Monday, April 30, 2012

Look Cool this Summer in the Handkerchief Dress

Do you love bright colors? Especially in the summer? Then you’ll love the Handkerchief Dress from Viktor Viktoria and
Handkerchief Dress

The Handkerchief Dress is a long handkerchief dress, made of silky material and featuring a halter tie top.  The Handkerchief Dress is bright and colorful and each one will have subtle differences depending on where in the fabric it was cut.  My best friend Vanessa would love the Handkerchief Dress (Purple is her favorite color) but if you’re under 5’4” like Vanessa you’ll need to wear heels with it.

The Handkerchief Dress is perfect for a summer wedding, just add the right jewelry, heels and maybe a cute wrap and dance the night away.  If you don’t have a summer wedding to attend then wear the Purple Handkerchief Dress on date night!!! Nab the Handkerchief Dress before it’s gone at Viktor Viktoria and

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Booty Shorts: Look Smokin in the Rio Back Booty Shorts

If you’re a fan of sexy underwear and neons you’ll love Viktor Viktoria and  We just got in these great Rio Back Booty Shorts.
Rio Back Booty Shorts

The Rio Back Booty Shorts are available in tons of great neon colors and have a very, very sexy cut.  The back of the Rio Back Booty Shorts is smaller, so it leaves little to the imagination.  But the netting of the Rio Back Booty Shorts is so sexy you won’t be able to resist. 

Why not grab yourself one of the Fishnet/Lycra Halter Top and get a matching pair of the Rio Back Booty Shorts?  These Rio Back Booty Shorts are great for girls who love to look sexy but still stay a bit covered up. Snag the Rio Back Booty Shorts now at Viktor Viktoria and

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Neon Booty Shorts: Stay Comfy in the Neon Lycra Booty Shorts

I think that booty shorts are the most comfortable style of panties out there.  So I love the Neon  Booty Shorts from Viktor Viktoria and
Neon  Booty Shorts

These Neon  Booty Shorts are so comfortable you won’t be able to avoid wearing them constantly!  The Neon Lycra Booty Shorts look great under shorts skirts or nothing at all!  Plus the Neon  Booty Shorts are great when wearing a short skirt to avoid a wardrobe malfunction.

I think the little cheekiness that occurs when you’re in the Neon  Booty Shorts is great for adding sex appeal.  Plus a recent Cosmo poll found out that Booty Shorts are the sexiest panties to some men, so with the Neon Lycra Booty Shorts you’ll be ahead of the curve!  Get the Neon  Booty Shorts now at Viktor Viktoria and

Friday, April 20, 2012

Rhinestone Anklet: Show Of Your Legs in a 2-Row Rhinestone Anklet

One great thing about summer (besides heat if you live in Wisconsin) is that you can actually wear bottoms that show off your legs or your sexiest heels.  So why not add more drama to those legs by adding a 2-Row RhinestoneAnklet from Viktor Viktoria
2-Row RhinestoneAnklet

The 2-Row RhinestoneAnklet is a gorgeous addition to any outfit; it will add sparkle and would look great drawing the attention to your sexiest heels. The great part of the 2-Row Rhinestone Anklet is it will look great in the summer with a set of tanned legs, and when you where most anklets it looks like your legs are longer. Pair your 2-Row RhinestoneAnklet with a pair of leggings or a skirt and sandals for a low key look, and when you’re hoping to look more formal just add a pair of heels.

If you like super sparkly beautiful things you’ll like all the Rhinestone jewelry Viktor Viktoria has, it’s not just the 2-Row RhinestoneAnklet we have to offer, check us out at and check out the rest of the Rhinestone Jewelry we have available.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rhinestone Belt: Glitter in the 10-Row Rhinestone Belt

If you love to stand out in a crowd, and love to sparkle then check out the Rhinestone Jewelry at Viktor Viktoria and  One great piece that will ensure you stand out is the 10-Row Rhinestone Belt.
10-RowRhinestone Belt

The 10-Row Rhinestone Belt has over 600 crystals adorning it so it’s sure to catch the light and someone’s eye.  The 10-Row Rhinestone Belt looks great over leggings and a tee.   If you’re looking for something that will make you really stand out in a crowd then you need the 10-Row Rhinestone Belt.
We have a great selection of Rhinestone Items available, not just the 10-Row Rhinestone Belt. Check out the 10-RowRhinestone Belt at Viktor Viktoria and

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Titanic Heart Necklace: Celebrate the Return of Titanic with the Titanic Heart Necklace!

Titanic Necklace is a Must!  Are you looking to add some sparkle to your life? Viktor Viktoria and have exactly what you’re looking for, with their collections of Rhinestone Jewelry. One of these items is the great Heart Rhinestone Necklace, reminiscent of the “Heart of theOcean” necklace from Titanic.
Titanic Heart Necklace

This Titanic Heart Necklace comes in two great colors, Clear Rhinestone or Aurora Borealis Rhinestone. You can wear this Titanic Heart Necklace with a great dress to the summer wedding you’re attending or even out for the evening. The Titanic Heart Necklace  is also great for casual days or nights out, mix it with a nice sundress or great tee shirt.
Titanic Heart Necklace

Shop and pick up your own great Titanic Heart Necklace . While you’re there check out the rest of the great collection of Rhinestone Jewelry Viktor Viktoria has to offer.

Monday, April 16, 2012

M&M Onesies: Just in Time for the Heat, M&M Onesies!

In the heat your young ones need something cool to wear, Viktor Viktoria and have exactly what your little tikes need to keep and look cool.  Check out our great selection of M&Ms Onesies!
M&M onesies,

Available in multiple colors, each one representing the animated characters M&M’s made famous; if you have a flirty girl grab the Green M&MOnesie, for a slick baby grab the Red Onesie, a goofy baby needs the Yellow Onesie, a nervous baby needs the Orange Onesie, and a super smiley baby needs the Blue Onesie.  The M&M Onesies are perfect for summer time, and will make everyone’s hearts melt around you.
red M&M onesies,

What’s so great about the M&M Onesie is that it’s perfect for the summer time, with no legs and short sleeves your little one can run around like crazy and enjoy the weather.  If you have someone in your life who’s expecting soon grab them an M&M Onesie.  And M&M Onesies are perfect for the little ones who are just lounging around.
green M&M onesies,

M&M Onesies aren’t just for summer either, they can be used as a bottom layer in winter, or just when lazying around the house all day.  Just be sure to scoop up a handful of these M&M Onesies (handful/candy joke woot!) for your little ones or a little one you know!  Come into Viktor Viktoria or visit and check out our great M&M apparel, as well as a pair of matching M&M Socks!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Baci Body Suit: Show Your Animal Instincts in the Baci Zebra Body Suit

Viktor Viktoria and just got a great new line of high quality lingerie at unbelievable prices in stock. A Baci Body Suit is just one of the many great items featured in this line.
Baci Body Suit

If you’re looking to make his heart race and release the wild beast inside him, grab the Baci Body Suit today!  It’s made of gorgeous zebra print fabric and pink lace detailing.   The Baci Zebra Body Suit features gorgeous cut-outs in all the sexiest places.  The best part? You don’t have to keep this Baci Body Suit in the bedroom, if you’re feeling daring through this on underneath all your sexy sheer tops and get ready to turn heads.

At the ridiculously low price of $14.99 how can you pass this Baci Body Suit up?  Shop and check out all our great Baci items as well as pick up this Baci Body Suit today. (You may wanna grab a bib too because you’ll have your guy drooling!)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Seamless Leggings: Get Ready For Summer in the Seamless Leggings

Are you looking for a great selection of leggings? Well Viktor Viktoria and have just the selection you need.  One of these pairs of leggings is the Seamless Leggings.

These Seamless Leggings are knee length capri style and come in a wide array of colors.  Wear them under your tees, your dresses, or your skirts.  The Seamless Leggings are great for any size, shape or look of woman; they hug your curves and look sleek.  The capri length of these Seamless Leggings is certainly great for the heat of the summer (if it ever shows up)!

Roll into Viktor Viktoria or and pick up your own set of Seamless Leggings today before these great leggings are all gone.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rave Clothing: Rusko Is Returning to the Rave May 4th!

If you went to Rusko earlier this year you’ll be glad to know he’s returning to the Rave on May 4th.  If you don’t want to wear the same outfit twice you’ll be glad to have Viktor Viktoria and around to help you out! Here are some great outfit choices!
Black Fur Boot Covers viktor viktoria

We have a wide selection of fluffies, however I find myself partial to the Black Fur Boot Covers.  Why you ask? Because then no matter what you wear on the top you’ll match, the Black Fur Boot Covers add tons of versatility to your outfit! Plus if feel like if someone spills something or steps on them while dancing the Black Fur Boot Covers won’t show as much damage before you can wash them!
pink booty shorts viktor viktoria

There is nothing hotter than the mixing of hot pink and black, so you’ll love to wear the Black Fur Boot Covers with your Hot Pink Metallic Booty Shorts.  The Hot Pink Metallic Booty Shorts are super secure and snug, allowing for both comfort and protection!  You’ll totally be able to dance the night away in the Hot Pink Metallic Booty Shorts.
petticoat viktor viktoria

How about keeping the theme going by rocking a Multi-Colored Pink Petticoat over your Hot Pink Metallic Booty Shorts?  This is super bright, and the stiffer tulle sticks super wide out there on the Multi-Colored Pink Petticoat so it adds a great attention factor! Also, the Multi-Colored Pink Petticoat is a wee bit on the shorter side so you’ll love having the Hot Pink Metallic Booty Shorts as protection. 

 All of these items look great with tanks or tees, or if you want take a look around and find the perfect sequin bra or bikini top from our store. Get all these great items and more now at Viktor Viktoria and

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rhinestone Slave Bracelet: Dare to be Different in the Fingers Rhinestone Slave Bracelet

Who wants to be the same ol’ same ol’ girl? Why not dare to be different and stand out with the Rhinestone Slave Bracelet from Viktor Viktoria and
Rhinestone Slave Bracelet

The Rhinestone Slave Bracelet is a bracelet that wraps around the wrist, comes up over the hand and links around a finger.  However the Fingers Rhinestone Slave Bracelet is different because it is more than one finger it links around, it’s three!  The Rhinestone Slave Bracelet is covered in rhinestones and will always catch the light.

The Rhinestone Slave Bracelet would look super stunning when paired with a short sleeve tee or a ¾ sleeve tee, something that shows it off.  Just remember when you’re wearing the Fingers Rhinestone Slave Bracelet you’re bound to make others go blind.  Snag the Rhinestone Slave Bracelet now at Viktor Viktoria and

Monday, April 9, 2012

Johnny Cash Onesie: Show Your Bambino’s Naughty Side in the Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Onesie

Do you have a spunky little baby, always getting in trouble? Well, you and your loved ones are sure gonna get a kick out of the Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Onesie from Viktor Viktoria and
Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Onesie

The Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Onesie is a baby onesie with a snap crotch closure, making diaper changes super easy.  However what will really make them smile is that the Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Onesie is patterned like the old school prison striped jumpsuits!!! On the front of the Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Onesie are the words “Johnny Cash Folsom Prison 1968” (the year Johnny Cash Played!).

If you want to put your babe in baby jail without the bars and chains then you’ll totally dig the Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Onesie.  The Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Onesie is perfect for fans of Johnny Cash or just those with rambunctious kiddos.  Grab the Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Onesie at Viktor Viktoria and today!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hematite Sequin Bra is Hotttttttt for Summer!

The weather won’t be the only thing that is hot this summer when you’re rocking the hsb.  You can get the HemititeSequin Bra now at Viktor Viktoria and
HemititeSequin Bra

The HemititeSequin Bra is a bold, sexy bra, dripping in a dark grey colored sequin.  The Hematite Sequin Bra looks amazing with booty shorts and leggings in the club.  If it’s a hot night, why not grab a blazer or sweater to wear over the HemititeSequin Bra with just a bit poking through. J

If you love commanding attention and making jaws drop you’ll love the HemititeSequin Bra.  The Hematite Sequin Bra is great for the club, the beach or a sexy night in.  Nab the HemititeSequin Bra now at Viktor Viktoria and

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Gold Sequin Bra Grabs ALL the Attention

Sometimes a girl just wants to be super sexy, and sometimes doing that doesn’t involve that regular old bra.  That’s where the Gold Sequin Bra from Viktor Viktoria and comes into the picture.
Gold Sequin Bra

The Gold Sequin Bra is ANYTHING but typical, it’s super sexy and special.  The Gold Sequin Bra is a larger cup, gold colored bra covered in matching beads and sequins. It doesn’t matter if you want to wear the Gold Sequin Bra as a surprise or want it to peek out, does the job either way.

Why not wear the Gold Sequin Bra out on your next “girl’s night out” and see what happens?  I’m sure just walking into the club with the Gold Sequin Bra on will grab everyone’s eye! Grab the Gold Sequin Bra now at Viktor Viktoria and

Friday, April 6, 2012

Turquoise Sequin Bra is Thrilling!!

If you hate to blend in then you’ll love Viktor Viktoria and  We have tons of items guaranteed to make you STAND OUT! Check out our new Turquoise Sequin Bra.
Turquoise Sequin Bra

The Turquoise Sequin Bra is a bright, bright, bright bra with tons of equally bright sequins and beads sewn on to it to really make it stand out.  The Turquoise Sequin Bra would be great as a little surprise for your special someone, or if you don’t like to keep things secrets why not wear the Turquoise Sequin Bra out and about on the town?

I love the way the Turquoise Sequin Bra looks under a cute lace top, or under a really daring low cut top.  I’m sure however you have that PERFECT outfit you want to add the Turquoise Sequin Bra to.  Nab the Turquoise Sequin Bra now at Viktor Viktoria and

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Johnny Cash Onesie: Have the Most Badass Baby in the Johnny Cash Crawl the Line Onesie

You’ll have the cutest kid on the block when you put him in the Johnny Cash Crawl the Line Onesie from Viktor Viktoria and
Johnny Cash Crawl the Line Onesie

The Johnny Cash Crawl the Line Onesie is a baby onesie, featuring a snap crotch for easy in and out and diaper changes.  The Johnny Cash Crawl the Line Onesie is a black onesie with a white screenprint saying “Crawl the Line. Johnny Cash”.  I love the little play on words with the song and the way it looks.   Plus, the black of the Johnny Cash Crawl the Line Onesie allows for spillage without tons of stains.

If you’re a fan of Johnny Cash, or have a friend who’s a fan of Johnny Cash get their little one the Johnny Cash Crawl the Line Onesie.  The great thing about the Johnny Cash Crawl the Line Onesie is that it’s layerable for a variety of seasons.  Check out the Johnny Cash Crawl the Line Onesie now at Viktor Viktoria and

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Black Floral Sequin Bra and Beaded Belt are Beyond Beautiful

Are you looking for something sparkly, yet a bit subdued? Then you’ll love the Black Floral Sequin Bra from Viktor Viktoria and
Black Floral Sequin Bra
When you want to add sparkle, but stay on the neutral side you’ll love the Black Floral Sequin Bra.  The Black Floral Sequin Bra is covered in sequin, beading and beaded floral pieces.  The Black Floral Sequin Bra adds a great sexy, yet simple touch to any outfit.

If you want to really dazzle them, why not grab the matching Black Beaded Belt.  The Black Beaded Belt is a beaded belt, with a webbed waist piece.  The asymmetrical beading that hangs down gives a kind of latin feel to the Black Beaded Belt.

If that little black dress is a little too low cut you’ll be glad you have the Black Floral Sequin Bra to reach for to add some protection.  The Black Floral Sequin Bra also looks a-mazing under a blazer as well.  Get the Black Floral Sequin Bra and the Black Beaded Belt now at Viktor Viktoria and

Monday, April 2, 2012

Rhinestone Bra: Turn Up the Heat in the Rhinestone Bra

Looking for the perfect lingerie to spice up the bedroom? Look no further than the Rhinestone Bra at Viktor Viktoria and

Rhinestone Bra
The Rhinestone Bra is a super sparkly bikini top set we just got back into stock.  Dripping with rhinestones the Rhinestone Bra is available with either black or white satin lining, so you’ll have the right color for you.  The Rhinestone Bra features adjustable straps on the bra for the perfect fit.

Wear the Rhinestone Bra under your sexy low-cut tops for sparkly protection, or why not light some candles and watch that special someone’s jaw drop when the Rhinestone Bra catches the light.  Snag the Rhinestone Bra at Viktor Viktoria and today. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rhinestone Belt: Blind Someone With the Bling of the Extra Long 20-Row Rhinestone Belt

Are you sick of “everyday” belts? Then grab a belt you’ll be happy to put on! Check out the 20-Row Rhinestone Belt from Viktor Viktoria and
20-Row Rhinestone Belt

The 20-Row Rhinestone Belt is a very wide belt with a huge buckle, covered entirely in rhinestones.  The Extra Long 20-Row Rhinestone Belt looks smashing over a simple dress, or plain tee and jeans. The 20-Row Rhinestone Belt sparkles so much in the light you may blind someone!

The 20-Row Rhinestone Belt is perfect for the girl who loves to stand out and shock ‘em with style.  The Extra Long 20-Row Rhinestone Belt is 56” long and will fit up to a 48” waist, so you’ll find the perfect fit! Nab the 20-Row Rhinestone Belt now before they’re all gone from Viktor Viktoria and