Friday, November 30, 2012

Lace Turtleneck Mini Dress is Maximum Hotness

I love lace tops and dresses, so I love that Viktor Viktoria and has a bunch of them to choose from.  One of my favorites is the Lace Turtleneck Mini Dress.
Lace Lingerie is HOT! 
The Lace Turtleneck Mini Dress is a versatile dress, it could be worn out on the town or in the bedroom.  The dress is a very short mini dress made of a floral lace pattern, with a mock turtleneck style and long sleeves.  Just add a tank under the Lace Turtleneck Mini Dress and you’ve got a hot outfit for the club tonight!

The Lace Turtleneck Mini Dress will cause second glances in either the bars or the bedroom.  Snatch up the Lace Turtleneck Mini Dress now at Viktor Viktoria and

Swirl Bodysuit is Definitely Sexy!

I love the way sexy lingerie makes you feel, and I also love unique pieces.  So I’m definitely digging the Sexy Swirl Bodysuit from Viktor Viktoria and
Super Sexy 
The Sexy Swirl Bodysuit is a unique, and sexy piece of lingerie you’ll love adding to your collection.   On the front of the sheer mesh bodysuit are multiple swirl details in black.  I also love that the Sexy Swirl Bodysuit comes with matching thigh highs. 

When you walk into the bedroom with your Sexy Swirl Bodysuit on, expect that special someone’s jaw to drop.  Snag the Sexy Swirl Bodysuit now at Viktor Viktoria and

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Silvery Sequin Trim Dress is Sexxxxxyyy

 Looking for a hot dress to wear this weekend? You’ll love the Sequin Trim Dress from Viktor Viktoria and
Very Marilyn-esque 
The Sequin Trim Dress is sexy and stylish, perfect for a weekend out on the town.  The dress is a silver-y white color, its deep V-Neck and bodice are trimmed in about 2 inch wide white sequin trim.  The Sequin Trim Dress is a shorter length dress, perfect for wearing over leggings or fishnets as a tunic top.

Wear the Sequin Trim Dress out on the town with a pair of sexy heels and be ready to turn heads.  Get your hands on the Sequin Trim Dress now at Viktor Viktoria and

Fence Net Top and Leggings Set is HOT for Raves

Do you enjoy going to raves and stuff like that? Then check out the great Fence Net Top and Leggings Set at Viktor Viktoria and
Hot for Raves! 
The Fence Net Top and Leggings Set is a great set for girls who love to hit up raves and paint parties.   The set is composed of a top and leggings made of “fence” fishnet (which is very large hole fishnet, with multiple strands).  The Fence Net Top and Leggings Set is in black so it’s great for wearing with or under your colorful booty shorts and bras!

Or maybe you’re just looking for some sexy fishnet items to add to your wardrobe, either way the Fence Net Top and Leggings Set is just what you’re looking for.  Get the Fence Net Top and Leggings Set today at Viktor Viktoria and

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Larger Girls Look No Further for Lingerie

Are you a larger girl looking for some lingerie you’ll love? Then take a peek at the Queen Size Floral Lace Dress from Viktor Viktoria and
Hot Criss Cross Stitching 

The Queen Size Floral Lace Dress is a great piece of lingerie for a larger girl who wants to look just as sexy but can’t find something in her size.  The short dress is made out of a lace (with large floral patterns), the front of the dress has a deep v-neck with contrasting strap details, and the straps are composed of multiple straps coming together in the front and the back.  The Queen Size Floral Lace Dress looks gorgeous over a pair of sexy fishnets and a thong.

Sexy Shredded Detail
The shredded detailing on the Queen Size Floral Lace Dress definitely adds something even sexier to the look, and is sure to make jaws drop.  Check out the Queen Size Floral Lace Dress now at Viktor Viktoria and

Monday, November 26, 2012

Start a trend with

Sometimes you want to be the one to start the trends not just follow.  So grab these five items before your friends do at red brazilian jeans viktor viktoria
  Red Brazilian Skinny Jeans-These Red Brazilian Skinny Jeans look fabulous with tees and blazers along with other casual tops.  The Red Brazilian Skinny Jeans make your butt look fabulous.  I own the Red Brazilian Skinny Jeans myself and I love wearing them with a pair of kick ass boots and a white silk blazer. rhinestone bangle viktor viktoria Rhinestone Bangle-The Rhinestone Bangle is a silver bangle bracelet covered in multiple colored stones.  The focal point of the Rhinestone Bangle is the large stone in the middle that resembles a peacock feather in color.  The Rhinestone Bangle looks great with casual looks as well as formal looks.
sex love chaser tee
  Chaser LA Sex, Love and Rock N Roll Tee- The Chaser LA Sex, Love and Rock N Roll tee is a white cropped tee with a wide neck.  The Chaser LA Sex, Love and Rock N Roll tee is perfect for wearing with a pair of distressed jeans or leggings.  The Chaser LA Sex, Love and Rock N Roll Tee’s style eases it from day to night without any complications. lace tights
  Lace Tights- If you have a night out planned and want to wear a mini skirt grab the Lace Tights.  The Lace Tights look fabulous with dresses and skirts, and show a great sense of style.  I love the style of Lace Tights with a nice black mini and black boots, it looks fabulous! sequin bra
  Sequin Bra- The Sequin Bra looks great under sexy dresses and top.  If you want to rock a blazer but don’t have just the right top to wear underneath it? Why not grab the Sequin Bra and wear it underneath.  The Sequin Bra top is sure to make your friends wish they had their own. 

You can nab all these great items to make your friends jealous at  And when your friends beg you for your secret send them over!

Cyber Monday Free Shipping!

free shipping
Today only you  will receive Free Shipping on any order placed at  This includes all of our sexy clothing, rhinestone jewelry, hot tees and more.  Buy your gifts or buy a gift for yourself at and receive free shipping today only!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Viktor Viktoria: Capture Kim Kardashian's style at

The world looks at Kim Kardashian as a style icon.  Even if you don’t have her famous curves you can rock her style for less.  Just take a bit of advice from the Vixens here at
brazilian jeans
Kim K has been seen out and about in colored jeans. This style is super hot right now! Lucky for you the style itself is easy to pull off, just grab a pair of Colored Brazilian Jeans and great heels to start it off right. You can mix and match tops with your Colored Brazilian Jeans, they look great with tees as well as blazers and scarves. hoop
rhinestone hoops
  Kim almost always has on very stylish and noticeable accessories.  Here she rocks some large jeweled hoops.  Where she probably paid over a grand for her hoops, you can be just as stylish with the 3-Row Rhinestone Hoops from Viktor Viktoria.  And the best part about the 3-Row Rhinestone Hoops? The price, these carry a price tag of way less than a grand  and they’re not even $30!!!
chaser tee
  When you just wanna go for an effortless look (ala Kim) grab a Chaser LA Grateful Dead Liberty Bell Tee.  Kim Kardashian is constantly seen in Chaser LA tees, and she seems to migrate to the V-Neck tee styles (better to show your curves my dear).  So show off your curves in this great V-Neck styled Chaser LA Grateful Dead Liberty Bell tee. chaser tee

  Whether you love or hate her, you have to agree that Kim Kardashian has worn some great styles!  Luckily is here to show you some key pieces that will help you with the style.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Legging: How Not To Wear Leggings

Leggings are great and has a great selection of leggings in every color or fashion imaginable. But before you go out and buy a pair in every color, please, please, pleaseeeeeeee take a look at how to and how not to wear leggings. leggings viktor viktoria

Leggings are tight, so a great way to pair leggings is with a flowing top.  Also while wearing leggings please keep things simple.  If you are wearing a great pair of brightly colored leggings, don’t try to match the top with the bottom, wear a neutral color on top that goes with the colors of the leggings. Celebrities like Halle Berry, Rihanna, Mary Kate Olsen and Lindsay Lohan know how to wear leggings like pros.  If you are wearing black leggings feel free to mix it up with colors on the top, just don’t go TOO over the top.
leggings,viktor viktoria  

I can’t even emphasize enough on keeping things simple, don’t over accessorize.  Avril is a perfect example of how NOT to wear leggings.  Don’t match your accessories to your bold leggings, let the leggings speak for themselves.  Don’t pair big clunky skate shoes and giant hair poofs with the delicate, tight look of leggings either, you’ll look funny.  Also if you’re going to be wearing leggings (in this case I think Misha may have on tights) don’t cover up your leggings with giant boots.  If your booty is on the larger side like Nikki Minaj then maybe avoid ridiculous patterned leggings as a very much so stretched out pattern on a large booty doesn’t look so great.  Stick to basic solid colors and you’ll be sexy and confident. 

And also, if it's not Halloween, don't mix your leggings with a matching corset Wonder Woman Style, PLEASE! For some great pairs of leggings check out  We have leggings in every color and pattern you could imagine!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Sexy Dress: Big Hole Net Dress Is Hot

Are you looking for a sexy holiday surprise for that special someone? Check out the great Pothole Tube Dress at pothole dress,
  This sexy Pothole Tube Dress is a super tight tube dress with large holes all around the dress.  The Pothole Tube Dress comes in multiple colors (Purple, Neon Green, Neon Pink) and is sure to catch someone’s eye.  For the more daring Viktor Viktoria Vixens you could wear your Pothole Tube Dress over a tank and some booty shorts for a night out. purple sexy dress,

  Heat up those cold nights when you put on this Pothole Tube Dress. hs a wide variety of fishnet and pothole style clothing on top of the Pothole Tube Dress, so if these types of designs are your favorite check them out now!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Black Sequin Tube Top Is Super Hot!

Sequin Tube Tops are a must have item.  As everyone knows, Sequin Tube Tops are also a very hard to find item.  If you want to make jaws drop? Men Drool?  Then get the  Black Sequin Tube Top from  black sequin tube top,

  The Black Sequin Tube Top looks great with colored leggings or skinny jeans.  Easily paired with heels, boots or flats the Black Sequin Tube Top can go from the beach to the club with ease.   You could also easily wear the Black Sequin Tube Top with a blazer, or a cardigan. 

Rock the dance floor in the Black Sequin Tube Top, or grab a bite to eat and catch that special someone’s eye now at

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Rhinestone Ankle Bracelet: Sparkle In A Rhinestone Anklet

With the Holidays coming up lots of ladies are wearing dresses, and with those dresses you want something that sparkles, and I myself, love anklets.  I love the Sexy Dangle Rhinestone Anklet at
rhinestone anklet,

  The Sexy Dangle Rhinestone Anklet is an anklet that features lots of delicate dangles from around the band. The Sexy Dangle Rhinestone Anklet’s dangles go in a pyramid type pattern (triangle-space-triangle) so there are lots of dangles that you could have dangle on the top of your foot or over your ankles etc.  

The Sexy Dangle Rhinestone Anklet looks great with a dress and heels or even some capris and heels. When you’re looking for something that adds a little sex appeal to an outfit without being over the top then you’ll love the Sexy Dangle Rhinestone Anklet.  Snag the Sexy Dangle Rhinestone Anklet at today.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Good Works Bracelets Make Great Birthday Presents

Is your best friend’s birthday coming up? Looking for a great gift for her? Why not grab the Good Works Bliss Wrap Bracelet from Viktor Viktoria and  good works bracelet, The Good Works Bliss Wrap Bracelet is a wrap style bracelet made out of metallic leather so it really shines.  All along the band of the Good Works Bliss Wrap Bracelet are phrases like “Faith”, “Strength” and “Courage”, great for a friend who has struggled in the past.  Plus the metallic style and great design allow for the Good Works Bliss Wrap Bracelet to be worn in many different situations including formal!  I love that the Good Works Bliss Wrap Bracelet can be wrapped tons of different ways so it can always look different.  I also love that with each purchase of a Good Works Bliss Wrap Bracelet Good Works donates part of the proceeds to charities giving the homeless homes.  Get the Good Works Bliss Wrap Bracelet now at Viktor Viktoria and

Friday, November 16, 2012

Shiny Leggings, Liquid Leggings, Metallic Leggings A Must

Shiny leggings are big sellers at .  Our customers buy shiny leggings for many reasons.  Many people wear shiny leggings as pants with a long Viktor Viktoria tee or tunic top.  This can be a super cute look - as long as the selected top is long enough to cover ones behind!  When we match a top to a pair of leggings for a customer, we always stress that the top should be tunic length as no one wants to see our shiny leggings  paired with a butt revealing crop top - well no other female with a sense of fashion - of course, most guys are all for the more revealing look - especially if the customer is bootylicious!
 shiny leggings viktor viktoria
Click here to view Shiny Leggings at Viktor Viktoria

Another reason we sell a ton of shiny leggings is that they are a dance/cheerleading competition staple.  Shiny leggings look great on stage and can be paired with a cute crop top or sequin costume top for an exciting look.  My daughter is involved in the world of Dance Competitions and we see many Dance Studios using shiny leggings.  Cheerleaders often also shiny leggings under their cheerleading skirts as warm up pants.  We also sell a large quantity of shiny leggings to sorority girls who have big dance competitions or dance offs.  We love sorority girls as price is usually no object to them and they always need a large quanity of shiny leggings for their competitions. 
leggings viktor viktoria
Click here to view Shiny Leggings at Viktor Viktoria

  So if you are a Viktor Viktoria fashionista, a dancer, a cheerleader or a sorority girl, consider Viktor Viktoria shiny leggings.  You will love the great fit and the large number of colors available at

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nippies, Hot Pasties Are A Must For A Sexy Surprise!

So I hear pole-dancing and lap dancing classes are the new fitness crazes out there, your faithful blogger here has terrible tendonitis in her knee so she would just make an ass of herself when she fell on the floor and couldn’t get back up again, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a sexy surprise out there for my special someone.  What type of sexy surprise? How about some great Nippies from Viktor Viktoria or (Combined with my white girl dance moves I’m sure to make someone else laugh at least!) star nippies, Nippies are the sexy nipple covers anyone who loves sexy tops or just surprising their special someone needs. In a variety of sexy colors and styles as well as some great shapes Nippies are sure to be one of the latest crazes!  We have Nippies available at our store at Mayfair Mall and online at our web shop at butterfly nippies, Nippies come in so many colors, you will be able to match them to almost any outfit you decide to wear!  If you don’t want to match then grab a pair in one of our available bright colors (Pink, Yellow, Rainbow, or Leopard Print anyone?) and let your Nippies do the shocking…err talking!  Nippies come in shapes like Butterflies, Hearts and Stars and are beyond sexy! (Even stars like my girl Rihanna love em!)
rhianna nippies,
  Surprise that special someone with your sexy dance moves and your great Nippies! Or hey, avoid the next shocking wardrobe malfunction by wearing Nippies under your sexy tops!  Just be sure to stop into Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall or and grab your favorite color and shape of Nippies before we run out!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sexy Body Zone Club Wear At Viktor Viktoria

Body Zone Clubwear is now available at  Body Zone ClubWear features super hot neon bikini tops and neon boy shorts as well as neon booty shorts to add to your club wear collection.  We love Body Zone apparel because it is made in the US and is available in so many great styles and colors.  You can buy Body Zone clothing in sets or by the piece so you are able to mix and match with your other club wear items. Body Zone Clothing, Viktor Viktoria
  Click here to view Body Zone Club Wear at Viktor Viktoria

  Pictured above are the Body Zone Fishnet Halter Top and Body Zone Fishnet Booty Shorts along with the Body Zone Fishnet Shrug.  Now in reality, most of us can't wear this Body Zone outfit as pictured but we could wear the fishnet top under another Viktor Viktoria sheer top or perhaps wear the shrug over a Viktor Viktoria Tank Top for a sexy look.  

The Body Zone Booty Shorts could be worn under a sexy little mini skirt for a hot night as well. We really love the new Body Zone fishnet Bikini Tops.  

In the photo below, the model is wearing a Body Zone fishnet Bikini Top over a Body Zone lycra Bikini Top which really looks HOT.  Both of these Body Zone tops are available in neon green,  neon pink, neon yellow, neon pink and black so you can mix n match the colors and pair these Body Zone tops with either Body Zone Booty Shorts or Body Zone Boy Shorts.  We will be receiving the Body Zone fishnet skirts as pictured in the near future as well.  Body Zone Club Wear, Viktor Viktoria

At we love the Body Zone bikini tops and Body Zone shorts that we have just added to our sexy club wear collections.  We hope to add Body Zone dresses and Body Zone Skirts in the near future as well so stop in Viktor Viktoria located at Mayfair Mall or shop online at today!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Metallic Booty Shorts, Shiny Bootie Shorts at

Metallics are super hot this year in dresses, skirts, shirts and now metallic booty shorts! Viktor Viktoria and have gotten in a great selection of Metallic Booty Shorts for your pleasure.
 red metallic booty shorts silver metallic booty shorts

  These Metallic Booty Shorts come in a wide variety of colors: Red, Light Pink, Turqoise, Silver, Black, Hot Pink, Blue, Purple and Gold. Basically any color outfit you wear, we’ve got the Metallic Booty Shorts in the color you need. These Metallic Booty Shorts are perfect under your miniskirts, short shorts, dresses or even over leggings. Wearing your Metallic Booty Shorts you’ll feel perfectly covered and protected from revealing your most intimate parts.
royal blue metallic booty shorts pink metallic booty shorts

  Why not make a statement? Wear your Metallic Booty Shorts with a great metallic shirt, or with a Sequin Bra and one of Viktor Viktoria’s great Fishnet tops to the club.  If you just want to surprise your lover put on a pair of these great Metallic Booty Shorts and watch their jaws drop. aqua metallic booty shorts purple metallic booty shorts
gold metallic booty shorts

Visit and pick up as many pairs of this Metallic Booty Shorts as you could possibly need. hot pink metallic booty shorts

Are you with a dance team, a sorority, powder puff football team, etc?  Need a large quantity of booty shorts?  Call us at 414 479 9860 and ask for Ann.  We can help you!
black metallic booty shorts

Lace Up Back Leggings Are Super Sexy

Lace Up Back Leggings are super hot! Add some drama and color to you life with Viktor Viktoria's Black Liquid Leggings with lace up back! These black metallic leggings are available at  Lace up leggings are perfect under a mini skirt, sexy dress or short shorts. Leggings are a hot look again this year. Lace up Back Leggings are super sexy and will turn all heads in the room!
lace up leggings, viktor viktoria
Click here to view leggings at Viktor Viktoria

  I have a pair of Lace Up Back Leggings, because I had to wear them for a dance competition! The Lace Up Back Leggings looked absolutely great with the costume we had! These Leggings are so sexy, and every time I go to the club I wear them! The Lace Up Back Leggings are absolutely hot!

I got my Lace Up Back leggings from ! Viktor VIktoria and are your one stop shops for sexy outfits and hot leggings! 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Good Works Bracelets: Good Works Happy Days Wrap Bracelets A Must!

Do you love bright colors? Then you’ll love the Good Works Happy Wrap Bracelet from The Good Works Happy Wrap Bracelets are wrap style leather bracelets in really bright “Happy” colors.  The Good Works Happy Wrap Bracelet has phrases all around the band like “Forgive”, “Truth” and “Believe,” to add inspiration as well!  Since brights were such a huge trend this year at NY Fashion Week the Good Works Happy Wrap Bracelet definitely fits the bill for what you need to have!!!  

The Good Works Happy Wrap Bracelet can be wrapped in a variety of ways so you can always subtly change your style.  Plus you can feel good about your purchase, with every purchase of a Good Works Happy Wrap Bracelet Good Works donates part of the proceeds to charities.  

Check out the Good Works Happy Wrap Bracelet now at Viktor Viktoria and

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Relive a Classic, Put Your Baby in the One Fish, Two Fish Onesie

Theodor Geisel wrote many, many beloved children’s books; of course it was under the name of Dr. Seuss.  And you can pass the love of the books you had as a child on to your baby with the One Fish Two Fish Onesie at Viktor Viktoria and

“One Fish, Two Fish” was one of my personal favorite books growing up, and I want to buy this One Fish Two Fish Onesie now for my future kids.  The front of the onesie has the iconic line from the book “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” as well as the matching fish; and of course “Dr. Seuss” on the bottom.  The One Fish Two Fish Onesie has a snap closure making diaper changes a breeze!

Put your little one in the One Fish Two Fish Onesie for lounging around the house or for going out running errands.  The One Fish Two Fish Onesie is available now at Viktor Viktoria and

Dr. Seuss Fans Will Love the I Love the Cat in the Hat Onesie

If you loved Cat in the Hat as a kid then you’ll also love the I Love Cat in the Hat Onesie from Viktor Viktoria and  In makes a GREAT gift for someone who’s expecting a little girl.

The I Love Cat in the Hat Onesie is a light pink onesie, with a snap crotch closure; perfect for easy changes. On the front of the onesie is an image of the Cat in the Hat, along with “I Love Cat in the Hat” and “Dr. Seuss” in sparkly silver print.  With all it’s pink details and hot pink trim the I Love Cat in the Hat Onesie is the perfect gift for a baby girl in your life.

Pair the I Love Cat in the Hat Onesie with some cute sweats and hoodies for a nice warm winter look, and at home let the little one run around in just the onesie. Check out the I Love Cat in the Hat Onesie now at Viktor Viktoria and

Friday, November 2, 2012

The My Dad's Tattoos Onesie is Perfect for Tatted Up Parents!

Are you expecting a little one? Does dad have lots of tattoos? Then you’ll love My Dad’s Tattoos Onesie at Viktor Viktoria and

The My Dad’s Tattoos Onesie is a snarky little onesie, perfect for someone who’s expecting a baby with a tatted up guy. On the front of the all black onesie in white screenprint are the words “My Dad’s Tattoos are Better Than Yours”.  I love that the My Dad’s Tattoos Onesie has the same type of writing as old school tattoos as well as the “Rockabilly Stars”.

The My Dad’s Tattoos Onesie is great as a baby shower gift, or a gift for yourself.  Just grab the My Dad’s Tattoos Onesie now before they’re all gone, visit Viktor Viktoria and now. 

Speak the Truth with the I Still Live With My Parents Onesie

I have a deep love of humorous baby clothes. I think the more sarcastic yet true they are the better.  So I’m in love with the I Still Live With My Parents Onesie at Viktor Viktoria and

The I Still Live With My Parents Onesie is just a hilarious onesie to me since it’s so true!  The front of the onesie has a white screenprint saying “I Still Live With My Parents” in a Times New Roman type font.  The I Still Live With My Parents Onesie is an all-black onesie, and has a snap crotch closure for easy changes.

The I Still Live With My Parents Onesie makes a great baby shower gift (I know I’m getting it for a baby shower on the 12th), or a gift for your own little one.  Take a look at the I Still Live With My Parents Onesie now at Viktor Viktoria and

Silver Sequin Dress: Sequin Tube Dress Is So Sexy

Silver Sequin Dresses are so hot this season and has Sequin Dresses in every color for you new sexy outfit.  So if you are looking for something that is sure to turn heads, look no further than and this Silver Sequin Dress.

  The Silver Sequin Dress is great for a date or the club. Made of stretchy material, the Silver Sequin Dress will hug your curves and make them drool.  The Silver Sequin Dress is a tube style dress, so it is very short and tight, not for the faint of heart.  If you catch a chill the Silver Sequin Dress looks great under a blazer.  

Worn with heels or boots the Silver Sequin Dress will definitely catch their eyes.   Grab the Silver Sequin Dress now at

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sexy Floral Dress: Navy Floral Dress at

Do you love Bright dresses and floral prints? Check out the new Navy Floral Halter Dress at now.
 sexy dress,

  The Navy Floral Halter Dress is one of several new dresses we got in, just in time for summer.  With its semi-crocheted halter top and incredibly bright skirted bottom the Navy Floral Halter Dress is a great summer cook-out dress.  Pair the Navy Floral Halter Dress with a pair of boots or heels and you’ve got a great going out dress. I love the mod cut and style of the Navy Floral Halter Dress, it looks vintage but it’s not years and years old.  It reminds me so much of the dress that Daphne wears in Scooby Doo, (haha) so hey, the Navy Floral Halter Dress would be great for Halloween too.  

Check out the Navy Floral Halter Dress and the rest of the new dresses we just got in at

Show That Your Baby's Glad to Be Out in this Onesie

I love humorous tees, and when I have a baby I hope that I can find some funny onesies just like Silkworld makes.  One of the newest is the Glad to be Out Onesie available at Viktor Viktoria and

The Glad to be Out Onesie is a black onesie, with a snap crotch closure (perfect for easy changes).  The screenprint on the front of the onesie is in white and says “Glad to Be Out, I was Running Out of Womb”.  I love how easy it would be to layer the Glad to be Out Onesie in colder weather.

Your little bambino will be sure to get some laughs in the Glad to be Out Onesie.  Get the Glad to be Out Onesie now at Viktor Viktoria and