Friday, November 23, 2007

Sexy Rhinestone Belt as seen in Victoria's Secret for sale at Viktor Viktoria!

Thanksgiving night I was paging through the Viktoria's Secret Catalog and to my surprise, one of the models is wearing the scalloped Rhinestone Belt sold by us at Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall and on Viktor Viktoria's website:!

Rhinestone Belt

I continued to search the Victoria's Secret Catalogue to see if they were actually selling the Rhinestone Belt, but did not find it anywhere! Then it hit me - Blog about this Rhinestone Belt because surely some of the millions of readers of the Victoria's Secret Catalogue would see this beautiful Rhinestone Belt and would want to find it!

Where does one go to find great Rhinestone Belts? Viktor Viktoria or! We carry a huge selection of Rhinestone Belts. The Rhinestone Belts go from single strand to 10 strand Rhinestone Belts. We have Rhinestone Belts with buckles, Rhinestone Belts without buckles, Rhinestone Belts with hearts, Rhinestone belts with circles, Rhinestone belts with squares, Rhinestone belts with triangles. We also sell plus size extra long Rhinestone Belts for Viktor Viktoria Vixens with curves!

The Rhinestone Belt featured in the Victoria's Secrect catalogue is one of Viktor Viktoria's best selling Rhinestone Belts. This Rhinestone Belt is available in both silver and gold. The scalloped rhinestones create a very sexy looking Rhinestone Belt.

Rhinestone Belt at Viktor Viktoria

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This Rhinestone Belt or any of Viktor Viktoria's other Rhinestone Belts would make a great Holiday Gift. These Rhinestone Belts are perfect for your Holiday parties and really look great with your little black dress!

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All of Viktor Viktoria's Rhinestone Belts and Rhinestone Jewelry are made with top of the line Austrian Crystals.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Paris Hilton spotted in "I Love Shoes, Bags and Boys" Tee!

Yesterday, thanks to Paris Hilton, the orders started pouring in to Viktor Viktoria and for the woman's Tee "I Love Shoes, Bags and Boys"

We at Viktor Viktoria knew there had to be a reason for the sudden popularity of this Tee! Well, today one of our wonderful customers in search of this Tee availalbe at Viktor Viktoria enlightened us! Paris Hilton was pictured wearing "I love shoes, bags and boys" in the UK version of Glamour Magazine!

I love shoes bags and boys tee at Viktor Viktoria

Click here to view "I love shoes bags and boys" Tee at Viktor Viktoria

Thanks to Paris Hilton, yesterday was a great day on Viktor Viktoria's website:!

We are frantically trying to get this great Tee back in stock. As of today we only have a few Larges and XLarges left but hopefully, we will be able to get more ASAP!

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