Saturday, July 15, 2017

Metallic Booty Shorts, Dancer Booty Shorts, Cheerleader Booty Shorts, Viktor VIktoria Booty Shorts!

Metallic Booty Shorts are big sellers at Viktor Viktoria and Our customers buy metallic booty shorts for many reasons. Many people wear metallic Booty Shorts as regular shorts under a super short Viktor Viiktoria sexy club dress or mini skirt or for the bold, as a sub for pants. This can be a super cute look - as long as the selected top is long enough to cover ones behind! When we match a top to a pair of metallic booty shorts for a customer, we always stress that the top should be tunic length as no one wants to see our Metallic Booty Shorts paired with a butt revealing crop top - well no other female with a sense of fashion - of course, most guys are all for the more revealing look - especially if the customer is bootylicious!

Another reason we sell a ton of Metallic Booty Shortsis that they are a dance/cheerleading competition staple. Shiny bootie shorts look great on stage and can be paired with a cute crop top or sequin costume top for an exciting look. My daughter is involved in the world of Dance Competitions and we see many Dance Studios using Metallic Booty Shorts. Cheerleaders often also metallic booty shorts under their cheerleading skirts for a fun look. We also sell a large quantity of metallic booty shorts to sorority girls who have big dance competitions or dance offs. We love sorority girls as price is usually no object to them and they always need a large quantity of Metallic Booty Shorts for their competitions.

So if you are a Viktor Viktoria fashionista, a dancer, a cheerleader or a sorority girl, consider Metallic Booty Shorts You will love the great fit and the large number of colors our Metallic Booty Shorts are available online at

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