Friday, July 22, 2011

Fur Legwarmers: Be Bold in this Furry Legwarmers!

Do you like to stand out from the crowd? Then Viktor Viktoria and have EXACTLY what you’re looking for.  We have in some great Furry Legwarmers.

These Furry Legwarmers come in various colors and are the perfect shape and size to go over boots or shoes.  These Furry Legwarmers are perfect for Go-Go dancers or someone just looking to add a little variety to their closets. Sport these Furry Legwarmers over leggings, or paired with a great miniskirt or dress for a little extra appeal.
Furry Legwarmers

white Furry Legwarmers
Furry Legwarmers have been worn by celebrities on the red carpet in the past, exhibiting fearlessness and fun. If you’re not looking to wear them as a fabulous accessory, the Furry Legwarmers would be perfect for anyone who wants to be a sexy cat for Halloween as well.

Furry Legwarmers
Furry Legwarmers

Available in various colors and styles you’ll be sure to find a pair of Furry Legwarmers that are perfect for you. However if you wait they may be all gone, so make sure to stop into Viktor Viktoria or and grab a set of Furry Legwarmers soon. 

Sexy Petticoat: Look Sexy in Your satin Stripe Petticoat!

Are you looking for the perfect petticoat? Viktor Viktoria and have gotten some great new petticoats in, including the new Satin Stripe Petticoat.
Satin Stripe Petticoat

The Satin Stripe Petticoat comes in many fantastic colors (Black/White; Aqua/Hot Pink; Black/Red, Pink/White) and is perfect over a great pair of fishnets and booty shorts.  You can also wear your Satin Stripe Petticoat under a flowy dress to add some volume to the skirt.  You can wear your Satin Stripe Petticoat out to the clubs or in to the bedroom.

With so many great color choice options to the Satin Stripe Petticoat you are sure to find your perfect match.  Make sure to stop into Viktor Viktoria or and pick up your Satin Stripe Petticoat today. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Good Works Bracelets: Buckle Good Works Bracelets A Must At Viktor Viktoria

Good Works  Single Buckle Bracelets now at Viktor Viktoria and . Good Works Bracelets, also known as Humanity Bracelets are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Good Works Bracelets feature metallic messages such as "Plant Peace," "Speak Kindness," and "Accept Love."

Good Works Bracelets

Good Works Bracelets are worn by many stars and will make a great addition to your jewelry collection. Good Works Single Buckle Bracelets feature the following messages on the following metallic leather colors:
Black 1 Faith
Black 2 Courage
Black 3 Freedom
Gold Speak Kindness
White Plant Peace
Pink Sow Love
Bronze 1 Seek Wisdom
Bronze 2 Accept Diversity
Pewter 1 Dream
Pewter 2 Live In Unity
Silver 1 Believe
Silver 2 Pave the Path
Good Works Bracelets are available in 7 great colors and feature a simple buckle closure for easy fit. 8.5" Leather Bracelet with Foil Statements. Humanity Bracelets are great for men or women and are available many styles including: Good Works Buckle Bracelets, Good Works Wrap Bracelets and Good Works Cuff Bracelets. Stop in Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall or shop online at to check out our entire collection of Humanity Bracelets. Once you buy one Good Works Bracelets you will want them ALL!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Baci Thigh HIghs: Stand Out From The Crowd In These Diamond Net Thigh Highs

Are you looking for something more than the average fishnet thigh highs?  Then hurry over to and grab a pair of Baci Lingerie’s Diamond Net Thigh Highs.

Featuring sexy wide diamond pattern these Baci Diamond Net Thigh Highs will set you apart.  The pattern of the material reminds me of the strings ballerinas use to lace up their Pointe shoes.  These Diamond Net Thigh Highs are a gorgeous hot pink color you will be sure to turn heads every time you wear these.  Throw these Baci Dia mond Net Thigh Highs on under a sexy mini skirt or the newest up and coming trend a thigh high slit dress. 

Whether you decide to wear your Baci Diamond Net Thigh Highs for a night out, or a sexy night in you are sure to get double takes, and maybe a few droolers.  Check out the rest of the Baci Lingerie line at Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall or; just remember if you hesitate to grab your own BaciDiamond Net Thigh Highs you may not get a pair of your own. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sexy Dress: Strut Your Stuff in This Sexy O-Ring Dress

If you’re looking for a great sexy dress, look no further than Viktor Viktoria or and check out our newest arrival the O-ring Sexy Dress.
O-ring Sexy Dress

Featuring a gorgeous webbing design gathering together in an O-Ring on the back of the dress and a very deep V-Neck on the front of the dress this O-ring Sexy Dress is perfect for a night on the town or a morning/afternoon/night in the bedroom.  The Sexy O-ring Dress features a very open back, and a very short hemline and slightly sheer fabric.  If you’re not such a daring Viktor Viktoria Vixen you can put this O-ring Sexy Dress over some leggings or skinny jeans, throw a cute cardigan over it and dance the night away at the club, or hanging out with friends.

With the summer heat, it’s nice to cool down at the beach and this O-ring Sexy Dress would also make a great swimsuit cover-up.  Stop into Viktor Viktoria or visit and check out the O-ring Sexy Dress as well as the rest of the lingerie that Viktor Viktoria has to offer.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Viktor Viktoria is Moving!!!

So many great things happen in September. Like what you ask? Well your faithful blogger celebrates their birthday, school starts (I have a sick obsession with school supplies), the fall colors start to show on the trees here in Wisconsin; and now Viktor Viktoria will have a new home!!!

Don’t worry, Viktor Viktoria isn’t leaving Mayfair Mall, we’re just moving across the way from our current location.  And have no fear during the entire time we’re moving will be up and running.

While of course a new location means a new place for all your old favorites, it means long nights and lots of hard physical labor from the employees!!! I think I’m up for the challenge though, and I look forward to how the new store will look! 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Who Needs Lace When You Have Funky Urban Panties?

Sometimes as a girl I know I get sick of all the lacey, frilly, “sexy” panties society has available everywhere for my purchase.  That’s why I’m so releaved Viktor Viktoria and carry the super unique Funky Urban “Eat My Wild Cherries” panties. 
Eat My Wild Cherries” panties

The “Eat My Wild Cherries” panties feature a great screen print with the words ‘Eat My Wild’ and then an image of cherries.  Known for tongue in cheek humor Funky Urban’s “Eat My Wild Cherries” panties are no different.  I myself own a pair of Funky Urban’s panties and sometimes I wish I could just wash them and wear them over and over again (but that might bore my boy); so I’ll have to pick myself up a pair of these “Eat My Wild Cherries” panties so I’ve got some variety.

Currently available in a thong style the “Eat My Wild Cherries” panties are made of super soft, super stretchy material, however they’re not for girls with big booties (I weigh about 125 and I have to buy a large).  Roll into Viktor Viktoria or visit to pick yourself up a pair of these “Eat My Wild Cherries” panties, and while you’re there check out the rest of the great Funky Urban collection of tees and panties.

M&M Onesies: Keep Your Little One Cool in this M&M Onesie!

In the heat your young ones need something cool to wear, Viktor Viktoria and have exactly what your little tikes need to keep and look cool.  Check out our great selection of M&Ms Onesies!

yellow M&Ms Onesies

Available in multiple colors, each one representing the animated characters M&M’s made famous; if you have a flirty girl grab the Green M&Ms Onesie, for a slick baby grab the Red Onesie, a goofy baby needs the Yellow Onesie, a nervous baby needs the Orange Onesie, and a super smiley baby needs the Blue Onesie.  The M&Ms Onesies are perfect for summer time, and will make everyone’s hearts melt around you.

orange M&Ms Onesies
 blue M&Ms Onesies

What’s so great about the M&Ms Onesies is that it’s perfect for the summer time, with no legs and short sleeves your little one can run around like crazy and enjoy the weather.  If you have someone in your life who’s expecting soon grab them an M&Ms Onesies.  

red M&Ms Onesies
 green M&Ms Onesies

M&Ms Onesies aren’t just for summer either, they can be used as a bottom layer in winter, or just when lazying around the house all day.  Just be sure to scoop up a handful of these M&Ms Onesies (handful/candy joke woot!) for your little ones or a little one you know!  Come into Viktor Viktoria or visit and check out our great M&M apparel, as well as a pair of matching M&M Socks!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Be Wicked Diamond Net Body Stocking! Turn Up the Summer Heat With Be Wicked Catsuit

It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to surprise your special someone with something sexy, it just has to be whatever occasion you want it to be! Check out the great new selection of Be Wicked Lingerie available at Viktor Viktoria and, be sure to take an extra moment on the great Diamond Net Body Stocking.

Diamond Net Body Stocking

The Diamond Net Body Stocking is easy to conceal under clothing for a sexy surprise, or equally as sexy without hiding it. Featuring a great fishnet pattern and a gorgeous net feature in the chest area, this Diamond Net Body Stocking is great to add heat when the AC has cooled you down. Your Diamond Net Body Stocking would also look great under a sexy Viktor Viktoria top and a mini.  

Be sure to get to and check out all of the Be Wicked Lingerie, be the first of your friends to own a piece of it!  Just remember when you tell them how sexy you look in your Diamond Net Body Stocking they’re going to want one of their very own.

Be Wicked Lace Up Halter Body Stocking! Surprise Your Special Someone With a Be Wicked Catsuit

Do you want to surprise your special someone with a sexy surprise? Grab this new Be Wicked Lace Up Halter Body Stocking from Viktor Viktoria or 

Lace Up Halter Body Stocking

Featuring a super cute lace pattern this Lace Up Halter Body Stocking will look great under a sexy top from Viktor Viktoria and a great mini.  If you’re looking to spice things up, throw just a black trench coat over your Lace Up Halter Body Stocking and head on over the that lucky someone’s place. The best part of this Lace Up Halter Body Stocking? If you’re looking to keep it a secret it’s easy to do, just pair it with a pair of jeans and a halter top.

When you show off in your sexy Lace Up Halter Body Stocking your special someone will have to wear a bib to keep the drool off.  Head over to Viktor Viktoria or and pick up your own Lace Up Halter Body Stocking and check out the rest of the Be Wicked line. 

Be Wicked Sexy Tube Dress:Cool Down this Summer with a sexy fishnet dress

When the summer days heat up, there’s nothing more fun than heating up those summer nights (or mornings, afternoons whatever you prefer) with a little something sexy.  Viktor Viktoria and have exactly what you’re looking for.  Pick up this super sexy Be Wicked Sexy Tube Dress and knock his/her/your socks off (Hello old sayings!).
Sexy Tube Dress

The Sexy Tube Dress features large cutouts on the sides, front and back, leaving a little bit left to the imagination, but not much.  With a unique diamond netting and webbing pattern you can’t avoid how hot you will look in this Sexy Tube Dress. Not as daring as other Viktor Viktoria Vixens? Then pair your Sexy Tube Dress with a colorful cami and shorts for a sexy night on the town.

Grab yourself or someone you love (or you know, someone you just want to see in it) this Sexy Tube Dress and get ready to smile! Check out the rest of the Be Wicked line as well as this Sexy Tube Dress at