Thursday, September 25, 2008

Posh T-Shirt from Crystal Rock by Christian Audigier Is Stunning!

Crystal Rock by Christian Audigier has arrived at Viktor Viktoria and and we are thrilled by the addition of this beautiful new line of women's T-shirts!

This past August while attending the MAGIC trade show, Ann and decided to check out the new trade show: "When I Move You Move" created by Christian Audigier. We had considered taking an earlier plane home but decided to walk over to Caesars Palace and visit this new show. We are so glad we made that decision! The "When I Move You Move" trade show was just fabulous. All of Christian Audigier's lines were there in addition to other selected vendors.
Of all the lines we saw, we loved Crystal Rock the most because we felt it would best fit the Viktor Viktoria mix. Crystal Rock was created by Crystal Rock Audigier, Christian Audigeir's daughter and features limited edition designs which represent "women's empowerment and authenticity." The Crystal Rock Designs' message is that all women are beautiful regardless of race, creed or color and that message fits so well with Viktor Viktoria and

To date, we have received two styles of Crystal Rock Tees: The Posh Tee and the Tiger Eyes Tee. Both designs are just stunning. The attention to detail is amazing and one can easily see why these Crystal Rock Shirts are more expensive than your usual Tee. Given that only 1000 pieces of each shirt is produced and sold, these Tees are destined to be collector's items.
"Posh" Tee from Crystal Rock by Christian Audigier Is Stunning!

Posh Tee by Crystal Rock at Viktor ViktoriaPosh Tee by Crystal Rock at Viktor Viktoria

This "Posh" Tee from Crystal Rock is for the woman who loves to discover and be seen in the newest trendsetting clothing lines. Designed by Christian Audigier's daughter, Crystal Rock Audigier, this Posh Tee will become a collector's item in your wardrobe.

Crystal Rock's Posh Tee features:

Front: Rhinestone embellished posh girls in hats, the Crystal Rock logo and the "by Christian Audigier" logo. Back: posh girl with hat on, floral print and "by Christian Audigier" text

Posh Tee by Crystal Rock is a limited edition Shirt: only 1000 of each Crystal Rock design t-shirts will be produced and numbered. 100% Organic Cotton, Hand wash, Sizes XS - L

Visit today and check out the Crystal Rock by Christian Audigier collection. We will be adding new styles as they arrive. If you love these shirts as much as we do, I suggest you order quickly as we will only receive 6 pieces of a style so once these 6 are gone, it will be too late!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Metallic Leggings: Solid Leggings with Metallic Side Stripe Are A Must!

Leggings are a must have fashion item this season and Viktor Viktoria and have just received a new style of leggings. These leggings are super hot because they have a metallic side stripe on both legs. We have been selling 100's of metallic leggings in the past few weeks. Customers love the feel and fit of our leggings and these new leggings promise to be our next hot item.

Why not add some drama and color to you life with Viktor Viktoria's Leggings! This new style of legging with the metallic side stripe is perfect under a mini skirt, sexy dress or short shorts. Everyone knows Leggings are a hot look again this year and we are so happy that leggings are an important fashion item. Believe me, your legs will look so much better in leggings and a mini skirt than bare and a mini skirt!

These new leggings with the metallic side stripe are super hot. As mentioned above, we do have the leggings that are solid metallic. Perhaps solid gold leggings or solid silver leggings are a bit too much for you. If so why not order these leggings with just a metallic side stripe. We have black leggings with a gold metallic stripe, Black leggings with a silver metallic stripe and aqua leggings with a silver metallic stripe. Buy one pair of these leggings or all three. You will love the seamless construction of these leggings for it creates a smooth flattering fit.

click here to view Viktor Viktoria's Great Collection Of Leggings!

Our Leggings are 90% Nylon 10% Spandex These super Sexy Leggings will feel great on your legs and look hot hot hot! Visit Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall or shop online at Be sure to check out our entire collection of leggings including: gold leggings, silver leggings, tie dye leggings, spatter leggings, lace leggings, fishnet leggings, lace bottom leggings, opaque leggings, pot hole leggings and many more styles just for you!