Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lace Leggings are a must for Summer!

Viktor Viktoria Lace Leggings have just arrived at Viktor Viktoria!

I know it seems that those of us at Viktor Viktoria and spend a lot of time talking about leggings. Well, we admit being the leggings headquarters is a big deal to us and when we get a new style of legging we have to let our legging loving readers know asap.

Well, our newest style of leggings is the Lace legging and these Lace leggings are a must for the Summer. What is especially nice about our new Lace Leggings is that they are available in sizes S - XL. Usually the lace leggings one can buy are tiny. A size large will fit a woman about a size 6. Well, we are in the Midwest and to us a size large means 10 - 12. When we tell our store customers this, they just laugh in our face. Well this new style of black capri lace leggings really stretches and the XL will actually fit a woman size 10 - 12, maybe even up to a size 14!

Imagine that - leggings that fit someone who eats!

lace leggings at Viktor Viktoria
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The lace design of these Viktor Viktoria capri leggings creates a smooth line on your legs and the lycra ensures a flattering fit. These Lace
Leggings are available in Black with lace trim on the bottom. If you have seen the new Sex and the City 2 movie, you must remember the flash back scene where Carrie arrives in New York City. Look closely at her outfit and you will see that she is wearing capri lace leggings , looking a lot like Madonna with her crazy hair and outfit. Now you don't want to look like an 80's throwback so wear you lace leggings in a more conservative way. Maybe under a mid calf sundress or jean skirt, paired with tall sandals such as those in the photo.

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Our Lace leggings are 90% Nylon 10% Spandex. These super soft Leggings will feel great on your legs. We suggest you hand wash your capri lace leggings in cold water and hang dry.

As we stated, our lace leggings will actually fit real women as they are available in sizes S - XL, S = 0 - 2, M - 4 - 6, L = 8 - 10, XL = 10 - 12. Our Model is wearing size M capri lace leggings with Viktor Viktoria black boy shorts over them.

Are you with a dance team, a sorority, powder puff football team, etc? Need a large quantity of this item? Call us at 414 479 9860 and ask for Ann. We can help you!

So stop in Viktor Viktoria at Mayfair Mall or shop online at to check out our complete legging collection including these super capri lace leggings. You won't believe our huge selection of leggings including: lace leggings, metallic leggings, fishnet leggings, tye dye leggings, striped leggings, seamless leggings.... the legging list goes on and on and on!