Sunday, May 14, 2017

Good Works Make A Difference: Good Works Bracelets at Viktor Viktoria

Good Works Make A Difference

 Good Works Bracelets at Viktor Viktoria

Good Works Bracelets are not only fashionable, they actually can make a difference in the world.  How do Good Works Bracelets make a difference?  Well the Good Works Company donates 25% of their profits to actually doing good works.  At we have sold almost every style of these Good Works Bracelets and have watched the company work with The United Way, Breast Cancer Research, Heart Care and more.
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One of the new campaigns is the Home Sweeter Home Effort.  The Good Works Company is helping take the homeless off the street by working with PATH whose mission is to offer more housing options for homeless people is Los Angeles.  Below is a summary of the Good Works efforts with PATH
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At Viktor Viktoria we sell Good Works Bracelets almost daily.  They are one of our favorite items to sell because we know our customers will love their Good Works Bracelet no matter which style they choose and because we feel that in some small way, we are contributing to the Good Works Efforts.
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Good Works Bracelets are available in many styles including:  Good Works Wrap Bracelets, Good Works Cuff Bracelets, Good Works Bible Bracelets, Good Works You Are Beautiful Bracelets, Good Works Chain Bracelets and Good Works Breast Cancer Bracelets.  

Good Works Make A Difference and so can you!
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