Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sequin Dress: With this Sequin Sexy Sequin Dress You'll Catch Light Like a Disco Ball!

If you’re looking for a really unique Halloween costume, then check out this great Sequin Sexy dress from Viktor Viktoria and and go as a “disco ball”.

Sequin Sexy dress
Made of super shiny silver sequins this Sequin Sexy dress is sure to catch the light (just like a disco ball), you could pair it with the brand new Sequin Boot Covers as well.  Maybe on top of your Sequin Sexy dress add a sequin headband and dance the night away (or just spin around a lot).  If you think my costume idea is stupid (HOW DARE YOU?!?! J )Then just wear your Sequin Sexy dress on a night out on the town, or a night in, in the bedroom.
Sequin Sexy dress

The Sequin Sexy dress is super tight, and super short; paired with some skinny jeans it would make a great tunic top.   The Sequin Sexy dress is just one of many Sexy Dresses available at Viktor Viktoria and, come on by and check the selection out. 

Sequin Boot Covers: Catch the Light with Sequin Legwarmers!!

Legwarmers are going to be hot this winter season, so check out a great selection of legwarmers available at Viktor Viktoria and, including these great new Sequin Legwarmers.
Black Sequin Legwarmers

Perfect for over boots, and grabbing attention these Sequin Legwarmers are a must have for your fall wardrobe.  Available in both Silver and Black these Sequin Legwarmers are sure to catch someone’s eye and drop some jaws.  The Sequin Legwarmers can be worn over leggings, or on their own with a skirt.

Add some sexy appeal to your Sequin Legwarmers by pairing them with some sexy fishnets!! Grab these Sequin Legwarmers now at Viktor Viktoria and  While you’re there check out the rest of our great selection! 

Rainbow Legwarmers: Look 80's this Halloween with Rainbow Legwarmers!

Whether you want something cute to wear on the weekends, or something for a unique 80’s style Halloween Costume; or if you’re an Exotic Dancer or just love Rainbows check out these great new Rainbow Legwarmers at Viktor Viktoria and
Rainbow Legwarmers

These Rainbow Legwarmers are horizontally striped and multicolored (with what you could consider a black base) and rainbow colors.  You could easily pair the Rainbow Legwarmers with a pair of sexy colored heels and a mini skirt, or maybe if you’re on a team and all want to match wear them as your costume.  For a great Halloween Costume look you could easily pair your Rainbow Legwarmers with a colorful tutu and fishnet tops.

We do also have legwarmers with “white bases” as well, but these Rainbow Legwarmers are a little different and unique for you.  Grab these Rainbow Legwarmers from Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair or, also check out the selection of tutus and other 80’s style pieces. 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Cutout Dress is Purr-Fect for a Sexy Catwoman Costume

If you’re looking to be a super sexy Catwoman this year check out this brand new Cutout Sexy Dress at Viktor Viktoria and

Paired over some sexy black leggings or black booty shorts and bra this Cutout Sexy Dress would make the purr-fect Catwoman costume.  All you’ll need to add to the Cutout Sexy Dress is some “claws” and cat ears, and of course don’t forget the sexy thigh high boots!  Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable wearing this Cutout Sexy Dress as a costume on Halloween, so why not just stick it in the lingerie drawer for a hot night ahead.

Whether worn as a costume, or as a new addition to the lingerie drawer the Cutout Sexy Dress is great for a hot Halloween or a hot night in!  While you’re checking out the great new Cutout Sexy Dress, make sure to check out the rest of the sexy dresses available now at  

Fur Boot Covers: Be a Rave Girl with these Furry Legwarmers!

Are you looking for some new Furry Boot Covers? Perfect for a “Rave Girl” Halloween costume, or if you just want something that will set you apart from the crowd.  Check out the new Furry Boot Covers at Viktor Viktoria and

green furry boot covers
These Furry Boot Covers come in multiple colors; Black, Pink, Neon Green and Multi Colored.  These are the perfect Furry Boot Covers for Halloween Costumes, Paint Parties or raves.  You could pair these Furry Boot Covers with some sexy fishnets and garters for a uniquely sexy look. 

black Furry Boot Covers
Whether you’re looking for something to wear to your next concert outing, a Halloween Costume or just something to set you apart these Furry Boot Covers are perfect for you!! Check out the rest of the selection of Boot Covers and Legwarmers available as well by visiting Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall or!!  Be warned with Halloween coming up these Furry Boot Covers are flying out the door!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sexy Fishnet Camo Dress: Support Your Troops this Halloween!

Sexy Fishnet Camo Net Dressat Viktor Viktoria and is a must for Halloween and fun nights supporting the troops
Camo Net Dress
Do you have a special soldier that’s far away? Are you looking for a sexy “Military Maiden” costume? Then check out the two sexy camoflage outfits we have available now at Viktor Viktoria and, the Camo Net Set and the Camo Net Dress.
Camo Net Set

Camo Net Dress
The Camo Net Dress or Camo Net Set are both perfect options for anyone looking to send sexy pictures to their special soldier or wear a military inspired costume this year.  The Camo Net Dress is a one piece Camouflage colored dress with net sides and breasts, and camouflage ruffles as well as gold stars.  The Camo Net Set is a Camouflage colored bikini set featuring a net bra and a camouflage colored ruffle skirt.  Both the Camo Net Dress and the Camo Net Set are super tight and super short, but also available in plus sizes. 

Come into Viktor Viktoria or visit to check out both the Camo Net Dress and the Camo Net Set  Grab one of these great items and show that special someone how you support the troops!

Rhinestone Necktie: Even the Mob Will be Jealous of Your Tie this Halloween!

Are you looking to add a cute accessory to your Halloween outfit? Do you plan on going as a sexy mobster and need that final touch? Then reach for this great Rhinestone Necktie at Viktor Viktoria and

Rhinestone Necktie
This Rhinestone Necktie is the perfect touch to any sexy costume.  If you want to be a sexy mobster just grab yourself a short black skirt and blazer and your Rhinestone Stud Design Necktie. Or wear the sexy Rhinestone Necktie for a sexy night out on the town or in the bedroom.

This Rhinestone Necktie isn’t the only option available to you if you’re looking for a Rhinestone Necktie; be sure to check out the rest of the great Rhinestone Neckties available at Viktor Viktoria and

Striped Fishnet Top: Make 'Em Walk the Plank as A Sexy Pirate This Halloween!

 Fishnet Striped Top from Viktor Viktoria is super sexy and can be used for Hallweeen or daily wear. Why not go for Halloween as a sexy Pirate? Check out the great Fishnet Striped Top from Viktor Viktoria and, it’s the perfect start to a sexy Pirate Costume.
Fishnet Striped Top

The Fishnet Striped Top is black and red striped fishnet, with a sexy lace up design.  Pair your Fishnet Striped Top with a sexy petticoat or leggings and chunky boots.  Keep in mind that the Fishnet Striped Top is see through so you many want to pair the top with a sexy Bikini Top.

All you’ll need to be your sexy Pirate self besides the Fishnet Top is an eye patch or hook and a hat!  So stop into Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair or and grab the Fishnet Striped Top now before the Halloween rush starts. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lace Gloves: Vogue Your Heart Out as Madonna this Halloween

Are you looking to go as the queen of chameleons for Halloween? Madonna? Check out the great Lace Fingerless Gloves available at Viktor Viktoria and
Lace Fingerless Gloves

These Lace Fingerless Gloves are perfect for any 80’s style costume, especially Madge’s looks. These Lace Fingerless Gloves are also great outside of Halloween, especially if you know someone having a 80’s themed party!  Available in both Baby Pink and Black and under ten dollars, these Lace Fingerless Gloves are a deal you can’t pass up.
Lace Fingerless Gloves

Check out the Lace Fingerless Gloves as well as all the other gloves available for purchase at Viktor Viktoria and  

Rainbow Fishnet Dress: Look Sexy at the Beach or in the Bedroom with the Rainbow Stripe Sexy Dress!

Are you looking for something new and seductive for the bedroom or the beach? Look no further than Viktor Viktoria or and their brand new Rainbow Stripe Sexy Dress.

Rainbow Stripe Sexy Dress
Made of fishnet material the Rainbow Stripe Sexy Dress is perfect over a swimsuit for the beach or just some Nippies and sexy underwear for the bedroom.  The Rainbow Stripe Sexy Dress could also carry over into the nightlife over a sexy Coin Bra for a night on the town.  You can also pair the Rainbow Stripe Sexy Dress over a pair of great skinny jeans and a cami for a more demure vixen.  Just remember in a top like this you’re sure to snag some attention.

When you wear your Rainbow Stripe Sexy Dress over a swimsuit or lingerie or even out at night you’ll sure to turn heads and cause drool puddles.  Go to to pick up a Rainbow Stripe Sexy Dress and check out the rest of the selection of great lingerie and other items we have to offer you. 

Animal Print Dress: Make 'Em Howl in this Hot Animal Print O-Ring Dress!!

Viktor Viktoria and have gotten in some great new sexy dresses.  One of these new dresses is the Animal Print O-Ring Dress, perfect for a night on the town.
Animal Print O-Ring Dress

The Animal Print O-Ring Dress is a super hot dress of blues, yellows and greens with a variety of animal prints all over.  Super short and super tight the Animal Print O-Ring Dress is perfect for a night out on the town, or even a night in the bedroom.  The Animal Print O-Ring Dress would also be great as a tunic top over some skinny jeans or leggings for those Viktor Viktoria Vixens who are a bit less daring.

Grab this Animal Print O-Ring Dress now at  Check out the rest of the sexy dresses and hosiery available at Viktor Viktoria while you’re there and get all your Halloween supplies ready!

Green Fishnet Dress: KOWABUNGA! Look Hot This Halloween As a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Are you looking for a unique costume that isn’t just store bought this year? How about being a Sexy Ninja Turtle? With the help of Viktor Viktoria and you can look cute and sexy as a Ninja Turtle with the help of the Mesh Sleeve Dress.
Mesh Sleeve Dress

Just grab yourself a Mesh Sleeve Dress in green and you have the perfect jumping off point for your costume.  Pair your Mesh Sleeve Dress with a cute wide belt in whatever Ninja Turtle’s color you want (here I chose Raphael), and a matching eye mask.  Although we’d love to have every item you’d need for this outfit, we don’t have any shell backpacks to put on over your Mesh Sleeve Dress so a quick stop at Spencers or an online store will get you that shell backpack and complete the outfit.

As the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were barefoot (and I don’t think you REALLY want to go barefoot in October/to bars) you could pair the Mesh Sleeve Dress with a pair of fishnets and some boots. Just be sure to stop in to Viktor Viktoria or to get the Mesh Sleeve Dress before they’re gone, we get crazy at Halloween!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sexy Leg Avenue Dress: Super Sexy, Super Simple Tinkerbell Costume!

Are you a Tinkerbell fan? Are you looking to go as a “Sexy” Tinkerbell this year for Halloween?  Then check out this great Leg Avenue Slinky Dress at Viktor Viktoria and

The Leg Avenue Slinky Dress is the perfect color for a Tinkerbell Dress.  You just need to add some sparkly wings on top of your Leg Avenue Slinky Dress.  You could probably save on Tinkerbell shoes if you wanted by painting some Walmart flats green and adding a little pom-pom on top.  At under $20, the Leg Avenue Slinky Dress. makes it easy (AND CHEAP) to pull off a cute Tinkerbell costume.

Stop into Viktor Viktoria or stop over at and check out theLeg Avenue Slinky Dress, as well as all the other dresses and items we have available for Halloween costumes.