Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sequin Bras: Shine Brighter than the Lights this Holiday in the Sequin Bra

Whether you’re looking for something to make their jaws drop in the bedroom or on the dance floor check out the selection at Viktor Viktoria and  This Sequin Bra is great for dance teams, fashionistas, and Viktor Viktoria Vixens alike.

The Sequin Bra comes in a wide assortment of colors, so you’re sure to find a color that matches your needs.  These Sequin Bras look great under Viktor Viktoria sexy tops and dresses or even under a blazer.  If you like to look of the lace top trend try pairing your Sequin Bra underneath for a sexy look.

Whether you need the Sequin Bra for a night in or out, or a dance recital you’ll be pleased with the selections at Viktor Viktoria.  Check out theSequin Bras as well as the other bra tops available at Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall or online at

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Silver Metallic Leggings: Wear your Silver Metallic Leggings to a "Winter Wonderland"

I know with the Holiday season comes the Holiday parties with themes like “Winter Wonderland”.  These Silver Metallic Leggings from Viktor Viktoria and are perfect for these holiday parties.
silver metallic leggings

You could rock your Silver Metallic Leggings with a really pretty and delicate white top or sweater to match the theme of “Winter Wonderland”.  Perhaps the holiday party is on the more formal side; wear your Silver Metallic Leggings under a more formal dress for a little peek of silver.   If you’re not afraid to make a splash with a more unique look, why not use the Silver Metallic Leggings to create an “Ice Queen” look (my favorite from The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe).

Whether using them as a base for a holiday party or even for a night on the town, these Silver Metallic Leggings will look great.  If you’re not looking for Silver Metallic Leggings then be sure to visit Viktor Viktoria or to see all of our leggings options!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Sexy Lace Dress: Jump on the Lace Top Trend with the Lace Sexy Dress!!

A huge look for fall this year is lace tops.  Check out the Lace Sexy Dress at
lace dress viktor viktoria

The Lace Sexy Dress would be perfect for the lace top over a tank top trend going on right now.  If you’re not into the trends, the Lace Sexy Dress would be the perfect sexy dress to start a trend in the bedroom.  Whether you choose to wear the Lace Sexy Dress around friends or friends *wink* you’re sure to be complimented on how good it looks.

Available in black, the Lace Sexy Dress would look perfect on its own or over a brightly colored tank top for a night out.  Check out the Lace Sexy Dress as well as the rest of the sexy clothing available at

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Red Sexy Dress: Get Festive with the Red Foil Sexy Dress

I know that around this time of year a lot of clubs and bars throw “Sexy Holiday Parties”.  And all these events require something hot to wear! Check out the Red Foil Sexy Dress at Viktor Viktoria and
Red Foil Sexy Dress

The Red Foil Sexy Dress is red and perfect for sexy festive get togethers.  With a one shoulder look and a tight banded bottom the Red Foil Sexy Dress is sure to turn heads.  Just be warned, the Red Foil Sexy Dress is sheer, short and tight so you may want to wear it as a tunic top over some skinny jeans.
Red Foil Sexy Dress

Check out the Red Foil Sexy Dress now to see if it’s something you’ll want in your closet.  If not have no fear, Viktor Viktoria and have plenty of other items to choose from. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fishnet Leggings: Start Layering Now with Fishnet Side Leggings!!

With Winter on its way it’s time to start layering! So you can easily transition from warm sun to hell freezing over grab a set of Fishnet Side Leggings from Viktor Viktoria and
fishnet leggings

These calf length Fishnet Side Leggings look great under your summer skirts and dresses and help carry your clothing through another season.  The Fishnet Side Leggings have larger more pothole size patterns from the thigh down on the outer sides.  In four great colors you can easily match these Fishnet Side Leggings to anything in your closet.

Pair your Fishnet Side Leggings with a longer tunic sweater and boots for a super cute winter look.  Also great about these Fishnet Side Leggings is that they don’t have to be stuck in just one season! Take good care of them and you can wear them year round.  Take a look at these and all the other leggings available at Viktor Viktoria and

Rhinestone Hoops: Catch the Light with these Triple Circle Rhinestone Earrings

You’ll probably have a lot of Holiday Parties to go to (or throw) this year.  And that means you’ll need the perfect accessories! Check out the Triple Circle Rhinestone Earrings at Viktor Viktoria and

Triple Circle Rhinestone Earrings have three descending size circles with the largest being a 1 ¾ inch diameter on a post.  The Triple Circle Rhinestone Earrings are made with the finest of Aurora Borealis Austrian Crystals.   Sure to catch the light and other eyes these Triple Circle Rhinestone Earrings are great for a night out or a holiday party.

Whether giving this as a gift to yourself, or to others these Triple Circle Rhinestone Earrings will make others jaws drop.  Check out the Triple Circle Rhinestone Earrings as well as the rest of the Rhinestone Jewelry at Viktor Viktoria and

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Brazilian Jeans: Your Bum Will Thank You for these Brazilian Jeans!

Viktor Viktoria and are your one stop shop for Colorful Brazilian Skinny Jeans.  These Colorful Brazilian Skinny Jeans are huge this year.
Brazilian Skinny Jeans

You can find these Colorful Brazilian Skinny Jeans available at all kinds of stores right now, however none of these stores will feature the great price and selection Viktor Viktoria has!  These Colorful Brazilian Skinny Jeans are in all the hottest colors of the season like Red, Teal and Dark Blue as well as many more!  These Colorful Brazilian Skinny Jeans look great and make your butt look fabulous!
Brazilian Skinny Jeans

Paired with another of the season’s hottest trends; the blazer, you will be sure to turn heads in these Colorful Brazilian Skinny Jeans! Check out all the great colors of the Brazilian Skinny Jeans today!  Stop into Viktor Viktoria or visit and you can gloat when you tell your friends you got your Colorful Brazilian Skinny Jeans for a fraction of what they paid!

Tulle Coats: Colorful Single Breast Coats Now in At Viktor Viktoria!

I’ve had the same old, tired winter coat for years, it’s not that warm and living in Wisconsin where the temperature drops below freezing at a moment’s notice it doesn’t work out well.  So I’m so glad that Viktor Viktoria and have gotten in these great Tulle Single Breast Coats. 
tulle coats viktor viktoria

The Tulle Single Breast Coat is wool and a peacoat style coat.  If you’re looking for a great coat with a variety of colors, the Tulle Single Breast Coat is perfect for you; it comes in Red, Eggplant, Black and Teal.  Featuring a longer length as well as decorative pleats, buttons and pockets; any fashionista will look great in it this winter.  Whether looking for a warmer coat, or a more stylish coat the Tulle Single Breast Coat is perfect for you.
tulle coats viktor viktoria

Grab the Tulle Single Breast Coat at Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall or  While you’re there be sure to check out the rest of the great selection of Tulle Coats available. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

BB Dakota Vest!

Besides being known as a music legend David Bowie is also known for having his beautiful wife Iman.  Check out the great BB Dakota Janika Vest Iman’s wearing in the picture below; then hurry into Viktor Viktoria or and grab yourself a BB Dakota Janika Vest just like hers!

Featured in Glamour Magazine’s article The Cool New Way to Wear Your Jeans, this BB Dakota Janika Vest is turning heads in the fashion industry!  Perfect for the colder weather the BB Dakota Janika Vest features the stylish element of faux fur and a hidden clasp to keep your vest closed.  Available in multiple colors the BB Dakota Janika Vest will look great over a dress, or rock the style like Iman and go for a simple sweater and jeans combo!
BB Dakota Janika Vest

Even though you probably don’t want to wear your BB Dakota Janika Vest outside right now in this rainy Wisconsin weather, you can easily slip a jacket over the vest and rock the look at your destination!  Just be sure to grab the BB Dakota Janika Vest now, with features in magazines and celebs wearing it the vest is sure to fly off Viktor Viktoria and’s shelves!