Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ruffle Panties: Lace Ruffle Panties Neon Lace At Viktor Viktoria

Ruffle Panties: Neon Ruffle Pantys Are A Must Under Your Mini Skirts!
Ruffle Panties are the perfect solution for what to wear under a super short skirt when you don't want to flash the world! Viktor Viktoria's Ruffle Panties are made of chiffon with super cute ruffles that are feminine and fun. Available at Viktor Viktoria, Mayfair Mall or online at, wear your Ruffle Panties under a skirt, costume or alone if you dare!

ruffle booty short, viktor viktoria

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Viktor Viktoria and have a large collection of Booty Shorts and Ruffle Panties for you including Ruffle Booty Shorts, Lace Panties, Metallic Booty Shorts and Net Booty Shorts. If you are a dancer, you might want to consider ordering several pairs of Booty Shorts to wear over your tights for class, if you are a sexy dancer, you may want to wear your Booty Shorts or sexy lace panties without the tights underneath!

Our Ruffle Panties are available in Neon Green and Neon Pink and are black light reflective! In addition to the neon panties shorts, we also have black ruffle panties shorts and white ruffle panties shorts. One thing we love about this style of ruffle panties is that they are actually available in sizes S - XL. Usually most ruffle panties or booty shorts only go up to size L so it is nice to find a style of Ruffle Panties that go up to size XL.

So if you are looking for Ruffle Panties look no farther than Viktor Viktoria and You will love our great selection and our size range. Check them out today.

Are you with a dance team, a sorority, powder puff football team, etc? Need a large quantity of this item? Call us at 414 479 9860 and ask for Ann. We can help