Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fishnet Tights Featured In Musical "Nine"

fishnet thigh highs
My friends and I all anxiously awaited the release of the musical "Nine" After performing in the musical NINE several years ago, the cast all wanted to see the new movie and of course, compare it to our local show. Well, "NINE" opened on Christmas Day. I tried to attend "Nine" that night but just couldn't get away from the family.

Last night we saw it and I must say my review is mixed. I loved the large musical numbers. Fergie was amazing as was Penelope Cruz but Nicole Kidman??? Sure she is beautiful but why cast a woman who really can't sing in a role that has the best songs in the show? I was in a production of "NINE" a few years ago (played a role that was cut from the movie) and the woman who played Claudia was a much better singer than Ms Kidman. We did the show in the tiny Off The Wall Theatre in Milwaukee, WI. Surely, they could have found someone who could sing to play this role!

For those of you who don't know much about "Nine" it is a musical with book by Arthur Kopit and music by Maury Yeston. The story is based on Federico Fellini's autobiographical film "81/2" and focuses on film director Guido Contini who is facing a midlife crisis. The origianl Broadway production opened in 1982 starring Raul Julia and won five Tony awards. Nine has had several successful revivals as well.

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Rob Marshall directed the movie "Nine." He previously directed Chicago which was a huge success. The cast consists of Academy Award winners Daniel Day-Lewis, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, Judi Dench, Nicole Kidman and Sophia Loren and Academy Award nominee Kate Hudson as well as Grammy winning singer Fergie.

As I said, I loved the large production numbers in "Nine" and did enjoy watching Kate Hudson. Who would have thought she could pull this off. I think she might actually be the reason our fishnet stocking sales have increased both at Viktor Viktoria  Her number "Guido" as well an many of her scenes featured Kate in sexy fishnet tights. In the picture above she and her dancers are wearing large net fishnet tights. These large net fishnet tights look so sexy paired with the over the knee boots. When I saw her I turned to my companion and whispered "that explains the jump in sales of fishnet stockings."

Several other cast members wore fishnet tights, fishnet thigh highs and lace thigh highs. All this attention to sexy fishnet stockings and hosiery should help created an increased interest in sexy stockings and hosiery. If you are looking for sexy large net fishnet stockings, thigh highs, fishnet tights or any other type of leg wear you have to visit our Hosiery section of . We can't promise you that you will look as good as Kate Hudson but who knows - you might be inspired to don you fishnets and belt out a song - we can promise you that you will probably sound better than Nicole Kidman!!