Sunday, April 6, 2008

Clip On Rhinestone Earrings A Must! Ears Not Pierced? You Need Rhinestone Clip On Earrings from Viktor Viktoria

Clip on earrings are still in demand. Anyone who doesn't have pierced ears, knows how hard it is to find sexy clip on earrings! At Viktor Viktoria we have been asked on an almost daily basis for dramatic clip on earrings - especially clip on Rhinestone Earrings. Well, at Viktor Viktoria and clip on Rhinestone Earrings are now available!

Clip On Rhinestone Earrings at Viktor Viktoria

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The sexy clip on Rhinestone Earrings pictured above are a must for all Viktor Viktoria Vixens without pierced ears! These clip on Rhinestone Earrings hang 6" from ear to shoulder and feature eight strands of beautiful rhinestones.

Given the size and length of these clip on Rhinestone Earrings, one would think they would be very heavy - not so! True they are not light, but our Viktor Viktoria testers wore them for several hours and they only hurt a little when removed - everyone knows beauty hurts so don't complain just be hot and wear this dramatic Rhinestone clip on earrings to the club and dance the night away.

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