Friday, February 24, 2012

Sexy Dress by Baci: They'll Purr With Delight When They See the Baci Leopard Print Sexy Dress

Do you love the look of animal print? Enjoy wearing sexy dresses? Then check out the Baci Leopard Print Sexy Dress at Viktor Viktoria and

The Baci Leopard Print Sexy Dress is a strapless sheer, mesh-y type dress, covered in leopard print.  Along the ruffle hem and the top of the Baci Leopard Print Sexy Dress is pink lace, adding femininity to such a fierce dress. The Baci Leopard Print Sexy Dress makes a great dress for the bedroom, but could also be worn out on the town as a tunic top, or on the beach as a swimsuit cover up.
Baci Leopard Print Sexy Dress

If you like fierce fashion you’ll love the Baci Leopard Print Sexy Dress.  Baci makes great lingerie at low prices, so the Baci Leopard Print Sexy Dress is no different.  Check out the Baci Leopard Print Sexy Dress and the rest of the Baci line now at Viktor Viktoria and

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sexy Lingerie: 2 Piece Heart Set: Make Theirs Skip a Beat in the Heart 2-Piece Set

Valentine’s Day may be over but that doesn’t mean you can’t still surprise that special someone with something sexy from Viktor Viktoria and Check out the Heart 2-Piece Sexy Outfit.
Heart 2-Piece Sexy Outfit

The Heart 2-Piece Sexy Outfit is a set featuring a sweetheart cut camisole, and g-string.   Covered in hearts and ruffles the Heart 2-Piece Sexy Outfit is a sweet addition to any girl’s lingerie drawer.  If you don’t want to keep the Heart 2-Piece Sexy Outfit under wraps, then go out and rock the camisole top over some skinny jeans or leggings.

The Heart 2-Piece Sexy Outfit is a great set to have if you love surprising that special someone.  Whether in the bedroom or on the dance floor the Heart 2-Piece Sexy Outfit is sure to get noticed.  Snag the Heart 2-Piece Sexy Outfit at Viktor Viktoria and today!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sexy Stripe Dress: Stand Out in the Striped Sexy Dress

When you want to stand out from a crowd and need something hot to turn heads, look no further than the Striped Sexy Dress from
sexy dress

The Striped Sexy Dress is a short, slim fitting dress covered in bold black stripes.  Made of soft, almost sheer material the Striped Sexy Dress has a halter tie and looks great in the bedroom or on the dance floor.  You could wear the Striped Sexy Dress as a tunic top, a dress, lingerie or a swimsuit cover up. 
This Striped Sexy Dress reminds me of something Gwen Stefani might wear on the red carpet.  The Striped Sexy Dress is a great addition to anyone’s closet and is sure to stun all those that see you.  Nab the Striped Sexy Dress now at

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Metallic Mini Skirt: Jaws Will Hit the Floor When You Wear the Lamé Mini Skirt with Wide Belt

If you like going to clubs and are constantly on the lookout for new clothes to wear, look no further than We have this great Lamé Mini Skirt with Wide Belt.
lame mini skirt

The Lamé Mini Skirt with Wide Belt is a wet look lamé skirt, with a wide belt.  The Lamé Mini Skirt with Wide Belt is great for the girl who loves sexy short skirts, or clubwear.  The Lamé Mini Skirt with Wide Belt is also great on it’s own (maybe with some Nippies) in the bedroom.

If you want to wear something sexy to make their jaws drop the Lamé Mini Skirt with Wide Belt  is perfect!  In the bedroom or the strobes of the dance club the Lamé Mini Skirt with Wide Belt  is hot, hot, HOT!  Snag the Lamé Mini Skirt with Wide Belt  now at

Monday, February 20, 2012

Good Works Bracelet: Be Bright in the Humanity/Good Works Happy Crystals Wrap

A huge trend on this years NY Fashion week runway were brights, I love brights, I know a lot of girls who love brights as well.  So I’m totally digging on this Good Works Bracelet - Happy Days Wrap from Viktor Viktoria and
good works wrap bracelet

The Good Works Bracelet - Happy Days Wrap is a wrap style bracelet, available in tons of bright colors.  Along the band of the Good Works Bracelet - Happy Days Wrap are sayings like “Plant Peace”, “Speak Kindness” and “Sow Love”, as well as little crystals.  The Good Works Bracelet - Happy Days Wrap goes great with a tee and jeans or even a nicer going out outfit.

Check out the Good Works Bracelet - Happy Days Wrap if you want a great colored bracelet, with a great message.  Also, with every purchase of Humanity/Good Works Happy Crystals Wrap Good Works/Humanity donate part of the proceeds to charities.  Get style and help a great cause with the Good Works Bracelet - Happy Days Wrap from Viktor Viktoria and

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fur Boot Covers: Dance Away in the Confetti Boot Covers

There’s a big rave style show coming to Milwaukee in March at the Eagles Ballroom, have you gotten your tickets? How about your Confetti Boot Covers from
boot covers

The Confetti Boot Covers hit just below the knee and fall over your shoes, with a drawstring tightening and bold colors.  The Confetti Boot Covers are great for girls who like to change up their raving outfits but keep the same boot covers.  Whether you’re just out and about in them over jeans or sweating on the dance floor the Confetti Boot Covers will draw attention.

Wear the Confetti Boot Covers with booty shorts or petticoats, fishnets or tights.  You can’t wear the Confetti Boot Covers if you don’t get ‘em (and they sell out fast).  So snag the Confetti Boot Coverss now at Viktor Viktoria and

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sexy Tights: Look Smokin in the Flame Tights

Do you like statement tights? Why not check out a great pair of statement tights from Viktor Viktoria and We have this smokin’ hot (pun intended) Flame Tights.
flame tights

The Flame Tights are an opaque black tight, with a front panel of sheer material.  Along the side of the Flame Tights are flame-like designs in the panels.  The Flame Tights would look great under a mini skirt or a dress.
Flame Tights

If you love bold look statement tights then for sure nab the Flame Tights.  The Flame Tights are great for girls who love to stand out from the crowd.  Nab the Flame Tights now at Viktor Viktoria and

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sequin Butterfly Top: Stun 'Em in the Sequin Butterfly Top

Do you like to really stand out from the crowd? Then grab the Sequin Butterfly Top at  These butterfly tops are available in great colors and look great alone or under a sexy top. 
butterfly top

This Sequin Butterfly Top looks like a butterfly, and is sparkly and shiny sure to grab attention.  There isn’t much to the Sequin Butterfly Top, it’s just the top and then it ties together in the back. The Sequin Butterfly Top would also look great under a cardigan or leather motorcycle jacket. 

Wear the Sequin Butterfly Top with a miniskirt for a very revealing look, or skinnies for a casual yet sexy look.  The Sequin Butterfly Top is over the top sexiness, yet easy to wear.  Check out the Sequin Butterfly Top at

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fishnet Tank Top: Stay Cool in the Fishnet Tank Top

If you like to dance at the clubs or just like to standout you’ll what something that’s cooling and comfy.   Look no further than the Fishnet Tank Top at Viktor Viktoria and
Fishnet Tank Top

The Fishnet Tank Top is made of super stretchy material (although it may not fit super curvy girls) that will accent and hug your every curve.  The Fishnet Tank Top has a built in bra feature on the top and a large mesh fishnet panel on the front.   The seamless look and design of the Fishnet Tank Top make it stylish and comfortable even dancing for hours.

Fishnet Tank Top

If you don’t want to show a ton of skin ad a tank top of a different color underneath the Fishnet Tank Top and rock it out.  The Fishnet Tank Top is available in tons of great colors, so find your perfect match!  Grab the Fishnet Tank Top now at Viktor Viktoria and

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sexy Lace Dress: Drop Jaws in the Lace Dress!

Make your sweetie drool this Valentine’s Day.  It’s easy to do with the Lace Dress at Viktor Viktoria and
Lace Dress

The Lace Dress has spaghetti straps as well as off the shoulder sleeves.  Super sexy, all lace, the Lace Dress also has a lace up style v-neck and a different lace along the bottom.  The Lace Dress is see-through and will definitely drop their jaws.

Wear the Lace Dress in the bedroom or out (add a sexy bra or tank underneath please!) The Lace Dress looks smokin’ with heels or boots.  Get the Lace Dress now at Viktor Viktoria and

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rhinestone Bangle With Stunning Colors: Not Your Average Bangle

There are times when you want to wear fun accessories.  For those times the Rhinestone Bangle from Viktor Viktoria and is the accessory you need.
Rhinestone Bangle Viktor Viktoria

The Rhinestone Bangle is a bangle style bracelet with rainbow colored rhinestones all around it.  The rainbow colored rhinestones of the Stunning Colors Rhinestone Bangle are in rows, not just jumbled up, so it does resemble a rainbow.  The best part of the Rhinestone Bangle is that will all the colors of the bracelet you’ll never not find something to match it with!!

The Rhinestone Bangle isn’t just another cheap-o plastic bangle, no these are made out of metal so they’ll last!  If you need a larger quantity of the Stunning Colors Rhinestone Bangle then just contact the store and we’ll help you out!!! Grab the Rhinestone Bangle at Viktor Viktoria and now!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Black Petticoat: Sparkle in the Sequin Petticoat!

Petticoats are uber fun! They add volume to skirts, they add fun to any outfit, and they’re super cute.   I love the selection of petticoats available at Viktor Viktoria and, petticoats like the Sequin Petticoat.
sequin petticoat viktor viktoria
The Sequin Petticoat is a black tutu style petticoat (so it sticks out straight at the sides, doesn’t fall down).  The Sequin Petticoat is great for anyone who’s going to a concert and wants to stand out from the crowd, or go-go dancers.  The Sequin Petticoat is black with sequins throughout so it’s also great for Halloween costumes (black swan anyone?)

The Sequin Petticoat looks super cute over booty shorts and fishnets, with a tank top. I also love the girls who rock the Sequin Petticoat with suspenders too!  Get the Sequin Petticoat today at

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lace Body Suit: Get Added Style with the Lace Body Suit

If you’re like me at all, you enjoy wearing sexy drape tops, but sometimes they’re so low that you have to find something to wear underneath them, and sometimes you just don’t want to wear another tank top.  That’s why I got the Lace Body Suit! at Viktor Viktoria and
Lace Body Suit

The Lace Body Suit is a leotard style article of clothing with a snap crotch, that is entirely lace.  While the Lace Body Suit is sheer so it’s not a top in itself it’s great for under other things to add an element of style to any item that is too low to wear without something underneath.   The Lace Body Suit also looks great under nicer dresses and items that you just want to have an extra bit of “jazz” with.

Wear the Lace Body Suitt on it’s own for a night in and you’ll be picking your significant others jaw off the floor.  If you’re daring you could wear just a colorful bra underneath the Lace Body Suit for a night out as well.  Get the Lace Body Suit at Viktor Viktoria and today!