Thursday, December 27, 2007

"I Love Shoes, Bags and Boys" White Tee as worn by Paris Hilton now back in stock!

"I Love Shoes, Bags and Boys" women's Tee for the woman who has her priorities right!

We have just received a shipment of the white "I Love Shoes Bags and Boys" Tee. Order today at: This has been one of Viktor Viktoria's best selling T-Shirts so if you want one and missed out on the first shipment, now is your chance!!!

i love shoes bags boys tee

White Tee as pictured available in Sizes S - XL !!

We have just received a limited quantity of this shirt in White so order quickly before they are all sold out again!!

I Love Bags Boys and Shoes Tee in Pink
Now in stock: "I Love Shoes, Boys and Bags" in Pink!
Limited Quatities sizes S, M, L

Viktor Viktoria loves this House of Mental T-Shirt as it really says it all!  
Wear for an afternoon of shopping with your girlfriends and just relax.

"I Love Shoes Bags and Boys" Tee is available in sizes S - XL (Note availability above)

Vist today to order your "I Love Shoes Bags and Boys" Tee

Friday, December 7, 2007

Leg Warmers Keep You Warm and Look Cool!

Leg Warmers are a must for all Viktor Viktoria Vixens this season!  Anyone who has watched Dancing With The Stars knows just how hot and sexy Leg Warmers Can Be!

Viktor Viktoria and have a large selection of Leg Warmers for you. The solid color Leg Warmers are available in: Black, White, Purple, Fuschia, Red, Teal and Dark Brown. We also have striped Leg Warmers available in: Black and White, Black and Red, Black and Pink, Black and Blue and Black and Brown.

Revisit the 80's and scrunch down those leg warmers around your ankles!

If you live in Wisconsin, or any other fridgid area, pull them up your leg warmers and keep warm!

Legwarmers are one of Viktor Viktoria's best selling items!

Viktor Viktoria Leg Warmers

Click here to view Viktor Viktoria solid leg warmers!

Buy a pair in every color!  100% Acrylic  One Size Fits All  Leg warmers are a great addition to all your 80's style clothing!

Viktor Viktoria Leg Warmers are available in many great Colors and Stripes. Viktor Viktoria and has perhaps the largest collection of Leg Warmers, Fishnet Stockings, Leggings and Thigh Highs in the Milwaukee area. With our website, Viktor Viktoria's big selection is now available world wide!

Viktor Viktoria Leg Warmers are a warm acrylic knit and are One Size Fits All!

Get your Leg Warmers today. You will look oh so hot and stay oh so warm - well at least your ankles and legs!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Sexy Rhinestone Belt as seen in Victoria's Secret for sale at Viktor Viktoria!

Thanksgiving night I was paging through the Viktoria's Secret Catalog and to my surprise, one of the models is wearing the scalloped Rhinestone Belt sold by us at Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall and on Viktor Viktoria's website:!

Rhinestone Belt

I continued to search the Victoria's Secret Catalogue to see if they were actually selling the Rhinestone Belt, but did not find it anywhere! Then it hit me - Blog about this Rhinestone Belt because surely some of the millions of readers of the Victoria's Secret Catalogue would see this beautiful Rhinestone Belt and would want to find it!

Where does one go to find great Rhinestone Belts? Viktor Viktoria or! We carry a huge selection of Rhinestone Belts. The Rhinestone Belts go from single strand to 10 strand Rhinestone Belts. We have Rhinestone Belts with buckles, Rhinestone Belts without buckles, Rhinestone Belts with hearts, Rhinestone belts with circles, Rhinestone belts with squares, Rhinestone belts with triangles. We also sell plus size extra long Rhinestone Belts for Viktor Viktoria Vixens with curves!

The Rhinestone Belt featured in the Victoria's Secrect catalogue is one of Viktor Viktoria's best selling Rhinestone Belts. This Rhinestone Belt is available in both silver and gold. The scalloped rhinestones create a very sexy looking Rhinestone Belt.

Rhinestone Belt at Viktor Viktoria

Click here to view this Rhinestone Belt

This Rhinestone Belt or any of Viktor Viktoria's other Rhinestone Belts would make a great Holiday Gift. These Rhinestone Belts are perfect for your Holiday parties and really look great with your little black dress!

In addition to Rhinestone Belts, Viktor Viktoria and have a huge collection of Rhinestone Earrings, Rhinestone Neckaces, Rhinestone Chokers, Rhinestone Bracelets, Rhinestone Love Chains and Rhinestone Anklets. When it comes to Rhinestone Jewelry, Viktor Viktoria and should be your first choice.

All of Viktor Viktoria's Rhinestone Belts and Rhinestone Jewelry are made with top of the line Austrian Crystals.

Be sure to shop on line at for all your Rhinestone Jewelry!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Colorful Opaque Tights at Viktor Viktoria

Viktor Viktoria Opaque Tights Are A Must For Fall and Winter!
Tights at Viktor Viktoria

Click here to view Viktor Viktoria's Opaque Tights
One of the best things about Fall and Winter are Tights!  Viktor Viktoria is your source for Opaque Tights. Available in so many beautiful colors you will be able to match any outfit!

Viktor Viktoria Tights
Viktor Viktoria Opaque Tights fit: 100 - 165lbs, 5' - 5'8"  98% nylon 2% Spandex for support and great fit.  Wear your Tights with skirts, dresses, under shorts or ???
Viktor Viktoria Tights are a must for every occasion!  Shop online at: Be sure to check out our great collection of Opaque Tights, Leggings, Thigh Highs, and Leg Warmers!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Striped Tights and Striped Thigh Highs are Hosiery Musts from Viktor Viktoria!

Striped Tights and Striped Thigh Highs should be a part of your Fall and Winter wardrobe!

Viktor Viktoria and Viktor Viktoria's online store: are your sources for women's Tights, Leggings and Thigh Highs!

Viktor Viktoria Striped tights

Striped Tights would look very cute under a Viktor Viktoria sexy little black dress or your favorite mini skirt.

The Thigh Highs would look just as cute with that little black dress and perhaps add just a touch more playfulness to your outfit.

Viktor Viktoria and have many styles of women's Tights, Leggings, Thigh Highs and Leg Warmers for you. Be sure to check them out today. Stop in our store at Mayfair Mall or visit the Viktor Viktoria online store at

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sexy Dresses at Viktor Viktoria and!

Check out these two sexy dresses soon to arrive at Viktor Viktoria and
sexy dress
This Dress is so hot it will stop traffic! Wear to the club on Saturday night and you will be the center of attention!
sexy dress
Gold Lame Sexy Dress from Viktor Viktoria
If you've got the body, Viktor Viktoria has the dress! This gold lame mini dress will leave nothing to the imagination!
Visit Viktor Viktoria or today and check out our sexy dresses!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Sexy School Girl Costumes from Viktor Viktoria are perfect for Halloween!

No need to finish your homework if you wear one of Viktor Viktoria's Sexy School Girl Costumes!
Sexy Costumes at viktor viktoria
These sexy school girl costumes from Viktor Viktoria and are perfect for Halloween or anytime you want to play teacher student!
sexy school girl costume
Sexy School Girl Costumes from Viktor Viktoria and on line at are available in several styles.
Sexy school girl costume
Do you want to be a Sexy, slutty school girl then Viktor Viktoria has the perfect Halloween Costume for you!
sexy costume for Halloween
Rather be a sweet yet sexy school girl? Viktor Viktoria has that too!
 Check us out or visit to see all of our sexy Halloween Costumes!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Audrey Hepburn T-Shirts at Viktor Viktoria and!

Viktor Viktoria and are your source for Audrey Hepburn T-Shirts!

Audrey Hepburn Tee at Viktor Viktoria

Perhaps the most beautiful woman in the world, Audrey Hepburn was a woman of style and grace.

Audrey Hepburn Tee at Viktor Viktoria

Who will ever forget Audrey Hepburn' s "Breakfast at Tiffanys Audrey Hepburn Tee at Viktor ViktoriaBreakfast at Tiffanys Audrey Hepburn Tee at Viktor Viktoria

Audrey Hepburn made us all jump out of our seats in "Wait Until Dark" and made us love her in "Funny Face!"

Audrey Hepburn T-Shirt at viktor Viktoria

Audrey Hepburn Tees are a must for every Viktor Viktoria Vixen.

Shop on line at and you will find a large selection of Audrey Hepburn Tees.

At Viktor Viktoria our motto is "Do Not Copy Me" if you get it - you get us We are sure Audrey Hepburn would have gotten it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Viktor Viktoria Nippies on Buzzfeed

Viktor Viktoria's Word Press Post on Nippes is featured as one of the 6 best links on BuzzFeed!


Style Buzz Colorful coverups that keeps nips at bay. Nippies are flat, unobtrusive pasties for the everywoman and for everyday use (they also come in a bust-enhancing silicone model). Celebrities can think of them as anti-nip slip countermeasures.

Viktor Viktoria and are your source for Nippies!

Nippies at Viktor Viktoria

Click here to check out Nippies at Viktor Viktoria

Nippies are the perfect choice under all your sexy club tops!

Viktor Viktoria Vixens Love Nippies!

Thanks to for including in your feature on Nippies!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Viktor Viktoria now on StumbleUpon !

Viktor Viktkoria is now on StumbleUpon!
Check out our site at:
My StumbleUpon Page

If you are a member of StumbleUpon, please add us as a friend and please give Viktor Viktoria's Blog and Viktor Viktoria's website:
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Friday, June 1, 2007

Nippies are perfect under Sexy Tops and Viktor Viktoria has them!

Nippies are perfect under all your sexy Viktor Viktoria Tops!

I wore a pair of hot pink heart Nippies last week to La Cage under a Viktor Viktoria Sexy Drape Top and everyone wanted to know where I got them!

I was happy to tell them that my Nippies were from Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall and also available at Viktor Viktoria's online store:!


Nippies at Viktor Viktoria come in a pack of two. The packs include: Hearts, Stars, Butterflies, Circles, etc. They are in a variety of colors including hot pink, lime green, yellow, gold and silver. There are also Nippies that feature hearts, cherries and lips.

nippies at viktor viktoria

Brides also love Nippies. At Viktor Viktoria and we sell many Nippies to Brides. Just think what will happen on your wedding night when your new husband sees your Nippies! Fun, Fun, Fun!

nippies at viktor viktoria

Nippies feature a self adhesive. They are sexy and fun!
 Shop on line at: and buy at least one pack of Nippies. You won't regret it. I had a blast when I wore them out last weekend and so will you!