Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Block print leggings

If you love the bold look of black and white, don't pass up a pair of block print leggings.  You’ll fall in love with the black and white Block Print Leggings from especially if you're a trendy fashionista who knows how to bring out your bold style.
block print leggings

Throw on the Block Print Leggings and your favorite Chaser LA tee and get ready to hit the town.  Pick up the black and white Block Print Leggings now at

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Plus size sequin bras are finally in stock: Plus size sequin bras

Attention all double D divas! Sequin plus size bras are available at Finally in stock for all the voluptuous vixens are the ever popular sequin bras. If you are blessed in the bust, break out your wallet and pick out a sexy sequin plus size bra now. 

sequin plus size bra

  The plus size sequin bra has a larger cup, covered in sequins, and is available in great colors.   
black sequin bra

 Grab yourself a plus size Sequin Bra now at

Monday, June 20, 2016

Looking in super sexy in a Beaded Flower Bra

Are you a fan of our awesome sequin/beaded bras?  Well lemme tell you, I’m loving the new Beaded Flower Bra at
gold and multi color flower bra top

This Beaded Flower Bra is totally bohemian chic (it’d be great at Coachella).  The bra has a ribbon style halter tie, colorful beaded flowers and gold fringe in the center. The Beaded Flower Bra looks great worn alone or under a blazer.
multi color flower bra top

If you’re part of a dance team and need the Beaded Flower Bra in larger quantities call us we can help.   Check out the Beaded Flower Bra now.  

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Whiskey makes you frisky cut out neck tee

If you're looking for a new twist on a tried and true classic, check out the Whiskey makes you frisky cut out neck tee from T-Rex designs. This easy fit and fun to wear tee is fashionable with it's cut out neck and rough seam bottom. Whiskey makes me frisky is the best selling logo from T-Rex. The Jack Daniels inspired art work is detailed and gives a respectful nod to the whiskey lover in us all.
whiskey frisky T-rex tees

T-rex whiskey makes me frisky

See how frisky miss J gets when wearing the Whiskey makes me frisky cut out neck tee. This tee from T-rex is a bar friendly, rocker chick necessity! Be sure to check out for all T-rex tees and styles.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Get in a Mellow Mood: Bob Marley Mellow Mood tee

Summertime is Mellow Mood time so get in the mood with a Bob Marley Mellow Mood tee from catch a fire designs. This sublimation print tee is super soft and fits great on any shape and size. Bob Marley's classic guitar image is more than iconic and his poetry is music to everyone's ears. Catch a Fire tees by Cedella Marley are top of the line creations and are printed on the finest cotton. The Mellow Mood lyrics are printed right above Bob Marley's guitar and remind everyone to relax, be mellow, and enjoy life. This Bob Marley Mellow Mood is available at along with many other Catch a Fire designs. So be sure to check out the entire zion rootswear and catch a fire collections today.

catch a fire mello mood

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Safety pin bracelet

It seems like safety pin accessories and safety pin jewelry are all the rage again. The 80's punk style has given way to a retro nod to the 80's by bringing back the iconic safety pin but with a feminine twist.
The beaded safety pin bracelet shines with its crystal stones and is surrounded by silver beads. Each bracelet can be worn alone or with multiple charm bracelets
silver safety pin bracelet
Make sure you're right on trend by picking up a beaded safety pin bracelet today from

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Have a heart and wear one on your ear: Heart ear cuff

The hottest Summer trend is the silver or gold heart ear cuff from For those that want something totally unique, check out the the fitted ear cuff that wraps around your entire ear. The heart ear cuff is available in polished silver or gold and the heart is filled with crystals. Even if your ears are pierced or stretched to a large gauge, you can still rock a heart ear cuff

gold heart ear cuff

silver ear cuff

If a heart ear cuff is not your style, be sure to check out all the ear cuff options at

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Alternative apparel burn out tank tops

Nothing feels better and is cooler than a vintage feel Alternative Apparel burn out tank top. from Alternative Apparel. The burn out cotton fabric is so soft and comfortable that you'll want to own it in all three colors. Alternative Apparel is always on the front edge of vintage style with neutral colors and fabrics. The burn out tank can be worn over fun bras in contrasting colors or under a trendy short jacket. With Summer right around the corner, you'll want to show off your tatts and what better way than an Alternative Apparel burn out tank top.

Alternative Apparel burn out tank top

Alternative Apparel burn out tank top

Alternative Apparel burn out tank top

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Ladybug bead bracelet

Catch up on the latest trend with a beaded ladybug bracelet from This Summer accessory trend is all about cute stackable bracelets that can be worn with other charm bracelets. The beaded ladybug bracelet goes with anything and is appropriate for any age group; and who doesn't like ladybugs?
beaded ladybug bracelet
The cute design with bead and crystal accents of the beaded ladybug bracelet fits any size wrist and the white and gold beads go with any outfit. Pick on up today and check out the other styles of trendy bracelets at