Saturday, October 29, 2016

10 Reasons You Need A Sequin Bra from Viktor Viktoria

So you see the great new Floral Sequin Bra at  and you ask yourself why would I need this? I get it, the economy is rough, we think our purchases out now.  Here are 10 Reasons you need a Floral Sequin Bra.

1) The black blazer gets a sexy update- going for drinks with the girls after work and not feelting the hottest?? Keep a Fuchsia Floral Sequin Bra in your desk drawer and throw it on under that blazer for added oomph. 

2) Little Black Dress too Lowcut- Sometimes that perfect date dress isn’t so perfect, so throw on a Silver Floral Sequin Bra underneath and skip the jewelry. 

3) Raves Love Color!- Going to a rave style show? Have the fluffies and the booty shorts? Then get the Turquoise Floral Sequin Bra and rock out!

  4) Prepare for Halloween early!- Why not get the Gold Floral Sequin Bra and matching bblts and go as Shakira/Gypsy.

  5) Wardrobe Needs a Reboot- Love going out on the weekends?  Sick of wearing the same few tops? Shake things up with the Purple Floral Sequin Bra

6) Drape Top is too Low- If your drape top drapes too low, step away from the double stick tap.  Throw on the Black Floral Sequin Bra instead. 

7)  Spice Up Your Sex Life- get the Red Floral Sequin Bra and watch that special someone drool.

8) White Lace Tops are Hot- But those white lace tops are even ­hotter with the Hematite Floral Sequin Bra peeking through. 

9) Summer’s coming- Nothing looks hotter next to beach bronzed skin then the Brown Floral Sequin Bra

10) Because Victoria’s Secret Costs Too Damn Much!- All of the Floral Sequin Bra look great and cost less than a VS bra!  

I hope these reasons have inspired you to zoom over to Viktor Viktoria  and snag the Floral Sequin Bra in all the colors you’ll love!  They are available in sizes S - XL and will fit an A - C/D cupsize.  Hurry, get the Floral Sequin Bra before they’re all gone!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Use the Metallic Unitard to Make the Coolest Costume Ever!

Are you looking for a great Catsuit costume this Halloween? Check out the Metallic Unitard from Viktor Viktoria .

The Metallic Unitard comes in multiple colors and is a great base for a costume. The sleeveless top and long bottoms are great for starting a costume.  You could get the Metallic Unitard in gold and go as a robot or something similar (C3PO)?

Pair the Metallic Unitard with some high boots for a super-hot look.  Grab the Metallic Catsuit and any other costume gear you need at

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Striped Tights are Essential!

Are you loving tights right now?  Then you’ll dig the Striped Tights from Viktor Viktoria.

The Striped Tights are that pair of bright statement tights you don’t want to pass up.  These tights are sheer pink in color, with contrasting details in black and mock black stitching.  I love that the Striped Tights’s black stripes are different sizes and styles they add a great effect.

Wear the Striped Tights with some cute dress shorts or your favorite skirts and dresses.  Just get the Striped Tights now at Viktor Viktoria

Stun them in the Red and Pink Sequin Bra with Fringe

Do you love our sequin bras?  Then you’ll LOVE the new Sequin Bra with Fringe at Viktor Viktoria.

The Sequin Bra with Fringe is one of our newest and HOTTEST bras.  The bra is a full coverage cup bra, covered in red and pink beads and sequins.  All along the cups of the Sequin Bra with Fringe are beaded strands that hang down, giving the bra a golden fringe.

Wear the Sequin Bra with Fringe under a cute cardi, shrug or blazer for a HOT look.  Check out the Sequin Bra with Fringe and the rest of our sequin bra collection at Viktor Viktoria