Friday, October 1, 2010

Pink Humanity Bracelet: Support Breast Cancer Research

Support Breast Cancer Research: Buy a Pink, Good Works Good Works, Humanity bracelets at Viktor Viktoria and .

As everyone knows, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Unfortunately, most of us have been touched by Breast Cancer and personally know someone who has or has had Breast Cancer. Great strides are being made in Breast Cancer research but there is so much more to do. Research requires money and at Viktor Viktoria and we are trying to help support Breast Cancer research by selling Pink Humanity Bracelets. In the past, we have written several posts on the Humanity, Good Works Company and the fact that Humanity donates a portion of the profits from every bracelet sold to a worthy charity. Well, during the month Of October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Humanity is donating a portion of the profits from each pink Good Works, Humanity Bracelet sold to Breast Cancer research!

good works, humanity bracelets, viktor viktoria

Humanity Cuff, Humanity Wrap With Stones, Humanity Wrap Bracelet at Viktor Viktoria

Viktor Viktoria and are your sources for Humanity Bracelets. If you want to help support Breast Cancer Research and look fashionable, you should consider one of our Pink Humanity Bracelets. The styles of Humanity Bracelets which offer pink Humanity Bracelets include:

Come Together Humanity Bracelet, Matte Cuff, Come Together Humanity Bracelet, Metallic Cuff, Come Together Bracelet, Metallic Cuff,

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Humanity Come Together Cuff Bracelets at Viktor Viktoria.

Humanity Wrap Bracelets, Metallic, Humanity Wrap Bracelets with and without crystals, Humanity Wrap Bracelets with chains and Humanity Double and Single Buckle Bracelets.

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Humanity Wrap Bracelet With Crystals

We know you will love your Pink Humanity Bracelet. These Humanity Bracelets offer such great style and can be worn with both casual and dressy looks. When you buy a Humanity Bracelet you are helping others and if you buy a Pink Humanity Bracelet, you are helping fund Breast Cancer Research. We truly support Helena, the founder of Humanity and her efforts because she is trying to help mankind. In addition to donating to Breast Cancer Research, she is working with The United Way to build a number of houses in New Orleans for displaced residents. While at the MAGIC show this past August, we attended the Humanity Party where Helena discussed her goal of helping those in need while growing the Humanity Company. We at Viktor Viktoria and support the Humanity mission and sell the Humanity, Good Works Bracelets with pride.

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Humanity Party (left to right) Heather - Humanity rep, Helena - Humanty owner, Nancy - Viktor Viktoria President