss out!!).  Stop into Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall (in their brand new store!) or to check out this Sequin Skirt and all the other great items available for you!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Chaser Tees: Brooke Burke, Chaser Tee, Whitney Port, Chaser Tee, Rebecca Black, Chaser Tee: Be a Star in a Chaser Tee

Rebecca Black, Whitney Port, Brooke Burke and so many other stars have recently been spotted wearing Chaser Tees. Do you want to look like a star on a limited budget? Then stop into Viktor Viktoria or and pick up a couple of great Chaser LA Tees.

Chaser LA Tees are loved by stars and fashionistas alike. Take a look at Brooke Burke in her Chaser LA John Lee Hooker Tee Shirt. The Chaser LA “Hooker” Tee features a wide neck and flowy sleeves. Made of sheer material the Chaser LA “Hooker” tee is perfect for a night out or a day of shopping or exercising like Brooke Burke. She may not look at great as she does on "Dancing With the Stars" but her Chaser "Hooker Tee" looks great!

Click here to view Chaser LA Tees at Viktor Viktoria

Whitney Port from The Hills was just spotted out and about in her Chaser LA Journey Greatest Hits tee. The Chaser LA Journey Greatest Hits tee is a boxy style tee made of super soft boxy material. You can rock the Chaser LA Journey Greatest Hits tee with some sexy Brazilian Jeans or a cute pair of trouser jeans, it’s perfect for nights out and days spent with friends.

whitneyport_journery tee

Click here to view Chaser LA Tees at Viktor Viktoria
Although not technically a huge celebrity yet, Rebecca Black of “Friday” Fame was spotted in a Chaser LA MC5 Live Tee. This is a great sheer tee with wide neck and loose tees. Although I find it hard to believe she knows who MC5 is Rebecca work the Chaser LA MC5 Live Tee well. Pair your Chaser LA MC5 Live Tee with a skinny jeans or a skirt for a night out on the town, hey pair it with sweat pants for the gym if you want!

rebecca black_chaser la

Click here to view Chaser LA Tees at Viktor Viktoria

Chaser LA Tees are coveted by the rich and famous but available on a budget. These tees are great because they’re unique and super comfortable. So stop by Viktor Viktoria or today to check out all the great Chaser LA tees available to you.