Saturday, December 20, 2008

"Fight The Power" Public Enemy T-Shirt At Viktor Viktoria

"Fight The Power" Public Enemy Tee As Featured In Glamour Magazine Is A Must!
The December issue of Glamour Magzine features one of Viktor Viktoria's favorite new Tees from Public Enemy. "Fight The Power" Tee is a great addition to your wardrobe. You will love the super soft tee and the two sided print. Public Enemy Tees are somewhat hard to find and all fans will need to add this "Fight The Power" Tee to their collection today!
public enemy tee at viktor viktoria

public enemy tee at Viktor Viktoriapublic enemy tee at viktor viktoria

Click here to view Public Enemy "Fight The Power" Tee

Pubic Enemy Tee was recently featured in Glamour Magazine and is a Viktor Viktoria favorite. This Public Enemy T-Shirt is a super soft, very sheer tee. Longer length with scoop neckline and short sleeves. Wear this Public Enemy "Fight The Power" Tee and you will probably be stopped on the street by people wanting to know where you found such a great shirt!

Sizes S - L. Public Enemy Tee "Fight The Power" is available at Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall or online at

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Liquid Leggings Are A Must Have Fashion Item!

In the Nov. 24th issue of US Magazine, the Hollywood Trend Watch section features Liquid Leggings as the MUST HAVE item of the week. Lindsay Lohan, Eve and Lauren Conrad are all featured in their Liquid Leggings. Lindsay Lohan loves liquid leggings so much that she has even launched her own leggings collection. Her leggings are beautiful and very expensive.

At Viktor Viktoria and we have liquid leggings as well as Metallic Leggings (another hot trend) for a fraction of the price. Our Liquid Leggings are available in Capri length and ankle length. The ankle length liquid leggings are available with or without ankle zippers.

Viktor Viktoria's Liquid Leggings paired with our Crystal Rock "Little Red Riding Hood" Tee

Click here to view our collection of Leggings

Leggings have proven to be hot sellers at Viktor Viktoria. We love them because they can be worn in so many ways and cover a multitude of sins. The spandex holds you in and when combined with a mini skirt or tunic length top they help create a super sleek line that most women will never have when their bare legs are exposed. Check out our complete line of leggings at Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall or shop online at

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Posh T-Shirt from Crystal Rock by Christian Audigier Is Stunning!

Crystal Rock by Christian Audigier has arrived at Viktor Viktoria and and we are thrilled by the addition of this beautiful new line of women's T-shirts!

This past August while attending the MAGIC trade show, Ann and decided to check out the new trade show: "When I Move You Move" created by Christian Audigier. We had considered taking an earlier plane home but decided to walk over to Caesars Palace and visit this new show. We are so glad we made that decision! The "When I Move You Move" trade show was just fabulous. All of Christian Audigier's lines were there in addition to other selected vendors.
Of all the lines we saw, we loved Crystal Rock the most because we felt it would best fit the Viktor Viktoria mix. Crystal Rock was created by Crystal Rock Audigier, Christian Audigeir's daughter and features limited edition designs which represent "women's empowerment and authenticity." The Crystal Rock Designs' message is that all women are beautiful regardless of race, creed or color and that message fits so well with Viktor Viktoria and

To date, we have received two styles of Crystal Rock Tees: The Posh Tee and the Tiger Eyes Tee. Both designs are just stunning. The attention to detail is amazing and one can easily see why these Crystal Rock Shirts are more expensive than your usual Tee. Given that only 1000 pieces of each shirt is produced and sold, these Tees are destined to be collector's items.
"Posh" Tee from Crystal Rock by Christian Audigier Is Stunning!

Posh Tee by Crystal Rock at Viktor ViktoriaPosh Tee by Crystal Rock at Viktor Viktoria

This "Posh" Tee from Crystal Rock is for the woman who loves to discover and be seen in the newest trendsetting clothing lines. Designed by Christian Audigier's daughter, Crystal Rock Audigier, this Posh Tee will become a collector's item in your wardrobe.

Crystal Rock's Posh Tee features:

Front: Rhinestone embellished posh girls in hats, the Crystal Rock logo and the "by Christian Audigier" logo. Back: posh girl with hat on, floral print and "by Christian Audigier" text

Posh Tee by Crystal Rock is a limited edition Shirt: only 1000 of each Crystal Rock design t-shirts will be produced and numbered. 100% Organic Cotton, Hand wash, Sizes XS - L

Visit today and check out the Crystal Rock by Christian Audigier collection. We will be adding new styles as they arrive. If you love these shirts as much as we do, I suggest you order quickly as we will only receive 6 pieces of a style so once these 6 are gone, it will be too late!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Metallic Leggings: Solid Leggings with Metallic Side Stripe Are A Must!

Leggings are a must have fashion item this season and Viktor Viktoria and have just received a new style of leggings. These leggings are super hot because they have a metallic side stripe on both legs. We have been selling 100's of metallic leggings in the past few weeks. Customers love the feel and fit of our leggings and these new leggings promise to be our next hot item.

Why not add some drama and color to you life with Viktor Viktoria's Leggings! This new style of legging with the metallic side stripe is perfect under a mini skirt, sexy dress or short shorts. Everyone knows Leggings are a hot look again this year and we are so happy that leggings are an important fashion item. Believe me, your legs will look so much better in leggings and a mini skirt than bare and a mini skirt!

These new leggings with the metallic side stripe are super hot. As mentioned above, we do have the leggings that are solid metallic. Perhaps solid gold leggings or solid silver leggings are a bit too much for you. If so why not order these leggings with just a metallic side stripe. We have black leggings with a gold metallic stripe, Black leggings with a silver metallic stripe and aqua leggings with a silver metallic stripe. Buy one pair of these leggings or all three. You will love the seamless construction of these leggings for it creates a smooth flattering fit.

click here to view Viktor Viktoria's Great Collection Of Leggings!

Our Leggings are 90% Nylon 10% Spandex These super Sexy Leggings will feel great on your legs and look hot hot hot! Visit Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall or shop online at Be sure to check out our entire collection of leggings including: gold leggings, silver leggings, tie dye leggings, spatter leggings, lace leggings, fishnet leggings, lace bottom leggings, opaque leggings, pot hole leggings and many more styles just for you!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sexy Dress Is So Hot!

Viktor Viktoria's perfect Sexy Dress is back! We continue to sell out this sexy dress and when you see this dress, you will understand why we do. Luckily, we have just received 7 new colors of this Sexy Dress. Check out three of them below and be sure to visit :

Sexy Dress in Black

Sexy Dress In Hot Pink]

Sexy Dress In Green

This sexy dress is also available in yellow, blue/green, navy, light blue. We find that once a Viktor Viktoria Vixen buys one of these dresses, they order a second and third dress. This may explain why they sell out so quickly! I wore one of our Sexy Dresses to a wedding reception last week and at least 10 women stopped me to ask where I bought it. Of course, I said! I also took this dress to Vegas last week and wore it to Ghost Bar and again, people commented on it so much, I wish I had taken a stack of Viktor Viktoria business cards - will be sure to do on my next visit to Vegas for MAGIC!

Visit soon and order your super sexy dress. You will love the great fit, easy care and sexy style. I know I do!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Sexy Rhinestone Tops Now At Viktor Viktoria

If you want to make a true statement when you go to the Clubs this weekend, a Rhinestone Top from Viktor Viktoria is a must have item!

Viktor Viktoria and are now carrying these sexy Rhinestone Tops and we think they will be a huge hit with the club going crowd. These Rhinestone Tops can be worn over a tank top, cami or dress or worn alone for the truly daring Viktor Viktoria Vixen or Viktor Viktoria Dancer.

Check out all of Viktor Viktoria's Sexy Rhinestone Tops By Clicking Here!

Here are the four sexy Rhinestone Tops we now have available for order:

Sexy Rhinestone Top - Butterfly Rhinestone Top

Rhinestone Top at Viktor Viktoria

This sexy Rhinestone Top will have you flying into any club or party.
Sexy Rhinestone Top - Rhinestone Bra/Vest
Rhinestone Top at Viktor Viktoria

This Rhinestone Top features genuine Swarovski Austrial Crystals and is a great choice for a larger breasted woman due to the easy fit and cut of the top.

Sexy Rhinestone Top - Halter Rhinestone Top

Rhinestone Top at Viktor Viktoria

Elegant and sexy, this Rhinestone Halter Top will fit a 34/36 B/C Cup

The Ultimate Sexy Rhinestone Top

Rhinestone Top at Viktor ViktoriaRhinestone Top - Beyonce at Viktor Viktoria

This Rhinestone Top is for the woman who wants the best and can afford it!

Viktor Viktoria is your source for sexy Rhinestone Tops. You will certainly catch everyone's eye when you wear a Rhinestone Top. Be sure to visit and check out these Rhinestone Tops as well as our other sexy club tops and sexy dresses.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Silver Leggings, Gold Leggings, Metalic Leggings And More Leggings At Viktor Viktoria!

Gold And Silver Leggings Are So Sexy And So HOT!!

Viktor Viktoria has just received another shipment of gold leggings and silver leggings. These metalic leggings are so hot and sexy and they just fly out of the store. Leggings are a great way for you to get away with wearing a super short skirt or short shorts and not look too slutty. These gold and silver leggings are also flattering. They are tight on the leg so they suck in your legs and stomach so there is a smooth line under your skirt or shorts.

Anyone who follows fashion knows that leggings are a must this season and that these gold and silver leggings are hard to find. We have sold hundreds of pairs of these leggings - many have been purchased for hair shows as well as fashion shows.

gold leggings at Viktor Viktoria

Click here to view Gold leggings and silver leggings.

Add some drama and color to you life with Viktor Viktoria's Gold and Silver Leggings! You will love the fit and definitely stand out in the crowd in these leggings no matter if you choose the gold leggings or the silver leggings.

gold leggings

These same leggings were sold in BeBe for almost $40.00 a pair but at Viktor Viktoria and our leggings are only $19.99.

These leggings feature a seamless construction which creates a smooth flattering fit.

Metallic Leggings are available in Shiny Gold or Silver

gold leggings

These Super Sexy Leggings will feel great on your legs. silver leggings

Viktor Viktoria's gold leggings and silver leggings are available in two lengths: capri leggings which are shorter - just below the knee and the longer leggings which longer - just below the calves. You will want both styles without a doubt.

These gold leggings and silver leggings are sizes S - L and fit 100 - 150 lbs, 5' - 5'8".

Summer is a great time to go to the clubs and party so break out your sexy Viktor Viktoria Clothing and your Viktor Viktoria Gold Leggings or Silver Leggings and dance the night away!

90% Nylon 10% Spandex

Friday, May 23, 2008

Leggings Are Fun And Sexy For Summer!

Leggings, Leggings, Leggings! Viktor Viktoria Is The Legging Source!

Leggings at Viktor Viktoria

Click here to view all of Viktor Viktoria's Leggings

Everyone loves leggings this season and Viktor Viktoria and are your source for fabulous leggings.

We have just received a huge shipment of Leggings. You can find Neon Leggings, Tye Dye Leggings, Rainbow Leggings and Pothole leggings just added to

Leggings look great on everyone. They add a touch of color to an outfit and also help slim the hips and legs. With the spandex/nylon leggings, you will have a smooth line under a dress or skirt and no matter how short your skirt is, you don't have to worry about flashing anyone. Also who needs underwear if you wear leggings!

leggings at Viktor Viktoria

These tye dye leggings would look so cute with a mini jean skirt and cute tank top. This would be the perfect outfit for Summerfest if you happen to live in Milwaukee or for any fun festival.

leggings at Viktor Viktoria

Rainbow Swirl leggings would be great to wear to Pride Fest. Come on rainbow girls, you know you want some rainbow swirl leggings! Add a pair of short shorts, a tank top, your rainbow necklace and show your "pride"

leggings at Viktor Viktoria

Going for the sexy look? Then these pot hole Leggings are for you. Of course, it is best to be sober when you put on these leggings, because the potholes are a bit tricky but once you have them on these leggings are super sexy and fun!

Stop in Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall or shop online at and pick up some leggings. You will look so good in them. These leggings are seamless so they fit and feel great. Leggings are a must this season so get you leggings now. Cover up those white legs -at least until you get a tan leggings are a must!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Clip On Rhinestone Earrings A Must! Ears Not Pierced? You Need Rhinestone Clip On Earrings from Viktor Viktoria

Clip on earrings are still in demand. Anyone who doesn't have pierced ears, knows how hard it is to find sexy clip on earrings! At Viktor Viktoria we have been asked on an almost daily basis for dramatic clip on earrings - especially clip on Rhinestone Earrings. Well, at Viktor Viktoria and clip on Rhinestone Earrings are now available!

Clip On Rhinestone Earrings at Viktor Viktoria

Click here to view Viktor Viktoria's Clip On Rhinestone Earrings

The sexy clip on Rhinestone Earrings pictured above are a must for all Viktor Viktoria Vixens without pierced ears! These clip on Rhinestone Earrings hang 6" from ear to shoulder and feature eight strands of beautiful rhinestones.

Given the size and length of these clip on Rhinestone Earrings, one would think they would be very heavy - not so! True they are not light, but our Viktor Viktoria testers wore them for several hours and they only hurt a little when removed - everyone knows beauty hurts so don't complain just be hot and wear this dramatic Rhinestone clip on earrings to the club and dance the night away.

Viktor Viktoria and are your sources for Rhinestone Earrings, Rhinestone Necklaces, Rhinestone Chokers, Rhinestone Bracelets and Rhinestone Neckties. Viktor Viktoria's Rhinestone Jewelry is perfect for a night on the town, clubbing, concerts and everywhere you want to sparkle in the crowd! Be sure to visit us soon and check our our huge collection of Rhinestone Jewelry.