Saturday, July 15, 2017

Good Works Bracelets are inspirational at Viktor Viktoria

Humanity is known for their great selection of bracelets and cuffs, so it’s no surprise that they come up with cutting edge fashionable pieces.  The newest piece available, the Good Works Inspiration Bracelets at Viktor Viktoria and

Good Works Inspiration Bracelets are a leather wrap bracelet with the inspirational quotes written on it them. Available in a wide selection of colors and with and without crystals throughout the piece you’re sure to find the perfect Good Works Inspiration Bracelet.  At Viktor Viktoria we love the Good Works Bracelets for so many reasons including the fact that Good Works Wraps are durable, don’t slip off like cheaper wrap bracelets and can be worn many different ways.

Loved by celebrities the Good Works Inspiration Bracelets are perfect for yourself or someone you know who could use a little guidance, or maybe struggled with addiction and wants a constant reminder of how far they’ve come (or need to go).  The Good Works Wrap looks great with jeans and tees or sexy tops and dresses.  Wear your Good Works Serenity Prayer Wrap with confidence and pride, just make sure to get to before they’re all gone. 

Metallic Booty Shorts, Dancer Booty Shorts, Cheerleader Booty Shorts, Viktor VIktoria Booty Shorts!

Metallic Booty Shorts are big sellers at Viktor Viktoria and Our customers buy metallic booty shorts for many reasons. Many people wear metallic Booty Shorts as regular shorts under a super short Viktor Viiktoria sexy club dress or mini skirt or for the bold, as a sub for pants. This can be a super cute look - as long as the selected top is long enough to cover ones behind! When we match a top to a pair of metallic booty shorts for a customer, we always stress that the top should be tunic length as no one wants to see our Metallic Booty Shorts paired with a butt revealing crop top - well no other female with a sense of fashion - of course, most guys are all for the more revealing look - especially if the customer is bootylicious!

Another reason we sell a ton of Metallic Booty Shortsis that they are a dance/cheerleading competition staple. Shiny bootie shorts look great on stage and can be paired with a cute crop top or sequin costume top for an exciting look. My daughter is involved in the world of Dance Competitions and we see many Dance Studios using Metallic Booty Shorts. Cheerleaders often also metallic booty shorts under their cheerleading skirts for a fun look. We also sell a large quantity of metallic booty shorts to sorority girls who have big dance competitions or dance offs. We love sorority girls as price is usually no object to them and they always need a large quantity of Metallic Booty Shorts for their competitions.

So if you are a Viktor Viktoria fashionista, a dancer, a cheerleader or a sorority girl, consider Metallic Booty Shorts You will love the great fit and the large number of colors our Metallic Booty Shorts are available online at

Stunning Handkerchief Dresses At Viktor Viktoria

Are you looking for a stunning Handkerchief Dress to help beat the oppressive Summer Heat?  Well, Viktor Viktoria and are your sources for these great Maxi Dresses.  You will love our  Handkerchief Dress for many reasons including: the fabric, the fit and the comfort and ease of wear.

So if you are looking for a great Summer Dress you must consider our Butterfly  Handkerchief Dress. It is great for a casual afternoon and could also be dressed up with jewelry for an evening wedding. 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Net Halter Dress Will Heat Up Cold Nights

Looking for a  sexy lingerie dress to add to your collection?  Take a look at the Net Halter Dress from Viktor Viktoria and

The Net Halter Dress is a tight fitting, black fishnet dress, perfect for the bedroom.  The dress features larger hole fishnet on the front, with a deep V-Neck (with criss cross detailing); the back of the dress features crisscross detailing all up the back.  The back of the Net Halter Dress has no fishnet on it, so it leaves very little to the imagination. 

The Net Halter Dress would look great over some brightly colored underwear for a hot bedroom look.  If you go to a lot of raves you could also wear the Net Halter Dress over sequin boy shorts and bras to turn heads, just get it now at Viktor Viktoria and

Sexy Lace Dress is hot

In Summertime it’s not just the outdoors that heat up, heat up your bedroom with the new Sexy Lace Dress from Viktor Viktoria and

The Sexy Lace Dress features a sexy off the shoulder neckline and a delicate lace pattern throughout, making you incredibly irresistible to that special someone.  The Sexy Lace Dress is super short, super tight and super see through, sure to increase saliva production in whoever sees you in it.  For the super daring Viktor Viktoria Vixen mix your Sexy Lace Dress with a pair of our Metallic Booty shorts and sequin bras, or wear it as a tunic over skinny jeans with one of our Neon Tube Tops underneath.

Swing by Viktor Viktoria or guide your mouse over to and pick up your own Sexy Lace Dress!  Just be prepared to see jaws drop and the drool drip. 

Sheer Top and Sequin Bras at Viktor Viktoria

Sexy, Flirty, Retro all these words describe ONE top! This Sheer Top from  is so many things: Sexy, Flirty, Retro, and Fun! The top is one shouldered and sheer black.  It can be worn as a swim suit cover up, or as a great "going out" shirt.  Pair it with sexy skinny jeans, high heels and a great bra for a night on the town; or even with some leggings and boots.  It's wedding season, have a 80's themed bachelorette party to attend? Pair this Sheer Top with a bright colored tank and some teased hair to make that bride's party funky!

This top scoops up revealing just a bit of belly adding to the sexiness.  With airy wide sleeves, and sheer fabric this top should be a stable in any woman's closet.  It can be worn day or night, or even day to night!  It'll go great with any swim suit top you have in your drawer, or even any bra.  Not comfortable wearing just a bra but want something sexy? Pair this Sheer Top with a bright tank or even over a dress.  Looking for even more sex appeal? Pair your Sheer Top with one of Viktor Viktoria's Sequin Bras for that added oomph!

  Pair your Sheer Top with Viktor Viktoria's Sequin Bra! Shop at to snag this sexy Sheer Top before it's too late!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Good Works Make A Difference: Good Works Bracelets at Viktor Viktoria

Good Works Make A Difference

 Good Works Bracelets at Viktor Viktoria

Good Works Bracelets are not only fashionable, they actually can make a difference in the world.  How do Good Works Bracelets make a difference?  Well the Good Works Company donates 25% of their profits to actually doing good works.  At we have sold almost every style of these Good Works Bracelets and have watched the company work with The United Way, Breast Cancer Research, Heart Care and more.
good works bracelets

One of the new campaigns is the Home Sweeter Home Effort.  The Good Works Company is helping take the homeless off the street by working with PATH whose mission is to offer more housing options for homeless people is Los Angeles.  Below is a summary of the Good Works efforts with PATH
good works make a difference viktor viktoria
At Viktor Viktoria we sell Good Works Bracelets almost daily.  They are one of our favorite items to sell because we know our customers will love their Good Works Bracelet no matter which style they choose and because we feel that in some small way, we are contributing to the Good Works Efforts.
good works bracelets

Good Works Bracelets are available in many styles including:  Good Works Wrap Bracelets, Good Works Cuff Bracelets, Good Works Bible Bracelets, Good Works You Are Beautiful Bracelets, Good Works Chain Bracelets and Good Works Breast Cancer Bracelets.  

Good Works Make A Difference and so can you!
good works bracelets

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sexy Sequin Bra: Silver and Black Sequin Bra is Stunning

Do you enjoy the look of a sequin bra?  Well you’ll love the Silver and Black Sequin Bra from Viktor Viktoria and

The Silver and Black Sequin Bra is a gorgeous addition to the sequin bra collection we offer.   The top line of the cups along with the borders are covered in silver sequin and beading.  The Silver and Black Sequin Bra is a fuller cup so it keeps the girls good and covered. 

The Silver and Black Sequin Bra is a great addition to a dancer’s wardrobe and if you need larger quantities for a dance team, contact us for assistance.  Nab the Silver and Black Sequin Bra at Viktor Viktoria and today.

Floral Sequin Bra: 10 Reasons Why You Need Viktor Viktoria Floral Sequin Bra

So you see thw Floral Sequin Bra at  and you ask yourself why would I need this? I get it, the economy is rough, we think our purchases out now.  Here are some great reasons you need a Floral Sequin Bra.

1)   The black blazer gets a sexy update- going for drinks with the girls after work and not feeling the hottest?? Keep a  Floral Sequin Bra  in your desk drawer and throw it on under that blazer for added oomph.

2)      Little Black Dress too Low cut- Sometimes that perfect date dress isn’t so perfect, so throw on a  Floral Sequin Bra underneath and skip the jewelry.

3)      Raves Love Color!- Going to a rave style show? Have the fluffies and the booty shorts? Then get the  Floral Sequin Bra  and rock out!

4)      Prepare for Halloween early!- Why not get the Floral Sequin Bra  and matching belt and go as Shakira/Gypsy.

5)      Wardrobe Needs a Reboot- Love going out on the weekends?  Sick of wearing the same few tops? Shake things up with the Floral Sequin Bra.

6)      Drape Top is too Low- If your drape top drapes too low, step away from the double stick tap.  Throw on the  Floral Sequin Bra  instead.

7)      Spice Up Your Sex Life- get the  Floral Sequin Bra  and watch that special someone drool.

8)      White Lace Tops are Hot- But those white lace tops are even ­hotter with the  Floral Sequin Bra  peeking through.

9)      Summer’s coming- Nothing looks hotter next to beach bronzed skin then the Floral Sequin Bra.

10)   Because Victoria’s Secret Costs Too Damn Much!- All of the Floral Sequin Bralook great and cost less than a VS bra!

I hope these reasons have inspired you to zoom over to and snag the  Floral Sequin Bra  in all the colors you’ll love!  Hurry, get theFloral Sequin Bra  before they’re all gone!

Sexy Bras: Coin Bras at

Are you looking for a unique item to wear under your sexy tops or out as a sexy top on its own look no further than  Now instead of just sequin bras we have a great Tribal Coin Bra Top to offer you as well.  

  This Tribal Coin Bra Top is available in four colors Grey, Red, Fuschia, or Copper.  The sexy Coin Bra top will look great under one of  Viktor Viktoria's sexy drape tops or under a blazer or other sexy top.  While Katy Perry is running around wearing frosting spewing cupcake bras you can take pride knowing how sexy you’ll look in your Tribal Coin Bra Top (and how not sticky you’ll be when your bra doesn’t melt).  

The Tribal Coin Bra Top comes in three sizes: Small/Medium 32/24 A/B, Medium/Large 34/36 B/C   Large/X Large  36/38 B/C (Sadly it doesn’t fit a size above a C cup).  Grab yourself one of these sexy Tribal Coin Bra Tops and channel your inner (clean) Katy Perry, it’d also be perfect for a belly dancer. Just be sure to visit and grab yourself a Tribal Coin Bra Top.

Sequin Bra DD Cup: Sexy Sparkle Bra For Big Chested Women - At Last

If you have a large chest, you know how hard it is to find a sexy Sequin Bra.  Well, look no longer,  now has our best selling Sequin Bra in size Xl!  This Sequin bra now fits a women with a chest size of 38 - 42 D/DD.  Yes, you can put the girls in aSequin Bra at last!

This Viktor Viktoria Sequin Bra Is So Hot! If you are looking for a great bra to wear alone or under your Viktor Viktoria tops this Sequin Bra is the one to pick.  If you can't afford a Victoria's Secret Diamond Bra, then our sequin bra is perfect.This Sequin Bra top looks great alone or under one of our Viktor Viktoria Tops.

Viktor Viktoria Sequin Bra is available in four sizes, including that very hard to find D/DD cup: 
Small/Medium - 32/24 A/B
Medium/Large - 34/36 B/C
Large/X Large - 36/38 B/C (plus $2.00)
XLarge - 38/42 D/DD (plus $15)

Also remember, iis you source if you happen to need a large quantity of Sequin Bra or any other type of dance wear? you can simply contact us and, we can help you.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Spring into Summer with these Classique dresses

With the weather in the midwest FINALLY getting warmer, it's time to get yourself a new Classique dress from . The bright fabrics with vibrant prints are the way to go if you need a great daytime look or if you need to turn heads at Sunday brunch. The cool, and super chic Classique halter dress is available in blue, raspberry, and kiwi/lime.

The Classique dress can be worn with a colorful bandeau stretch top. Check out ViktorViktoria's multi color tanks and ViktorViktoria's bandeau tube tops now.  

Classique ruffle sundress is a perfect swimsuit coverup or a sassy, feminine frock. Wrap your wrist with a Good Works Tri-color leather bracelet to bring out your Spring look.

Good Works leather cuff bracelets in eye-catching Spring colors are in stock now. Check out all the Good Works bracelets at

You will be remembered leaving any picnic or festival in a Classique ruffle sundress. 

Viktor Viktoria Dress: You Won't Be Down in this sexy Halter Dress

The sun is finally shining, the weather is finally warm, and it’s finally dress season!  I’ll be getting the sexy Halter Dress from Viktor Viktoria and just in time for spring/summer.

The sexy Halter Dress is a very bright blue halter dress, with floral print all over it.  The Blue Floral Halter Dress is a great dress for the warmer months as it is short and sleeveless.  I love that the sexy Halter Dress will look great with flip flops or even heels.

Whether you want to go out on the town, or go down to the beach you’ll cause double takes in the sexy Halter Dress.  The Halter Dress also looks like a vintage mod dress, so I love that aspect too.  I’ll be getting my sexy Halter Dress from Viktor Viktoria and and you should get over there and get one too!

Floral Design Tights are Fresh for Spring

Again this season statement tights are gonna be a hot item.  Luckily Viktor Viktoria and has some great statement tights like the Floral Design Tights.

The Floral Design Tights are a great pair of tights for someone looking for anything but the ordinary pantyhose available out there.  The tights are sheer black, with opaque black roses spread out from thigh to toe, I also love the fact that the tights have a French style panty on them as well.  The Floral Design Tights would be great tights to wear under a formal gown with a slit for a little surprise bit of style.

Or put on your favorite skirt and boots and hit the town in the Floral DesignTights.   Snag the Floral Design Tights now at Viktor Viktoria and

Metallic Leggings, Shiny Leggings, Liquid Leggings: is your source for Leggings!

Metallic leggings are hot sellers at Viktor Viktoria and Viktor Viktoria has become America's metallic legging source for several reasons:  1st we have almost every color of metallic legging you could want, we have large quantities of metallic leggings and lastly, we are able to help provide the needed metallic leggings for dance studios and dance teams from many college dance groups.
Metallic Leggings at Viktor Viktoria are available in many colors including:  Black, Red, Lime, Silver, Turquoise, Hot Pink, Royal Blue, Purple, White, Pewter and Bronze.  We offer Metallic leggings in both ankle length and capri length.  The ankle length sells in Fall and Winter and the capri is the choice for Spring and Summer.

Click here to view Metallic Leggings at Viktor Viktoria

Did you know that many soroities hold dance competitions between each other on both the local and national levels?  I was not really aware of this until we started selling metallic leggings at .  Once we posted these shiny leggings to our site, we started getting calls from sweet sorority girls - mostly from the South and Texas looking for bright colored leggings, usually in their soriety colors.  When these sorority girls compete, they usually wear metallic leggings with some type of cute or sexy top while performing very complicated dance routines.

Cheerleaders will often wear our metallic leggings as well - especially the younger cheerleaders who want a bit more modesty.  Our capri leggings provide a great touch of color to the outfits as well as providing some leg coverage.  

Also, if you are a parent of a child studying dance, you know it is dance recital time.  The dance recital is a huge deal for all dance studios who use it to showcase their dancers, attract new students and of course, make money.  At Viktor Viktoria and we love dance studios as they are always in search of metallic leggings and metallic shorts for their recitals.  Dance studios love Viktor Viktoria because we are able to provide such a wide variety of metallic leggings and deliver the metallic leggings in a timely way.  It is not unusual for us to receive a phone call from a frantic dance teacher trying to locate 22 pair of royal blue metallic leggings or 18 pair of gold metallic leggings or ???  Well, if we don't have enough in stock, we are able to fill her order for these hard to find metallic leggings within a week.  Hint dance teachers:  if you know you need metallic leggings or metallic booty shorts for your dance recital on June 10, try to find them before June 5th!  You will save tons on the shipping charges if we don't have to rush your package overnight!

Finally, metallic leggings are big sellers for our Viktor Viktoria Vixens and even if you only order one pair of these shiny leggings, rest assured we love you too.  At Viktor Viktoria, we think metallic leggings look so cute underneath a sexy little club dress, long tunic top or skirt.  They add a touch of color to your outfit and when paired with a pair of sexy stillettos look sexy.  We do think, however, if you are not 5'10" and 110 lbs, the idea of wearing metallic leggings as pants outside the dance studio or cheerleading arena might not be the best idea.   

So wear your metallic leggings from If you are a cheerleader, dancer or a Viktor Viktoria Vixen, you will love our huge selection of metallic leggings so be sure to check them out today online at  

Shine on this Spring in hot pink metallic leggings!

   Hot pink metallic leggings are what you need for Spring!

If you're trying to put together an eye-catching look, try a retro 80's hot pink metallic leggings paired with a corset and get your Spring look on!

If standing out in a crowd is your thing, wearing hot pink metallic leggings is a sure way to turn some heads!
pink leggings

If pink leggings aren't your thing, then rock a totally crazy color or always go back to black. You can never wear your black leggings too much and when you get creative, try cutting up your shiny black leggings throw on a jacket, and hit the club!

Be sure to check out for all your metallic legging needs.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Green Petticoat: The Luck Of the Irish Will Be with You in this Green Ruffle Petticoat

Are you looking for something great to wear this St Patricks Day? Look no further than the Green Petticoat from Viktor Viktoria and

The Green Petticoat is a shorter length petticoat, perfect for dancing and being jolly for a day.  The Green Ruffle Petticoat is sheer, and has tons of layers of tulle for a definite added oomph. Pair your Green Petticoat with a pair of green suspenders and a white tank.

Underneath your Green Petticoat wear a pair of gold booty shorts, and hey grab some sexy thigh highs to wear with it too.  The Green Ruffle Petticoat is great after St Patrick’s Day too, especially if you have 80s parties to go to, or like to boost the volume of skirts.  Get the Green Petticoat now at Viktor Viktoria and

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Rainbow Thigh Highs are hot

Are you looking for some super sexy new thigh highs for your lingerie drawer? Why not grab the Rainbow Thigh Highs from Viktor Viktoria and

The Rainbow Thigh Highs are a great fishnet style thigh high, with multi-colored netting all around them and pink lace at the top.  The Multi Colored Thigh Highs are perfect for wearing under a skirt or booty shorts, and add some drama to any outfit.  Pair the Rainbow Thigh Highs with a sexy garter belt and some stilettos for a hot night inside the bedroom.

If you’re going to be wearing the Rainbow Thigh Highs out on the town or in the bedroom, you’re going to drop jaws no matter what.  You’ll be glad you go these great Multi Colored Thigh Highs and will make all your friends jealous.  Snag the Rainbow Thigh Highs now at Viktor Viktoria and

Pink Butterfly Top: Be Pretty in Pink in the Pink Sequin Butterfly Top!

This summer has been HOT.  I’ve find myself searching for the smallest items of clothing I own just to stay cool.  That’s why I love the Pink Sequin Butterfly Top from

The Pink Sequin Butterfly Top  is a very sexy tie-on top shaped like a butterfly.  Covered in sequins this butterfly top is sure to catch the (Hot, Devil) Sun’s rays and really sparkle.  The ties in the back allow the  Pink Sequin Butterfly Top  to be worn and tied multiple ways.

The  Pink Sequin Butterfly Top  looks great with mini skirts or shorts.  And in the colder months you can wear the   Pink Sequin Butterfly Top  with a blazer over it.  Get the  Pink Sequin Butterfly Top  today at

Sunday, February 19, 2017

"Kiss Me I'm Irish" Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirt As Seen In Twilight Back In Stock At Viktor Viktoria!

Our most popular Saint Patrick's Day Tee, "Kiss Me I'm Irish" Women's T-Shirt is back in stock at last!
This shirt is so popular perhaps because Victoria in Twilight wore it or maybe just because everyone wants to be kissed on March 17th!

Yes, this "Kiss Me I'm Irish" Saint Patrick's Day Tee May Cause Sore Lips!

You will be the hit of the pub when you wear this "Kiss Me I'm Irish" Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirt as all those Irish lads will line up to oblige you with a Kiss. Maybe you will even score some Green Beer! So stop in Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall or shop online at and check out our great selection of Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirts.

Metallic Green Leggings: The Perfect Leggings for St. Patty's Day!

Green Metallic Leggings and Lime Metallic Leggings are perfect for Saint Patrick's Day.  Did you know that St. Patrick really didn’t banish all the snakes from Ireland? Yeah, the guys kinda a scam artist!  Are you looking for the perfect Dark Green Metallic Leggings or Lime Metallic Leggings for your St Patrick’s Day celebration? Look no further than Viktor Viktoria and for your legging needs.

We have two great pairs of metallic leggings in green colors for you to choose from. The Dark Green Metallic Legging is that great, deep green most associated with Irish.  They are great paired with a “Everybody Loves A Drunk Girl” or other humorous St. Patrick’s tees.  And hey, after St. Patty’s day the Green Metallic Leggings are great for nights out in some cute tees.

If you don’t really dig the dark green of the Kelly Green Metallic Leggings then check out the Lime Metallic Leggings, these leggings are a bright lime green with Metallic sheen to them.  The Lime Metallic Leggings are also great for St. Patrick’s Day since they still ensure that you won’t be pinched for not wearing green.  The Lime Metallic Leggings also look great with tutus or St Patty’s Day tees.

Whether you choose to wear the Dark Green Metallic Leggingor the Lime Metallic Leggings, you’ll look amazing this St. Patrick’s Day.  Just keep in mind, despite the colors of the Irish Flag it would be bad luck to wear the Kelly Green Metallic Leggings or Lime Metallic Leggings with Orange and White together.  Get your Kelly Green Metallic Leggings or Lime Metallic Leggings now before they’re all gone, so get over to Viktor Viktoria and today. 

Spike Bra, Silver Spiked Bra, Gold Spiked Bra at

A Spike Bra is a must for your wardrobe. Wear this Bra to the club and dance the night away. Available at, this Spike Bra would look great under a Viktor Viktoria Fishnet Top or a fun blazer.

  A Spike Bra would be a good addition to your New Years Eve Outfit if you plan to go for a punk style or if you plan to attend The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  A Spike Bra would look great under a fishnet top if you could position the spikes to land between the fishnets.

Our Spike Bras are available in silver or gold.  There are three sizes of the Spike Bras to choose from:  Small = 32 - 36 A Cup Medium = 34 - 38 B Cup Large = 34 - 38 C Cup In addition to our Spike Bras we also offer Spike Booty shorts.  You could wear these two pieces together or as separates for a variety of looks and occasions. 

So if you are looking for a sexy bra and you already own Viktor Viktoria sequin bras, then you should definitely consider these new Spike Bras.  Wear them to the club, wear them to channel the 80's or wear your spike bra for a hot night with your boyfriend and enjoy! Finally, are you with a dance team, a sorority, powder puff football team, etc? Need a large quantity of Spike Bras? Contact us. can help you.

Saint Patrick's Day Tees for Full Figured Women At Viktor Viktoria!

Once again, Viktor Viktoria and have come to the rescue of full figured women everywhere! Up until today, if you were a full figured woman who wanted to wear a super cute Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirt to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day you were out of luck! Well now, you can drink your green beer along with all those skinny girls while wearing a Viktor Viktoria Saint Patrick's Day Tee! We have just received great Saint Pat's Tee for you: These Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirts will fit you even if your bust is over a C cup!

So be a sassy little lassie this March 17th and wear a Viktor Viktoria St. Patrick's Day T-Shirt!

These women's cut St. Patrick's Day Tees are available in sizes L - XL and yes, this is a WOMAN'S Cut Tee - The fit is more boxy than the slim cut junior Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirts. So enjoy your green beer while wearing your Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirt from Viktor Viktoria.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Gold Sequin Bra is Sexy and Stylish

Are you a fan of Viktor Viktoria and’s sequin bras? Looking for a new one to add to your collection?  Check out the Gold Sequin Bra.

The Gold Sequin Bra is like many of our other sequin bras with more fun and details.  The bra features larger cups, covered in sequin in a white and gold striped pattern; also along the bottom of the front of the bra are fringes that hang down of beads and sequin.  The Gold Sequin Bra is great for a belly dancer, the bra is sure to set you apart.

Or put the Gold Sequin Bra on under a cardigan or blazer for a sexy night out on the town.  Check out the Gold Sequin Bra and the rest of our sequin bra collection now at Viktor Viktoria and

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Green Bra: Saint Patrick's Day Green Bra: Their Jaws Will Drop When They See You in the Laser Green Coin Bra!

Green Coin Bra is perfect for Saint Patrick's Day - especially if you are hoping for some free green beer! we can help you with the Green Coin Bra.
I know how it goes, you have the perfect outfit planned out, but you can’t find that perfect top to pair with it, and you want to STAND OUT! That’s why here at Viktor Viktoria is getting you ready for St. Patrick's Day.

The Green Coin Bra is a bold and very unique top, with its coin-like look. The Laser Green Coin Bra looks great under blazers or sweaters or your favorite sheer top.  If you’re a fan of lace top, and are looking for a great item to wear underneath them, the Green Coin Bra is perfect for it.

With the great color of the Green Coin Bra and the unique design, you’re sure to drop jaws.  When you wear the Laser Green Coin Bra you’ll get all the attention you could ever use.  Grab the Green Coin Bra now at Viktor Viktoria and

Saint Patrick's Day Tees at Viktor Viktoria and!

Viktor Viktoria Vixens and Viktor Viktoria Men Love Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirts!

Saint Patrick's Day is always a big Holiday in Milwaukee - you know any excuse to drink beer - even though most people don't need an excuse here! At we stock a large selection of Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirts for men and Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirts for women!

Saint Patrick's Day will be here soon so shop on line at Our Saint Patrick's Day Tees sell quickly - especially to our local customers - after all we are in Milwaukee - the green beer capital of the world!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sexy Dragon Print Dress: Dragon Open Front Dress is Perfect for a Sexy Geisha Costume!

Are you looking for a sexy dress that will set you apart from the crowd? Then shop and check out the great new Animal Print Dress.

Animal Print Dress is perfect for a sexy  night on the town.  Just grab yourself this sexy dress and get ready to be the center of attention.  The Animal Print Dress features an open back and a very deep V-Neck Front on a tight dress.  If you’re not looking to wear your Animal Print Dress out in public, then wear it for a sexy night in with your special someone. 

Viktor Viktoria has a great selection of sexy dresses, as well as fishnets, booty shorts and petticoats.  The Animal Print Dress is among several brand new dresses for purchase at Viktor Viktoria and 

Crochet Dress Makes a Great Beach Cover-Up!

Are you looking for a cool swimsuit cover-up for your spring vacation? Why not try something a little different and go for the Net Crochet Dress from Viktor Viktoria and

The Crochet Net Dress is a see through, lingerie style dress that would be perfect for the beach!  You could also wear a nice tank top underneath and wear the Crochet Net Dress to the club. The Crochet Net Dress features a lace up back for added appeal.

The Net Crochet Dress is a sexy black color, so you’ll love it if you’re a fan of black and who isnt? You will definitely feel special when you’re the only girl on the beach wearing the Crochet Dress. Nab the Crochet Dress at Viktor Viktoria and

Rainbow Suspenders Saint Patrick's Day Tee: Super Cute St. Paddy's Tee at Viktor Viktoria

Rainbow Suspenders Saint Patrick's Day Tee: Super Cute St. Paddy's Tee at Viktor Viktoria

Looking for a super cute Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirt?  Look no farther than the Rainbow Suspenders Saint Patrick's Day Tee shirt at  This fitted tee features a suspender graphic with a Kiss Me Button.  Wear this Rainbow Suspenders St. Patrick's Day T-shirt on March 17th and you are sure to get lots of kisses along with your green beer.

If you live in the Midwest, you know how big Saint Patrick's Day Celebrations are and you will need a new Saint Patrick's Day T-shirt to wear to your favorite Pub so check out all of our St. Paddy's Tees today.  In addition to our Rainbow Suspenders Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirts we offer many other styles to choose from at

Harem Pants: Rock in Viktor Viktoria Harem Pants

Are you looking for something totally unique and stylish?? Look no further then the Harem Pants from Viktor Viktoria and

The Harem Pants are looser fitting around the hips to the calves.  They have tighter fitting bands around the ankle so that they really “puff” out.   These Harem Pants are perfect for a casual laid back look, or paired with a sexy top they make a great  outfit for the club.

Whether you’re looking for another great pair of comfortable pants, or a club outfit; the Harem Pants are great for it.  I love the pink color of the MC Hammer Pants, it makes a striking look.   Snag the Harem Pants now at Viktor Viktoria and

St. Patrick's Day T-Shirts, St. Patrick's Day Sequin Bras, St. Patrick's Day Green Leggings, St. Patrick's Day Tutus at

Saint Patrick's Day is less than a month away and now is the time to start looking for your Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirts, Saint Patrick's Day Kelly Green Sequin Bras, and Saint Patrick's Day Petticoats. is your source for All Saint Patrick's Day Gear.  Here in Milwaukee, Saint Patrick's Day is a huge Holiday.  An Irish Breakfast at 5AM complete with green beer starts off the day and the festivities continue until 11:59PM!  So if you plan to celebrate Milwaukee, you need your Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirt, Kelly Green Sequin Bra, and of course, your green tutu!

This Rainbow Suspenders Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirt is Viktor Viktoria's best selling Saint Paddy's Day Tee.  It is white with a cute suspender graphic.  The "kiss me" button is sure to get you some green beer in exchange for a kiss.  This would be the perfect first Saint Patrick's Day outfit.  Wear your St. Patrick's Day Tee for the first half of the day and then change into your green sequin bra for night time fun - or just wear it below your St. Paddys Tee - why not?

As I said, a Saint Patrick's Day Tee is perfect for day but for night you may want to consider a kelly green sequin bra paired with a green tutu for evening fun.  We have two styles of green sequin bras: the flowered green sequin bra and the seamed green sequin bra.  Both are super sexy and would look great underneath a fishnet top or a sexy top.  If you thought you got drinks wearing a Saint Patrick's Day tee, wait till you put on your sequin bra!  Just add your green tutu and you will be the star of your favorite Irish bar.

Finally, what Saint Patrick's Day outfit is complete without a green petticoat, tutu.  You can pair your green tutu with your Saint Patrick's Day T-shirt for day and with your green sequin bra for night. Don't forget your green metallic leggings as well and you will be quite an Irish Lassie.  Our green petticoats are one size fits all and are available in both kelly green and lime green.
So if you are planning to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day, now is the time to get your Saint Patrick's Day t-shirt, green sequin bra, and green petticoat from  You will be set for a day of fun and green beer so order soon and party, party, party!      

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sequin Tube Dress is Marvelous for Mardi Gras!

With Mardi Gras a few weeks away you’ll need something to turn heads.  That’s when you should turn to Viktor Viktoria and and get the SequinTube Dress.

The  SequinTube Dress is a tight-fitting, short dress made out of stretchy sequin fabric.  The dress comes in one size fits most and multiple color options.  For Mardi Gras I definitely recommend getting the SequinTube Dress in gold, purple or green.

And if you’re self-conscious but still want to look cool you could wear the Sequin Tube Dress as a tunic top with a cute cardigan.  Grab the SequinTube Dress today at Viktor Viktoria and

Black Fur Boot Covers are Fun for Dancers!

Do you like to stand out at your dance recitals?  Then you’ll love these Black Fur Boot Covers from Viktor Viktoria and

The Black Fur Boot Covers are great to wear with a favorite pair of fishnet tights.  Or pair them up with some cute booty shorts and a fun tank.  The Black Fur Boot Covers are especially fun because they have little silver strands throughout them to add some sparkle.

The Black Fur Boot Covers are great for dance teams as well, just call us to order them in a larger quantity.  Get the Black Fur Boot Covers from Viktor Viktoria and today.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Dance Wear Sections Now Added!!!

We’d like to introduce you to our new Dance Wear Section.  We’ve just gotten in a bunch of new items, all great for Dance Teams or Dance Competitors.

These items are divided into two sections: Dance Wear and Dance Accessories.  The Dance Wear section features a bunch of great sequin bottoms and tops as well as tights, leotards and body suits.  The Dance Accessories section features sashes, jewelry and all types of other accessories you may need for your dance competitions.

So come on over and take a peek at our new selection of items, perfect for dancers and dance teams.  If you need any of our Dance Wear Section or Dance Accessories in larger quantities contact us for help.  Check out the Dance Wear and Dance Accessories  at Viktor Viktoria and now.