Sunday, March 5, 2017

Green Petticoat: The Luck Of the Irish Will Be with You in this Green Ruffle Petticoat

Are you looking for something great to wear this St Patricks Day? Look no further than the Green Petticoat from Viktor Viktoria and

The Green Petticoat is a shorter length petticoat, perfect for dancing and being jolly for a day.  The Green Ruffle Petticoat is sheer, and has tons of layers of tulle for a definite added oomph. Pair your Green Petticoat with a pair of green suspenders and a white tank.

Underneath your Green Petticoat wear a pair of gold booty shorts, and hey grab some sexy thigh highs to wear with it too.  The Green Ruffle Petticoat is great after St Patrick’s Day too, especially if you have 80s parties to go to, or like to boost the volume of skirts.  Get the Green Petticoat now at Viktor Viktoria and

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Rainbow Thigh Highs are hot

Are you looking for some super sexy new thigh highs for your lingerie drawer? Why not grab the Rainbow Thigh Highs from Viktor Viktoria and

The Rainbow Thigh Highs are a great fishnet style thigh high, with multi-colored netting all around them and pink lace at the top.  The Multi Colored Thigh Highs are perfect for wearing under a skirt or booty shorts, and add some drama to any outfit.  Pair the Rainbow Thigh Highs with a sexy garter belt and some stilettos for a hot night inside the bedroom.

If you’re going to be wearing the Rainbow Thigh Highs out on the town or in the bedroom, you’re going to drop jaws no matter what.  You’ll be glad you go these great Multi Colored Thigh Highs and will make all your friends jealous.  Snag the Rainbow Thigh Highs now at Viktor Viktoria and

Pink Butterfly Top: Be Pretty in Pink in the Pink Sequin Butterfly Top!

This summer has been HOT.  I’ve find myself searching for the smallest items of clothing I own just to stay cool.  That’s why I love the Pink Sequin Butterfly Top from

The Pink Sequin Butterfly Top  is a very sexy tie-on top shaped like a butterfly.  Covered in sequins this butterfly top is sure to catch the (Hot, Devil) Sun’s rays and really sparkle.  The ties in the back allow the  Pink Sequin Butterfly Top  to be worn and tied multiple ways.

The  Pink Sequin Butterfly Top  looks great with mini skirts or shorts.  And in the colder months you can wear the   Pink Sequin Butterfly Top  with a blazer over it.  Get the  Pink Sequin Butterfly Top  today at