Friday, May 27, 2016

When love is outlawed t-shirt

When you're in the mood to go against the grain, check out this Dirtee Hollywood I will be an Outlaw tee shirt. Because this "When Love Is Outlawed, I Will Be An Outlaw" tee shirt expresses the rebel in you, wearing it with your favorite jeans will show everyone you mean business. Defending any type of love is easy to do when you roll out showing everyone that "When Love Is Outlawed, I Will Be An Outlaw" Dirtee Hollywood style. 

dirtee hollywood i will be an outlaw

dirtee hollywood when love is outlawed

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i made it in America

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Steal Zooey’s Style!

Zooey Deschenal has become a bit of a style icon for the “adorkable” girl.  She is certainly not one to shy away from bold fashion; neither should you.  Snag her style for less at Viktor Viktoria 

Zooey is not one to turn down a pair of tights.  She wears tights ALL the time, and sometimes she wears patterned tights.  You can get a similar pair of pattern tights with the Wave Pattern Tights, hers are white, and yours are black.  Keep it simple with a pair of tights like these; you don’t want to overload the eyes!  Wear the Wave Pattern Tights with a cute pair of dress shorts and heels for a fun night out look.

Zooey also keeps things super casual with no makeup and a printed maxi dress.  Check out the Printed Handkerchief Dress for a similar style.  Pair it with a cute denim jacket and flats, or heels and a blazer.  Wear the Printed Handkerchief Dress on the beach or on date night, it’s so easy to change with accessories!

When you’re looking to just stroll through town with your pooch like Zooey, reach for a pair of colored skinny jeans.  The Teal Skinny Jeans are bright, bold and scream look at me.  Plus if teal’s not your color we have a ton of Colored Skinny Jeans to choose from.  Wear the Teal Skinny Jeans with a fun printed tee shirts, or solid color tees look great too!  Go from day to night with just a change of shoes!

Get the Wave Pattern Tights, Printed Handkerchief Dress, and Teal Skinny Jeans and rock your Zooey Style.  All these items are available today at Viktor Viktoria