Sunday, February 19, 2017

"Kiss Me I'm Irish" Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirt As Seen In Twilight Back In Stock At Viktor Viktoria!

Our most popular Saint Patrick's Day Tee, "Kiss Me I'm Irish" Women's T-Shirt is back in stock at last!
This shirt is so popular perhaps because Victoria in Twilight wore it or maybe just because everyone wants to be kissed on March 17th!

Yes, this "Kiss Me I'm Irish" Saint Patrick's Day Tee May Cause Sore Lips!

You will be the hit of the pub when you wear this "Kiss Me I'm Irish" Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirt as all those Irish lads will line up to oblige you with a Kiss. Maybe you will even score some Green Beer! So stop in Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall or shop online at and check out our great selection of Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirts.

Metallic Green Leggings: The Perfect Leggings for St. Patty's Day!

Green Metallic Leggings and Lime Metallic Leggings are perfect for Saint Patrick's Day.  Did you know that St. Patrick really didn’t banish all the snakes from Ireland? Yeah, the guys kinda a scam artist!  Are you looking for the perfect Dark Green Metallic Leggings or Lime Metallic Leggings for your St Patrick’s Day celebration? Look no further than Viktor Viktoria and for your legging needs.

We have two great pairs of metallic leggings in green colors for you to choose from. The Dark Green Metallic Legging is that great, deep green most associated with Irish.  They are great paired with a “Everybody Loves A Drunk Girl” or other humorous St. Patrick’s tees.  And hey, after St. Patty’s day the Green Metallic Leggings are great for nights out in some cute tees.

If you don’t really dig the dark green of the Kelly Green Metallic Leggings then check out the Lime Metallic Leggings, these leggings are a bright lime green with Metallic sheen to them.  The Lime Metallic Leggings are also great for St. Patrick’s Day since they still ensure that you won’t be pinched for not wearing green.  The Lime Metallic Leggings also look great with tutus or St Patty’s Day tees.

Whether you choose to wear the Dark Green Metallic Leggingor the Lime Metallic Leggings, you’ll look amazing this St. Patrick’s Day.  Just keep in mind, despite the colors of the Irish Flag it would be bad luck to wear the Kelly Green Metallic Leggings or Lime Metallic Leggings with Orange and White together.  Get your Kelly Green Metallic Leggings or Lime Metallic Leggings now before they’re all gone, so get over to Viktor Viktoria and today. 

Spike Bra, Silver Spiked Bra, Gold Spiked Bra at

A Spike Bra is a must for your wardrobe. Wear this Bra to the club and dance the night away. Available at, this Spike Bra would look great under a Viktor Viktoria Fishnet Top or a fun blazer.

  A Spike Bra would be a good addition to your New Years Eve Outfit if you plan to go for a punk style or if you plan to attend The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  A Spike Bra would look great under a fishnet top if you could position the spikes to land between the fishnets.

Our Spike Bras are available in silver or gold.  There are three sizes of the Spike Bras to choose from:  Small = 32 - 36 A Cup Medium = 34 - 38 B Cup Large = 34 - 38 C Cup In addition to our Spike Bras we also offer Spike Booty shorts.  You could wear these two pieces together or as separates for a variety of looks and occasions. 

So if you are looking for a sexy bra and you already own Viktor Viktoria sequin bras, then you should definitely consider these new Spike Bras.  Wear them to the club, wear them to channel the 80's or wear your spike bra for a hot night with your boyfriend and enjoy! Finally, are you with a dance team, a sorority, powder puff football team, etc? Need a large quantity of Spike Bras? Contact us. can help you.

Saint Patrick's Day Tees for Full Figured Women At Viktor Viktoria!

Once again, Viktor Viktoria and have come to the rescue of full figured women everywhere! Up until today, if you were a full figured woman who wanted to wear a super cute Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirt to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day you were out of luck! Well now, you can drink your green beer along with all those skinny girls while wearing a Viktor Viktoria Saint Patrick's Day Tee! We have just received great Saint Pat's Tee for you: These Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirts will fit you even if your bust is over a C cup!

So be a sassy little lassie this March 17th and wear a Viktor Viktoria St. Patrick's Day T-Shirt!

These women's cut St. Patrick's Day Tees are available in sizes L - XL and yes, this is a WOMAN'S Cut Tee - The fit is more boxy than the slim cut junior Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirts. So enjoy your green beer while wearing your Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirt from Viktor Viktoria.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Gold Sequin Bra is Sexy and Stylish

Are you a fan of Viktor Viktoria and’s sequin bras? Looking for a new one to add to your collection?  Check out the Gold Sequin Bra.

The Gold Sequin Bra is like many of our other sequin bras with more fun and details.  The bra features larger cups, covered in sequin in a white and gold striped pattern; also along the bottom of the front of the bra are fringes that hang down of beads and sequin.  The Gold Sequin Bra is great for a belly dancer, the bra is sure to set you apart.

Or put the Gold Sequin Bra on under a cardigan or blazer for a sexy night out on the town.  Check out the Gold Sequin Bra and the rest of our sequin bra collection now at Viktor Viktoria and

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Green Bra: Saint Patrick's Day Green Bra: Their Jaws Will Drop When They See You in the Laser Green Coin Bra!

Green Coin Bra is perfect for Saint Patrick's Day - especially if you are hoping for some free green beer! we can help you with the Green Coin Bra.
I know how it goes, you have the perfect outfit planned out, but you can’t find that perfect top to pair with it, and you want to STAND OUT! That’s why here at Viktor Viktoria is getting you ready for St. Patrick's Day.

The Green Coin Bra is a bold and very unique top, with its coin-like look. The Laser Green Coin Bra looks great under blazers or sweaters or your favorite sheer top.  If you’re a fan of lace top, and are looking for a great item to wear underneath them, the Green Coin Bra is perfect for it.

With the great color of the Green Coin Bra and the unique design, you’re sure to drop jaws.  When you wear the Laser Green Coin Bra you’ll get all the attention you could ever use.  Grab the Green Coin Bra now at Viktor Viktoria and

Saint Patrick's Day Tees at Viktor Viktoria and!

Viktor Viktoria Vixens and Viktor Viktoria Men Love Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirts!

Saint Patrick's Day is always a big Holiday in Milwaukee - you know any excuse to drink beer - even though most people don't need an excuse here! At we stock a large selection of Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirts for men and Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirts for women!

Saint Patrick's Day will be here soon so shop on line at Our Saint Patrick's Day Tees sell quickly - especially to our local customers - after all we are in Milwaukee - the green beer capital of the world!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sexy Dragon Print Dress: Dragon Open Front Dress is Perfect for a Sexy Geisha Costume!

Are you looking for a sexy dress that will set you apart from the crowd? Then shop and check out the great new Animal Print Dress.

Animal Print Dress is perfect for a sexy  night on the town.  Just grab yourself this sexy dress and get ready to be the center of attention.  The Animal Print Dress features an open back and a very deep V-Neck Front on a tight dress.  If you’re not looking to wear your Animal Print Dress out in public, then wear it for a sexy night in with your special someone. 

Viktor Viktoria has a great selection of sexy dresses, as well as fishnets, booty shorts and petticoats.  The Animal Print Dress is among several brand new dresses for purchase at Viktor Viktoria and 

Crochet Dress Makes a Great Beach Cover-Up!

Are you looking for a cool swimsuit cover-up for your spring vacation? Why not try something a little different and go for the Net Crochet Dress from Viktor Viktoria and

The Crochet Net Dress is a see through, lingerie style dress that would be perfect for the beach!  You could also wear a nice tank top underneath and wear the Crochet Net Dress to the club. The Crochet Net Dress features a lace up back for added appeal.

The Net Crochet Dress is a sexy black color, so you’ll love it if you’re a fan of black and who isnt? You will definitely feel special when you’re the only girl on the beach wearing the Crochet Dress. Nab the Crochet Dress at Viktor Viktoria and

Rainbow Suspenders Saint Patrick's Day Tee: Super Cute St. Paddy's Tee at Viktor Viktoria

Rainbow Suspenders Saint Patrick's Day Tee: Super Cute St. Paddy's Tee at Viktor Viktoria

Looking for a super cute Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirt?  Look no farther than the Rainbow Suspenders Saint Patrick's Day Tee shirt at  This fitted tee features a suspender graphic with a Kiss Me Button.  Wear this Rainbow Suspenders St. Patrick's Day T-shirt on March 17th and you are sure to get lots of kisses along with your green beer.

If you live in the Midwest, you know how big Saint Patrick's Day Celebrations are and you will need a new Saint Patrick's Day T-shirt to wear to your favorite Pub so check out all of our St. Paddy's Tees today.  In addition to our Rainbow Suspenders Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirts we offer many other styles to choose from at

Harem Pants: Rock in Viktor Viktoria Harem Pants

Are you looking for something totally unique and stylish?? Look no further then the Harem Pants from Viktor Viktoria and

The Harem Pants are looser fitting around the hips to the calves.  They have tighter fitting bands around the ankle so that they really “puff” out.   These Harem Pants are perfect for a casual laid back look, or paired with a sexy top they make a great  outfit for the club.

Whether you’re looking for another great pair of comfortable pants, or a club outfit; the Harem Pants are great for it.  I love the pink color of the MC Hammer Pants, it makes a striking look.   Snag the Harem Pants now at Viktor Viktoria and

St. Patrick's Day T-Shirts, St. Patrick's Day Sequin Bras, St. Patrick's Day Green Leggings, St. Patrick's Day Tutus at

Saint Patrick's Day is less than a month away and now is the time to start looking for your Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirts, Saint Patrick's Day Kelly Green Sequin Bras, and Saint Patrick's Day Petticoats. is your source for All Saint Patrick's Day Gear.  Here in Milwaukee, Saint Patrick's Day is a huge Holiday.  An Irish Breakfast at 5AM complete with green beer starts off the day and the festivities continue until 11:59PM!  So if you plan to celebrate Milwaukee, you need your Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirt, Kelly Green Sequin Bra, and of course, your green tutu!

This Rainbow Suspenders Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirt is Viktor Viktoria's best selling Saint Paddy's Day Tee.  It is white with a cute suspender graphic.  The "kiss me" button is sure to get you some green beer in exchange for a kiss.  This would be the perfect first Saint Patrick's Day outfit.  Wear your St. Patrick's Day Tee for the first half of the day and then change into your green sequin bra for night time fun - or just wear it below your St. Paddys Tee - why not?

As I said, a Saint Patrick's Day Tee is perfect for day but for night you may want to consider a kelly green sequin bra paired with a green tutu for evening fun.  We have two styles of green sequin bras: the flowered green sequin bra and the seamed green sequin bra.  Both are super sexy and would look great underneath a fishnet top or a sexy top.  If you thought you got drinks wearing a Saint Patrick's Day tee, wait till you put on your sequin bra!  Just add your green tutu and you will be the star of your favorite Irish bar.

Finally, what Saint Patrick's Day outfit is complete without a green petticoat, tutu.  You can pair your green tutu with your Saint Patrick's Day T-shirt for day and with your green sequin bra for night. Don't forget your green metallic leggings as well and you will be quite an Irish Lassie.  Our green petticoats are one size fits all and are available in both kelly green and lime green.
So if you are planning to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day, now is the time to get your Saint Patrick's Day t-shirt, green sequin bra, and green petticoat from  You will be set for a day of fun and green beer so order soon and party, party, party!